Today I kick off ‘The spirituality series’ with the first episode. You do not to have to be religious or spiritual to benefit from this series. This series is here to introduce new topics to you, to help you ask questions and for you to use as a basic guide in your recovery from your mental health or addiction.

hi my lovelies happy Wednesday thank you
so much to those who joined me for my
livestream on Friday it was so nice
interacting with you all and I apologize
to those of you who missed it because I
didn't kind of put out any details
before it was a real last minute thing
but I am hoping to make it more regular
whether it's fortnightly or weekly I
just kind of have to work out good time
because a lot of my subscribers over in
America or Canada or other places in the
world and I'm in the UK so I'm thinking
in an evening is good
the only problem of an evening I'm
usually in onesie with my makeup off and
I don't want to be on camera
you know onesie with my makeup up so I
need to work something out which I will
do and the only problem I found I came
away feeling so bad I didn't get to say
hi to everyone individually I didn't get
to read all the questions and messages
let alone answer them because I find it
so difficult to I can read and not talk
or I can talk and not read so I I'm
hoping it's because this was only my
second ever live stream that I will get
better that's it say on Friday's video I
mentioned that I want to do a series of
videos on spirituality and today is the
first video on that and I'm really just
going to give you a little bit of an
overview on the things that we will be
discussing I open to ideas if you have
any ideas of things you want me to talk
about please leave it in the comment
section and I can do that and I also
want to point out I am NOT a guru I do
not have all the answers I I kind of
feel we're living in a really dangerous
time at the moment there is so much
information out there on everything that
spirituality Law of Attraction there's
the New Age movement and I feel there
are people that are going down the kind
right path I don't think there is one
path by the way I think spirituality it
can't be defined it's so different for
so many different people but there are
people that are genuinely spiritual and
going down their spiritual path whatever
path that may be but there's also people
that think they are spiritual but they
are being run by their ego there are
people that are following gurus who have
all the answers and I just I feel it's
dangerous because what's right for one
person isn't necessarily right for
another like I said I don't have all the
answers I don't believe anyone has all
the answers so anyone that claims that
they do I'd be worried about the saying
like that I love is religion is for
people who are afraid of going to hell
spirituality is for people who have
already been there and that really rings
true to me
I was raised a Roman Catholic my mom
made me go to church every Sunday and I
hated it
and I pulled away from religion and I
believed I did go through hell and
during that time I questioned everything
like first of all I believed I did
believe there was a God and I believed
he was Old Testament God hardcore God
really punish you because you're such a
bad person and you've got to do right
and then I started to believe there is
no God and now I'm not religious I
believe there is some kind of higher
power out there I believe that we know
so little I believe there are forces at
work like Law of Attraction I will do a
separate video on it I don't necessarily
believe law of attraction it's a
wonderful thing I will discuss it in
another video I believe that we have
power within us within our mind
again I don't think we necessarily
always use it for the right purpose I
believe I believe that we do have soul
now I'm not saying we have a soul I'm
saying I believe we have stone what you
believe is up to you but I believe we
have a song I love science and I suppose
to start with the word spirituality
freak me out because I really just kind
of associated it with religion
I now know you can be religious and
spiritual you can also be spiritual and
not be religious you can be religious
and not be spiritual like but I didn't
like the word spirituality because for
me it kind of just conjured up Old
Testament got basically now I don't
think that way I like the word
metaphysics because I like sciency stuff
spirituality and metaphysics are very
very kind of kinda similar kind emerge
but they have differences I suppose
metaphysics is looking outwards at the
world around us at the universe and
asking those deep questions a
spirituality is about looking inwards
metaphysics is about looking for
evidence it's knowledge based
spirituality is more of an experience so
there are differences but there are
similarities and I do believe there's so
much that we just don't know and I know
there are scientists that say
metaphysics spirituality it's all kind
of pseudoscience but there was a time
where people believed the earth was flat
apparently people nowadays are still
questioning that but um
science is kind of catching up in some
ways with spirituality going way back
before anyone was like before science
had really evolved it was everyone was
either spiritual they believed in like
spiritual healing but now with science
that's going to really dismiss and I
think it shouldn't be I think the two
can actually work really well together I
think it's really important science it's
really important I also believe
spirituality is also really important so
I believe we have a song I believe well
science tells us that energy never dies
energy can change form so for example if
you have an ice cube you're warming up
