A massive thank you to all my subscribers!  I literally want to hug and squeeze you all!  Big Love xxx

hi guys I know today is not my usual
video day it's a Tuesday but I'm going
to upload this video because it is a
huge thank you and it is short this
video is to say thank you I reach 4,000
subscribers you can see unbuttoned
nothing when I launched this channel I
put my first video out November 2015 and
within the first year I reached a
thousand and I I never expected that and
the channel has just grown from there I
don't know what I did expect really um
yeah it's absolutely amazing and it is
thanks you guys and I absolutely love
your comments and I love your messages
and I always thank you for that and I
also want to thank you because you guys
helped me I know you'll just stay at
home wherever you are and you watch my
videos but the interactions we have my
comments etc you helped me in my
recovery every single day and I do want
to thank you for that and when I started
this channel I actually kinda pinched an
idea I was doing 12-step meetings for
drug addiction and when you go to a
12-step meeting just say it's an
alcoholics meeting or one for a day X or
basically you're sat down and you watch
someone who is an alcoholic or an addict
and they share their story they tell you
what their journey was like and their
journey into recovery and they give you
hope and I kind of sat there one day and
I thought my god this is what we need
this is what us we read without mental
health this is what we need and so that
is what inspired me to start my channel
and do my videos and by doing them just
like in 12-step meeting
the twelfth step is actually sharing
your story with other addicts and
helping other addicts and so for me it's
sharing my story of mental health and
trying to help other people that suffer
with their mental health and in doing so
I help myself as well it's a little bit
selfish there but now it really does
help me and and it has a massive impact
on my life and like I said I love your
messages and also thank you for kind of
accepting me because you know everything
about me the good the bad the damn right
ugly yes when I say ugly I'm talking
about playing dead or looking for snails
in my garden at 1:00 in the clock in the
and all those other horrid horrid
stories about myself but you've kind of
accepted me anyway and I love you all
for that
and when I say because I say at the end
of my videos love you all I just want
you to know I generally mean it it's not
just something that I end my videos with
I feel like I have an intense love for
all of you I know that I haven't met you
I pray one day I do get to meet all of
you and just we could have a big group
hug and it would be amazing and so yeah
hopefully hopefully one day and I do
some silly sincerely do I love you all
and I really I kind of want you to join
me on this journey this journey of
recovery because you can change your
life around you can literally go from
wanting to die to having the most
amazing life and being content and happy
and I would love to be there with you on
that journey so yes this videos will
thank you thank you thank you and I love
you love you love you and but today's
Tuesday tomorrow's when today my next
videos out tomorrow and then the one
after that Friday and one of
that Monday have a great week guys bye
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