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hi my lovelies today I have a wonderful
guest I have the lovely tray trays
channel is called tray jones and i will
leave a link down below
he has first-hand experience with a
number of things I will let tray tell
his own story but his channel really
focuses on anxiety now loads of us with
BPD or addiction we also suffer with
anxiety and I would HIGHLY highly
recommend going
check out Ray's channel subscribe his
channel he has so much information there
not just on the problem itself but how
you can overcome it so I'll leave it
there but like I said check out his
channel and do subscribe over to tray
what is going on guys thank you so much
arena for having me on your channel if
you are subscribed to her and you're
watching this right now you are in good
hands she really knows her stuff she
really cares about her viewers and
subscribers and she's gonna consistently
give you value an amazing Channel and
I'm honored to be here
guys my name is Trey Jones I have a
channel called Trey tones it's kind of a
self-improvement channel with an
emphasis on anxiety help and recovery
I've done videos over addiction recovery
early on whenever I made this channel
about five years ago four or five years
ago I've done health reviews healthy
I would love DaVinci get into the
fitness genre and niche and start doing
some stuff on that as I grow but I had a
huge emphasis on anxiety disorders guys
I've suffered from numerous anxiety
disorders for five straight years it
started with my first panic attack that
lasted six hours it was a terrible
experience for me I was 20 years old it
was after a horrible terrible weekend of
drinking and smoking like a choo-choo
train binge drinking I stayed up
basically two days straight I came home
crashed had a palpitation shot up I was
like oh my god what's going on I didn't
understand what was going on but my
heart was beating super fast my blood
pressure went up my chest started to
hurt had every symptom in the
I started to hallucinate I started
having tremors I thought I was dying I
was young at that time and I was living
with my dad and I was scared to even
wake him up to let him know I was like
maybe I'm just tripping you know I
started getting online and googling
what's going on and I feel like I'm
having a full-blown heart attack because
the symptoms are similar so the next day
I go with my mom and we head up to the
her nurse station she's a nurse so she
checked my bottles and my blood pressure
was you know through the roof but
everything else was starting to calm
down she told me you know you just had a
panic attack and I was like oh my god
never in my life would I've ever thought
that I would have a panic attack but
what I didn't know was that I was gonna
have five to ten panic attacks a day for
the next four years this is something
that I dealt with it was terrible I had
issues with driving long distances with
I couldn't drive more than ten minutes
without having panic attacks this
developed in a horrible health anxiety I
thought I had issues with my heart I
thought I had numerous cancers I would
go get checked at the doctor's for
reassurance be okay for a little bit and
didn't feel like they missed something
when I went back and went back I felt
I've had every type of disease in a book
I thought I had suffered numerous heart
attacks this led to me having social
anxiety I had issues I was embarrassed
about my condition I was scared of
people judging me I was scared about
being in large crowded you know crowds
and being in crowded places or markets
or concerts or venues or anything like
things like church I was scared that
people around me were gonna judge me if
I had a panic attack and I would always
feel like I had to dart out of there
eventually I wasn't even really wanting
to leave my home I wasn't agoraphobic
but I definitely stayed at home a lot
more because I didn't like driving I
didn't like being around a lot of people
I developed a stutter
I used to be a very very outgoing person
but this was just it just wreak havoc on
me emotionally mentally physically my
social skills went out the window and a
big part of this was the brain fog that
I developed for my anxiety disorders if
you don't know what brain fog is if you
are recovering from any type of
addiction or if you have just had
anxiety for a very long time it's just
confusion in your mind you forget things
some more forgetful you have brain farts
or whatever I hate to use that term it's
kind of gross but that's the best way I
can describe it
I would stutter I would be talking to
you and out of nowhere I would just kind
of just have a blank stare and I just
didn't even know what I was talking
it was tough really really tough and it
was a very scary situation basically my
mind felt cloudy where this led to that
horrible social anxiety it was hard for
me to communicate hold conversations I
was very very and extremely you know
forgetful from then I started to get
more depression and I grew deeper and
deeper into that it was a terrible
situation I was never the suicidal type
I wasn't anything like that I was scared
to die but I was depressed because
everything in my life had fallen apart I
had lost a lot of money I had lost
relationships including a girlfriend
that I had for over four years a lot of
that was from anxiety for me I wasn't
happy I was drinking every single day it
led to alcoholism being at an all-time
high my addictions were crazy at that
time it led to me losing jobs some of
the best jobs I've ever had in my life I
lost due to anxiety just not being able
to handle it and I'd be able to drive to
work so I went through a lot I lost a
lot during that time period but guys
there was hope
I got sick and tired of this I went to
the doctor and guess what the very first
