I believe BPD is partly genetic and partly due to our upbringing. I was asked if I was worried that I will pass it on to my kids.

hi guys happy Friday the weekend I'm
gonna do a video request from Maeve and
she asked me because she mentions as you
know I've done videos I do believe that
borderline personality disorder is part
hereditary part genetic but also like
the social aspect of it as well
contribution basically and Maeve asked
me like am I worried that I could pass
it on to my kids now if you've watched
lots of my videos you realize I was also
in addiction drug addiction and that too
I believe is hot genetic and pop social
as well so not only do I think but have
the fear am I gonna pass all line on but
I do think what about the addiction side
as well and it is something I've
considered when I was and in rehab and I
was doing my graduation I've done my
time there and my kids my family came up
and at the end of the graduation
basically it cuz all throughout my
treatment and Rehab what I was always
worried that my daughter my 7 year old
will have BPD since she's been young
I've thought she's gonna have it she's
gonna have it and it was a real fear for
me and then I was thinking well maybe
she's gonna be an addict and I had the
graduation and three of the counselors
actually came up to me after now bearing
in mind these were women that had like
have been in this field of work for like
some of them over 50 years
and they've dealt with a lot of addicts
and that they all said to me like
individually not they came together like
individually that they all speak to him
they said it's your son that you need to
watch he he has the traits and at the
time he was like two and a half and it
really kind of thought oh my goodness
and it's only now my son six now
no he's six next month that I see the
traits now I don't know how they
recognized that two and a half but he's
six now and he's very deep the way like
the emotions the intense emotions and
not knowing how to deal with them so I
do think do I think he's got it
I don't know and then I worry is it self
hope feeling prophecy like I'm saying
he's got it so he's going to have it and
that's not the case but I think it's
good to kind be aware and just be
open-minded and look out for the signs
now I think
yes I it is possible that one of my kids
could have it am I worried about that
well there's not much I can do about it
I'm lucky I think in the fact that
because I've suffered addiction because
I've suffered in my mental health I will
be able to spot the signs early I will
be able to understand and I will be able
to hopefully guide them on the right
path to recovery with my son already I'm
Tana I talk about mental health with all
of them but all of them as well I try
and get them to talk about their
feelings I used to like if one of them
is having a strop I used to get the
piece of paper out and say draw a
picture of how your days been or how
you're feeling because it's just a way
they can let our and I think if they can
let things out healthfully from a young
age it's gonna be much better when
they're older on and hopefully they
won't turn to all the like negative
crutches to like help them I get through
painful times there mindfulness apps as
well and videos on YouTube aimed at kids
I know they're starting to do
mindfulness in schools and I think
that's brilliant at the end of the day
nowadays there's so much about mental
health cult there when I was younger you
just didn't really hear about it
my mum didn't have any experience in
mental health no experience in addition
and and somehow she still managed to
support me and we got through it and I'm
here on the other side and I'm okay
so at least I can hopefully guide my
children and show them that if they
starting to get depressed or suffering
with their mental health or turn to
drugs Maya I pray that they don't but
like we don't know what the future holds
and do I blame myself well I can't blame
really I can't all I can do is the best
that I can do
and I do try to see it as a blessing in
like I like I said I will be able to
spot the signs I kind of know what to
look out for now and not only that I
know what they need to do to get well
obviously they are their own person and
whether they choose to listen to their
mother is another thing um yeah I do try
to see it as a blessing in disguise
I really really hope that none of my
children suffer with their mental health
and none of them go into addiction but
I'm not a fortune-teller I can't tell
the future unfortunately I don't know
what the future holds and I can just do
my best now in the present day and
that's what I'm trying to do give them
skills early on teach them to cope good
coping skills basically I've said it
before and I will say it again
I think DBT should be taught in schools
because anyone even people with them
that don't suffer with their mental
health they can there could come a time
in their life where someone cheats on
them or they get divorced or they lose
their job they lose their home and all
of a sudden they go from being perfectly
fine to hitting rock bottom and then
what do you do and I think at least if
we talk skills on how to cope in crisis
at times of crisis then when we're older
we're gonna be much more able to take
control of our mental health before it
takes control of us so I hope that
answered your question
made if you do I don't know if you have
children if you do have children and it
is a worry I would say there's no point
in just worrying about it because
where's that gonna get us
do what I do and think okay well I'm
gonna be the best person to help them
then and let it be almost a reason for
you to get well get in recovery and come
out the other side fighting strong so
you're in a great position to help them
should they ever need it which hopefully
they won't but ya guys have a lovely
lovely weekend I'm saying happy Friday
it's actually Wednesday and I feel mean
if not go get the kids in two minutes
and she's asleep
but yeah have a great weekend my
lovelies my bye
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