I explain what borderline personality disorder is by drawing a graph – it was explained to me this way when I did the STEPPS course.

hello today I'm going to do when each
letter and trying to explain what called
line personality disorder is or
emotional intensity disorder right
Rowlett grass there so along the bottom
we've got the age the side the emotional
intensity and right up here there's a
line going across and that is breaking
that would be where someone will try and
commit suicide
so palm it's a trap it's it's wrong
right okay
so start with the blue pen you see
someone without borderline personality
disorder they are born here you see the
zero okay so they go through life and
obviously it's quite stress free as a
baby maybe they go to school and they
get bullied can you see it goes up here
look drawn my leg oh right so it goes up
here it comes back down they go to
secondary school and they get bullied
even worse
stress back down you see right they take
their exams they do really badly they
get girlfriend or boyfriend break up up
and down they get job they get the fat
get married get divorced and that could
send someone breaking point you see
right so that song I'm without emotional
intensity disorder or borderline
personality disorder right but my red
right someone with borderline
personality disorder they are born yeah
slightly higher up the child it's
already their emotional intensity is
slightly higher now they're going to go
through they're going to have exactly
the same problems
it's fellow here right and see what
right so they go through yeah bullied at
school fail exams what you'll see is
happening where is this person when up
came back down they come back down here
someone with borderline personality
disorder they peak but they don't come
down properly so each time you're
getting higher and higher so what is
this person still back along here this
person the emotional intensity is up
here at this age so same problem they're
there and what you'll find is they're
like this and along here they've reached
their breaking point they're not
properly coming back down from that they
keep peeking this is where someone will
be trying multiple suicide attempts
self-harm taking drugs reckless behavior
impulsive behavior violent outbursts
it's not wrong that's it I was taught
this when I was doing the steps program
for borderline personality disorder and
I think it's the easiest way to explain
it to someone
I think someone got something from it
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