the ice cube doesn't disappear it will
change to water so it will change but it
won't go and I believe in reincarnation
again I'm not saying to you
reincarnation is real because I don't
know that I don't have those answers how
do I know that I'm telling you just what
I believe the reason I believe that is
the sheer amount of young young children
who have these bizarre experiences where
they know names and dates and when it's
like looked up it's accurate and there's
no way these children could know this
stuff and so for me it rings true and it
makes sense because I believe in the
energy changing form and it doesn't die
so it makes sense to me
do I believe in past life regression I
don't know people obviously can say
they've been requests but obviously
they're adults when this happens and
they have information in the head it may
be a figment of their imagination I
don't know I don't have the answers
I'm not saying yes people can or no
people can but I do believe in
reincarnation because I believe in
reincarnation I kind of believe that we
are here for a reason
I believe we our soul has a purpose we
have a soul purpose and many of us don't
know what that is
and it's kind of for me spirituality is
trying to find out what what is it what
is the meaning why am I here what am i
what have I got to learn from and grow
from within this lifetime so it is
asking lots and lots of questions there
is no right or wrong answer I said I
believe we're kind of living in a
dangerous time do you know I like I I
was only I was watching a video the
other day on this lady who does YouTube
videos she's a makeup artist and she's
and basically she has been bombarded
with the most awful messages about
herself like so horrible
and I think I see that all the time
people just turning on others and being
so vicious and vindictive and I and I
think is that how is is that how people
treat each other nowadays why do people
think that's okay
why wouldn't people treat others how
they would want to be treated I think a
lot of us run on ego we think we know
what's right we think we have the
answers I think a lot of us can become
materialistic like and want the nice
things that we can see but I don't
believe they make us happy either I
I see like youngsters nowadays like
especially young girls and they're like
eleven years old they look like they're
in their 20s big eyelashes and doing the
PAL and all the makeup when I was 11 are
still playing with my dolls like that we
have a couple like with this world is
becoming so image-obsessed materialistic
and this can really pull us away from
learning what our sole purpose is why
we're here why we've been through what
we have been through spirituality has
like practicing spiritual practices have
shown to have a really positive impact
when our mental well-being now we're
here because our mental health has
suffered and the way I see it what have
we got to lose with just trying some new
things I like I said I'm not telling you
to believe anything you might not
believe that the soul exists you know it
might not believe in a spirit but that
doesn't mean you can't meditate that
doesn't mean you can't practice
gratitude will just be a nice person so
you can still partake in this and try
these things without having like being
myth made to feel you'd need to believe
a certain thing because like I said
nowaday I really believe we're in a kind
of time of change you're hearing about
people all the time becoming spiritual
and more and more gurus or of hearing I
say gurus because how do they have all
the answers but people so easily can
fall into and think how that person
knows everything they've got the answers
because they might sound good
and I think it's really dangerous you
hear about like with the New Age
movement and cults because people are
just wanting to believe something so
much and they just go along with it and
I think it's really really dangerous so
that's the last thing that I want to do
with this channel because like I said I
don't have the answers you don't have
the answers none of us do there is so
much that we don't know I really believe
that our mind is so powerful that we
haven't even scratched the surface and
and I just believe that spirituality can
be a wonderful thing but your spiritual
path might be completely different to
mind someone else's and that's okay just
do what you're comfortable with and I
think along the way you start to form
your own thoughts and feelings on
certain things I'm here just to discuss
them with you and tell you my thoughts
I'm happy to share my beliefs with you
I'm not saying my beliefs all right I
know I keep saying that but I'm not
saying all right because I don't have
all the answers
and yeah cuz I just don't want any of
you to feel like I'm trying to sway you
one way or another all I'm just saying
is when you've been to hell like we have
spirituality is something that we're
worth looking at it's worth us giving me
a chance and just trying some things
what you try and do is up to you and but
I would just want to have those
conversations with you like I said if
you've got any questions please feel
free just to ask them in the comments if
there's something
to discuss if it's something that I just
have no clue about I will tell you
that's not to say I have a clue without
any of it but I can give you my opinion
so I'm looking forward to doing this
series I spoke with Corey from the
borderline life and she might join me on
my channel and we might do some videos
together and she might give her views on
certain things as well I think it's
always good to have a variety of
thoughts on this yeah I'm gonna leave
that there guys I'll be back on Friday
love you all later
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