More and more of us are looking at our diets and trying to live a healthier life – a variety of fruit maybe one thing we try to include daily. But…did you know that the innocent looking grapefruit actually has hidden dangers – one of them being that it interacts with certain medications! Today I discuss this.

hi guys happy Monday you may wonder why
I have this little bad boy this
grapefruit today's video is on
grapefruits which sounds really really
random but honestly I think I've got a
really important point to make
I must excuse the noise my little boy
Issa and his home he starts school
tomorrow his first day say grapefruit so
where did it all start basically I read
to my kids at night we were reading
Harry Potter and Harry's cousin Dudley
it has to go on a diet and he starts
eating grapefruit so my daughter says to
me mom what does grapefruit taste like
so we got into that conversation she was
like a really really one try one and I
was like okay we will get a grapefruit
and she was asking me to describe what
it looks like so one night she is like
oh I try to look it up on the Internet
what grapefruit looks like but it just
looks like an orange and I was like well
there's white grapefruits and pink
grapefruit some red grapefruits and
they're different colors inside and so I
said right I'm gonna get my phone now I
never ever get my phone while I'm
getting her to sleep ever because it's
just reading but I was like come on
we'll have a look so we started looking
at grapefruit and it's like all the
health benefits its anti-aging it's got
so much goodness in it and I say to her
oh my god I'm gonna start having a
grapefruit every single day I like these
benefits and then something caught my
eye the dangers of grapefruits and I was
like oh that's weird so I said just let
me look at the dangers a second and I
looked up the dangers and one of them is
that it interacts with medication so
then I say to my daughter I just want to
check what medications it interacts with
and I went and have a look and sure
enough there is my medication on it so
I've looked it up for you basically I've
got it here so I will read it it says it
can interact with some common
medications altering their effects on
your body and I believe it's like over
85 different medication
in tracks river there's 32 common drugs
that have dangerous interactions with
grapefruits basically someone said how
does it interact with medications
it says medications are processed in
your liver and small intestines by a
specialized group of proteins called CY
Peas cy peas break down medication
reducing the blood levels of many of
them but grapefruit and a few of its
close relatives such as Seville oranges
tangelos pomelos and mini owners contain
a class of chemicals called
furanocoumarins something like that they
basically disrupt the normal function of
the cy peas that break down the
medication in fact studies show that
they increase the blood levels of over
eighty-five medications so therefore it
makes if you take say one tablet it
increases its potency in your blood to
four or five times the amount so they
can be really really dangerous now I'm
on quetiapine and could try of him is
one of them now anyone who knows
anything about put hope in it's quite
sedative like it's um yeah so I can
imagine I'm on 200 if I had that potency
up to like 800 it would be seriously
dangerous I know what I'm doing I'd be
completely out of it it says it doesn't
take much one grapefruit or one glass of
grapefruit juice is enough to let them
alter the medication and it lasts
several days the grapefruits ability to
affect medication lasts from one to
three days and it says it's significant
for a small number of drugs grapefruits
effects can be serious so there's
cholesterol medication blood pressure
medications interacts with some heart
rhythm medications
some anti infection medications mood
medications so there's others but I'm
focusing on the mood because I know a
lot of you guys are probably all mood
stabilizers or something so it says most
antidepressants and anti-anxiety
different drugs are safe to use with
grapefruit however several mood
medications do interact with it
including number one the pro pian or
wellbutrin to quetiapine Ciroc which is
Rockwell three larissa dome or letter
number four zip Brassard own or geodon
five per spy run or bus / six diazepam
valium 7 midazolam or versat and eight
cry as alone health 'i'm so basically
can it says here it's blood level
increase can increase dizziness increase
drugs like retire penal lute lewis item
i used to treat mood and behavioral
disorders increased levels of these can
cause heart rhythm changes yeah
so basically i've read them out to you
cuz no one has ever said to me shouldn't
eat great food
what medic are you on medications like
when I've gone to the doctor and they've
talked about what medication I should be
on a doctor has never said you don't eat
great food do you it has never been
mentioned so I looked at enough it's
like only NHS website the NHS National
Health Service over in the UK it's on
their website it's everywhere there's
loads of information about it and yet I
never knew this and I think this is a
really big deal because
like I said a lot of us are on like mood
stabilizers or these handed drugs some
of you might be on the other types I
read some of them is there certain blood
thinners set several pain medications
such as fentanyl oxycodone and called
casein Oh
colchicine a few erectile dysfunction
and prostate medications so they're the
other types but yeah look it up because
no one has ever ever mentioned this to
me now in the kind of world we live at
now more and more people are going vegan
or vegetarian warm people more and more
people look at their dire I say how
important it is to look at our diet for
our mood Oh bless you there's my baby
say hi you say hi you're gonna say he's
gone sorry so if we like looking to
change her diet be healthy grapefruits
really really healthy and it's something
that many of us might think yes I'm
gonna include that in my daily diet I
might have a glass of the juice in the
morning or I might have a grapefruit at
lunch or a snack
be warned basically just be warmed
because I had no idea it was really
random that I found this out one minute
I'm sat there on the bed telling my
daughter oh my goodness I'm gonna start
having a grapefruit every single day -
all of a sudden spotting something same
dangers and then thinking I'm gonna look
it up and then I'm gonna look up the
medications it's just really by chance
that happened and had I not look up the
dangers I wouldn't have known about it
and I was going to start the next day
going out and getting grapefruits I've
got the grapefruit it's because my
daughter wanted to try them but I will
not eat them now whereas how do I not
seen that information I would probably
eat in there and dream completely out of
two words so yeah I wanted to do a quick
video on that today guys I have a guest
youtuber the lovely trade Jones who's
going to be doing a video for my channel
this week so look out for that and enjoy
the rest of your week I love you all
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