time I saw this doctor and explained to
him what was going on
gave me an antidepressant I was just
like are you kidding me like on the
first time and I remember going home and
I had it I was like am I really about to
start taking these because if you really
think about it I don't know anybody
that's happy that takes them sometimes
there are happy people but it's very
rare and those happy people are the ones
that really severely needed it in my
opinion I think the natural way is the
better way to go I think everybody
should at least try the natural way I
don't think people give it they're you
know they're all go at it a hundred
percent I think many of people out there
maybe if you even knew that it's
watching that are on antidepressants
there's a good chance that you may not
even have to be on them by doing some of
these things I'm gonna discuss with you
so I got that inside of President I took
it for two days and I was like you know
the feeling hadn't kicked in it's one of
those that it takes you know a couple
weeks to get into your system and start
working I was like you know what I'm not
gonna do this so I didn't take it and
after that after the two days and I
started looking at natural ways so I
started to exercise more okay I started
to eat better but at the same time I was
realizing that I had to figure out the
root cause of my anxiety and the root
cause of my anxiety was I was unhealthy
and I was scared of dying subconsciously
I knew that the drinking every single
night in the partying they're not
getting any sleep the smoking eating the
fast food they're not working out I was
subconsciously worried that that was
gonna catch up with me and I was gonna
have a heart attack or I was gonna drop
dead and that's what manifested in that
first six hour-long panic attack guys so
I had to do things the natural way to
get over this I didn't have to but I
wanted to so I started working out every
single day I was scared to work out at
first because I had held things I so I
was terrified I was gonna drop dead on
the spot so I had to start out small and
I suggest that that everybody that's
scared to work out or just out of shape
in general start out small work up to
something bigger started doing that
every single day exercises crucial he
gave me reassurance that I was healthy
that I wasn't gonna die besides from
plant-based diet guys is so freakin
important with your brain chemistry with
your overall health it's gonna help
everything including your stress levels
and your feel-good endorphins all that's
gonna get flowing make sure that you're
eating a plant-based side so that's
gonna be fruits and veggies very lean
meats be careful with the meat you don't
want too much of that especially when
you're dealing with anxiety I would do
things like poultry light amounts of
that fish is very good it's high in
omega-3 make sure that you're staying
hydrated as well a lot of our anxiety
symptoms can be made you know a lot
better and relieved easier by drinking
more water 80 percent of us are
dehydrated it's it's a crazy stat but
literally eighty percent of the
population in this world is dehydrated
start your day off with two glasses of
water maybe follow it up with some lemon
water with some apple cider vinegar
that's going to help you with your
digestion a lot of us with anxiety have
digestive issues so apple cider vinegar
is a great thing for that it cured my
heartburn it's amazing make sure that
you're getting a multivitamin every
single day guys many of us don't have
the greatest diet so whatever we're
lacking in nutrients there you can get
from that multivitamin CBT guys you can
either hustle and grind like I did and
figure out how to do CBT on yourself or
you can go to the paid way there's
therapists counseling just take
advantage and try everything that you
can try why not you know why not you
don't want to deal with this for 10 15
25 30 years or your whole life I was
lucky I'm one of the lucky ones I dealt
with this for five years and was able to
dig myself out of a deep hole so you can
do it the natural way guys and that's
what I preach on my channel I have tons
and tons of videos on how to overcome
your anxiety disorders so the natural
way is in my opinion in my opinion is
the best way to overcome anxiety and
that's what I teach and preach over
there on my channel trade Jones so come
check it out sure she'll put a link down
there in the description I'd love to
have you over there thank you so much
again Serena for having me on the
channel thank you so much Trey and thank
you so much for doing a video for my
channel right guys I hope you absolutely
loved his video
I told you he has got so much
information and he has first-hand
experience it's quite strange actually
because you guys know I did a video in
the week on medication and I had quite a
few messages from people below and some
people were like why do doctors just
throw pills at us and unfortunately that
is the case it's so much easier for a
doctor just to prescribe something and
leave us to get on with it but the
problem with that is sometimes the
medications have the opposite effects
and make us worse sometimes they can
ease the symptoms initially but then we
build up tolerance and they stop working
and the thing is eventually when we
can't that medication unless we've dealt
with it the natural way like tre has
said and learn other coping skills to
help us with our anxiety unless we've
done that when we can off the medication
the anxiety will return so please guys
go check out Trey's channel like I said
I'm gonna leave the link below he has
over fourteen thousand subscribers and
his videos are literally so informative
so do go check it out and do subscribe
thank you so much for watching and
thanks again tre
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