hi my lovelies before I do the video I
want to give a massive happy birthday to
James also known as mystic wood I hope
you've had a fabulous birthday today I
haven't really got a topic in mind for
this video I kind of wanted to check in
with you I'm extremely tired today I
went to bed last night at 4:30 a.m.
which is unheard of
like when he starts getting to 12
o'clock I usually start going oh my god
how am I gonna cope tomorrow but I was
on a call with dr. grande dr. Todd
grande if you're not subscribed to his
channel please look it up and go and
he is amazing he's a doctor I've done
videos with him for like a year ago back
then he was on like 40 45 thousand
subscribers I think he's just hit two
hundred and thirty thousand and it's so
well deserved his videos literally top
quality so do go and have a look but
yeah so because of the time difference
I'm in the UK he's in America it gets
really late and I literally got off the
phone like off the Skype call with him
at about 2:00 2:30 a.m. so I didn't yeah
if not later and are exhausted today but
we did two videos so we did a video for
his channel which focuses on the like
the coronavirus this situation that's
going on at the moment and the kind of
tumor it can cause whether that's
post-traumatic stress disorder
depression anxiety etc and then we did a
video from my channel as well and that
was like a question I was asking him
questions like questions that I'd get
from you guys like about the isolation
or how to deal with it if you're an
extrovert and introvert relationships
that are forced apart or pushed together
etc and I think those videos will be out
this week I would say so I'm looking
forward to that as long as I don't look
super tired in them we tell my
it was a ridiculous time today all
across the UK now I posted on my channel
about people in the UK
everyone at 8 p.m. was going out into
the streets or in your garden or hanging
out a window or standing at your door
and told just to cheer and it was in
support of all the front line is
basically those people like the NHS the
nurses the doctors the ambulance people
the police shop people that work in
shops lorry drivers that bringing food
to the shops you know all these people
that are helping keep keep our country
going at risks and themselves because
obviously they have to mix with other
people and they can't isolate if they're
still doing what they're doing and I got
the kids to come that's why they'll go
she's still awakened she shouldn't be
I'm doing a video she's been on the
phone to her dad so she's still up and I
said to the kids off oh my god let's go
out and I was explaining why we're doing
it but then I started thinking what if
we like the only people out there but we
were now 1/10 away and I can hear a lady
down the road going is there anyone else
out there do you think I was like and
then someone else we hit and we realised
literally everyone was out so 8 o'clock
came and the cheers and the clapping and
the whistling fireworks went off and it
was just like overwhelming emotion like
the sense of community this real like
pride in our country how we've come
together so grateful like we were
letting all those people that are
pitting themselves on the line it was
like us saying you recognize that we
don't take you for granted
we know you what you're doing and we
thank you and it was just
amazing and I said to the kids like this
is history in making like in 150 years
from now there's gonna be little kids in
school studying history and they might
learn about the 2020 corona virus
outbreak and how communities came
together and what they did and I spoke
to my mom who lives two hours away and
she said literally the whole street did
air and I spoke to someone else in
another part of the country they said
the whole street came together and it
was it was it was like a really powerful
moment and something right like it was
nice to be part of that um today what
have we done
my daughter taught me dance meets and we
did a tick-tock I've never done a
tick-tock video it's her thing I'm not
an tick-tock she's on tick-tock and she
told me it's moves and we did this dance
and they are I mean it was hilarious I
not laughed so hard in a long time so
much fun
the funny thing because we kept doing it
and I was watching it and as I'm doing
it I'm doing all these like all these
moves but because I'm concentrating on
like really straight face and then she
was like happy that I was like no I said
look at my life I got to like having fun
not like I'm taking this seriously
so I like the first bit I kind I could
do it whoever we do and I was smiling
but then it was a bit of concentrators
and um I said it took my mom and she was
like were you trying to be sexy yeah
literally I've never felt so old
being tall this dance by my ten-year-old
but we had a lot of fun and then my
eight-year-old was like mom you did a
dance with her
can we learn to move
now I know what the moonwalk is I've not
actually ever tried to really do it
myself so he got something on the
computer and we tried really hard and we
were feeling each other's 3lv we're not
doing what they were supposed to be
doing I think mine were but really
slowly and stilted it there was no
smoothness to it at all but again we had
a giggle I I'm really worried about my
eight-year-old right now I as a mom it's
heartbreaking to see him because I can
see he is full of anxiety the nervous
twitch like he's pulling all these funny
faces like all day today all day and
it's just heartbreaking and I'm trying
to give him lots of cuddles and let him
know everything's gonna be okay
and we did we had fun moonwalking Bazin
as a mom it's really hard I guess he's
not going to be the only child out there
like that
and all I can do is literally just
shower him with love at the moment and I
think leave it there I'm really tired
guys it is gone 11 p.m. here and
obviously because I've got a late night
last night and I was up early because
Ethan gets up super early with Lottie
and I'm like your teachers worry five
more minutes she's late wake up mommy
mommy wake up so I have to drag my butt
out of bed and until I have I'm like a
dragon until I have my coffee in the
morning I have my coffee and I wake up
but I will do a proper video tomorrow or
the next day I want to live stream is
with you guys and hopefully over the
weekend I'll be able to do that if you
think my face is looking different one
I'm really tired but I've got green
contacts in today so
yeah I don't know I said that I
literally love you all loads and I hope
you'll keep him safe and I hope you are
okay if there's something you want me to
discuss let me know in the comments let
me know in the comments if any of you
went out and cheered in the street as
well cuz that would be really good to
know I love you guys
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