Today we have a guest doing a video for my channel. Cory is on her recovery journey from BPD and is someone I have much respect for. I hope you guys enjoy her video and don’t forget to check out her channel! Link Below :

hi beautiful people today we have a
guest doing a video for us it is the
lovely Corey Corey's channel is the
borderline life so please go check out
subscribe and enjoy our video hi guys
how are you doing my name is Corey and
filming on for four years I decided one
day that I would like to film my journey
through them
Berlin personality disorder and other
mental illnesses and share it with
people in hopes of reciprocal help and
healing and hope I've always wanted to
advocate for people with order line
personality disorder as we were we are
probably the most understood of all and
there is a lot of stigma around us a lot
of misunderstandings and a lot of
misinformation and missing information
so I thought why not talk about my life
living with the disorder and concurrent
mental illnesses and be a face that
people can recognize as a friend and
hopefully an inspiration as they go as
you go through your journey of healing
trials and errors and daily living with
mental illness so I'm in Canada and I
share a lot of DBT lessons as I learn I
teach the DVD lessons because I feel a
lot of people are seeking that out and
have extremely long wait lists or it not
be available in their area and I was
fortunate enough to take the program in
person a couple of summers ago and then
I also picked up the workbook and this
is what I've been doing lately I feel
like this is a key to our healing and
I think it's actually more of a guide to
life for every human being so what I set
out to do is just be sort of the face a
strong survivor a survivor all survivors
somebody who is not all healed somebody
who does not have it all figured out but
wants to share my experiences with you
and what's worked for me what's not
worked for me and a lot of painful
things that I've been through and
lessons that I've learned I'm 35 years
old now so I sure have a lot of
experiences trauma therapy missteps and
also achievements in my in my healing
and my life so I also have a little bit
of a different personality I'm a Leo I'm
outspoken I'm honest I'm loyal and I'm a
curious person I'm a very creative
person one of the ways that I deal with
my feelings is to put it on paper in the
form or canvas rather in the form of
abstract art which I do share on my
channel and also my Instagram and that
is also called the borderline life so
you're welcome to join me there I take
pictures of well I'm also vegan so I
take pictures of what I eat like
everybody i Instagram I take pictures
like photography nature photography
something different about me is that I
live in an RV I do the tiny living thing
whereas you know
shereena is a mother I'm not even I'm
not a mother I don't you know it's
really good to have different people who
you can look to for help with the
disorder that have different experiences
I everybody has a different life and I
feel that in this collaboration
hopefully people who have been watching
me that have not been watching recovery
mom can find her and gain more help from
that a wider
videos and vice-versa so I'm very happy
to connect it with her about a year ago
now and I have nothing but respect for
her I have made a lot of missteps on
YouTube and I did earlier this year
private all of my videos and then I took
a long break when I was having a
difficult time I moved I gained a lot of
lessons that I learned from my first
three and a half years on YouTube and I
came back with sort of a fresh new
perspective and some would say
completely different disposition being
in nature has been the number one healer
for me consistent source of joy and
peace and serenity so I'm very grateful
for YouTube I'm grateful for the ability
to share with others and empathize with
and have that understanding that that
human connection that we we usually have
a hard time finding in our real lives
people who suffer with BPD or people who
understand us which can make us feel
quite alienated and personally my best
friends are people that I have found
through my channel and I still talk to
them to this day and they mean so much
to me and never underestimate the power
of comfort in being able to relate to
another person and to exchange ideas so
that's that's always what I aim to do I
do take criticism
just as any youtuber does but I kind of
let it roll off my back at this point in
my you know time on YouTube because you
can't please everybody
but I'm not here to do that I'm just
here to share my daily struggles my
weekly struggles I've documented a lot
and I've changed a lot and I've learned
so much
I try to spare the spread a message of
not giving up and you showing people
that they are strong enough to overcome
their current situation and make strides
even though sometimes our healing feels
like one step forward two steps back as
long as we keep moving forward and
learning and sharing and trying there's
there's hope something else I do is I
read tarot cards and my spirituality and
my terror rating to me is is very a very
big part in its it's like a meditation
for me and it gives me clarity and
insight when I don't have any and I
share that with people and I don't even
offer that as as a service to people so
my future goals I mean are to write a
book like recovery mom has I have I want
to tell you about a little bit about my
other mental illnesses or diagnosis so I
have ADHD this is something I've been
diagnosed with since high school and I
haven't really found the answer to that
and it doesn't sound like oh here's your
hyperactive you can't you can't focus
well there's a lot of other criteria I
come with ADHD so there's ADHD and then
I began showing signs of
obsessive-compulsive disorder which runs
my family at age eight I have had a lot
of hormonal issues since I was around
that age as well which couldn't
contribute to my mental health to my
self-esteem to being bullied in high
school that kind of thing I was
diagnosed with dis time eeeh and that is
chronic low mood at this point I would
say that I don't it could be because of
the antidepressants I'm on which is
another topic I'm I have a lot of
experience with medications ones that
I've tried ones that I'm on and feedback
I can give about that
I'm also a recovering addict I was on
heavy opiates for years to the point of
near death and I have been on suboxone
and opiate replacement therapy ever
since I've gone off of the once and I
plan to go off of it again and I'm
realizing that every medication comes
with its own side of side effects and
risks and that's kind of been my focus
in the last little while seeing what I
can eliminate and I'm also a big
advocate of CBD oil
I've been trying that I've had some
great success with it and I'd like to
play around more with options now that
this is going to be completely illegal
in Canada um October in the middle of
October in the middle of September but
medical marijuana and CVD oral products
no matter are illegal at this point
thankfully so I think I'll wrap it up
there I could talk forever but I really
hope that you can check out my channel
and you gain something from it and if
you do say hi I'm from recovery mom's
channel that would be great it would be
great to meet you and have you and I'm
also always open to topic discussions
requests because I have never run out of
ideas to talk about in four years of
being on here something new comes up
every day and the way I film is I kind
of take inspiration from what's going on
in my life and then I kind of generalize
it as a topic that I know that comes
part and parcel with BPD or mental
illness so that I can share my insight
and experience with others so I don't to
make this too long thank you so much for
listening again my channel name is the
Bordeaux in life and my name is Cory cor
y so I hope to see you there thank you
so much bye
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