Today I discuss the type of relationship that someone with BPD would likely have with someone with ASPD

hi my lovelies I'm just trying to
balance I got my phone on a cushion and
I'm trying to balance it so it's like my
hands not moving everywhere
happy Friday guys uh I'm still fully but
I'm actually sick of the sound of my own
moaning because I'm like anyone that
asks me how are you honor my friend or
well rule and I'm just I'm done with her
I'm so done with this I'm not gonna moan
I'm fine I'm fine I'm fine
today I'm gonna talk about antisocial
personality disorder and I have written
down the trace of this disorder because
they don't know them all but when I was
writing them down I I couldn't help but
think like wow this like on a quick
glance it seems really similar to BPD
but but it's not right so let me read so
exploit manipulate or violate violate
highlight violate the rights of others
now people that go out with those of us
with BPD often say we are manipulative
but I have always stood by the fact that
I believe we don't consciously
manipulate it's kind of our way of
trying to deal with our emotions or our
anger or something I don't think we
purposefully set out to exploit her
manipulate others next one lack concern
regret or remorse about other people's
distress again this can seem like a BPD
thing because I know like we can like
say break up from someone and seem like
we don't care but I think we actually
have a way like cause our emotions are
so painful I think we tend to detach
from our emotions as a way to protect
ourselves so to the outside world it
might seem like we're completely
heartless and horrible but it's not that
we don't have regret or concern or
remorse because I do believe we can feel
those things but actually sometimes we
can feel them so intensely that
we just switch off our emotions in order
to cope the next one is behave
and so disregard for normal social
behavior again this is so like sounds
BPD the irresponsibility showing
disregard for normal social behavior but
again I think ours it's not because we
show disregard it's just
however our emotions completely consume
us and then they set off so from we
behave in a certain way but again
afterwards we're like why did I do that
I've had so many moments thinking why
did I do that have difficulty sustaining
long-term relationships well we can jump
from relationship to relationship but I
do think we can have long-term
they tend to be really unstable but we
can have them uh unable to con control
that anger well that's we have
borderline rage so that's very very
similar lack guilt or don't learn or do
not learn from their mistakes again I
don't think that's a leap do people say
we cannot Gil running running well but
again I think when what we must remember
is it's common for anyone with a cost of
B personality disorder to have some of
the other traits so like real like like
a guild like a remorse I would not say
that's the BPD maybe if you genuinely
don't like feel empathy towards someone
you don't feel guilty maybe you're
taking another cluster B trait like from
a different personality disorder because
I don't believe that's the borderline at
all because I know that I can be eaten
up with you don't learn from
mistakes okay so we don't always learn
well we make mistake and we realize but
chances are we will do it again because
our emotions control us blame others for
problems in their lives again this is
something that I used to do I used to
think it was everyone else I also think
that a lot of people in the world can do
that and blame other people because it's
actually easier to point the finger and
blame others than to look at ourselves
especially if the way we're behaving
isn't particularly nice and repeatedly
break the law so I suppose those
possible BPD well again any of the plus
B's there a lot of us can suffer with
like comorbid substance misuse that's
obviously breaking the law I think here
it's like antisocial behavior maybe
Breaking and Entering violence etc
that's not to say that those of us with
BPD don't break the law because but then
people with no personality disorders can
break the law so I don't anyway so that
they are the trace of antisocial
personality disorder now a lot of you
probably heard that a SPD is the same as
AI psychopath or a sociopath so I was
kind of looking this up and there's
actually not a medical like diagnostic
diagnosis of psychopath or sociopath the
closest they get to it is antisocial
personality disorder
I also learned there are differences
between a psychopath and a sociopath now
initially it was the word psychopath
used and then they changed it to sake of
sociopaths and then they kind of
used both but apparently there are
differences and one of them is like
Asano is a sociopath is what you
typically think antisocial personality
disorder they kind of live on the edge
of society they're in they might flip
from job to job not holding down jobs
they can really impulsively and
recklessly and so if they're going to
commit a crime it might just be this
like big impulsive thing they do whereas
someone who is classed as a psychopath
they are much more I'm thinking of like
meticulous um planning they plan things
so they they're not likely to act with
that impulsive nature they will plan
their crimes through like properly so
like for example serial killers
I'm smiling when I say that I don't know
I'm spoiling when I say that I've just
watched was it taped the Ted Bundy tapes
and as he says someone like that
who would plan and work out what they're
gonna do and be very careful they're
likely a psychopath as opposed to a
sociopath or someone with antisocial
personality disorder so there is the RUS
with BPD because obviously I'm going to
talk about like the relationships I can
see why someone with BPD is likely to
get with someone with antisocial
personality disorder because well for me
anyway I kind of always wanted the
person that wasn't good for me that was
always up to no good a bad boy basically
and if they were not a bad boy
good boy I wouldn't be interested and so
it kind of got me thinking because I was
thinking about like Ted Bundy because
they were saying actually off day but he
went to prison and everyone knew he had
killed all these women all of a sudden
women started coming in going oh really
like him are writing to him I was like
well why is that and I thought if they
had known him this is my theory if they
had known him before he his he'd been
found out and caught out for his crimes
he would have just come across as a nice
decent person and chances are those
women wouldn't have been interested in
him because he would be too good or seen
as too nice but as soon as it was found
out actually he was really really bad
this attraction seemed to come up for
women and like for me looking back when
I would go out with someone I I said I
don't I don't think I would have got
with a psychopath because they would
have seen two nice
basically so I would have been far more
likely to go out with someone who was a
Oh suffered with antisocial personality
disorder because they were outright bad
basically that's how I saw them they
were a bad boy they were up to no good
part of me used to think I could make
them nice like I could not make nice
that's naps I could rein them in and
like yeah make make them better I don't
know you know what I'm trying to say but
obviously I couldn't I also would think
that like a bad boy someone's like that
could be a protector of me and I saw
them as strong as opposed to someone
that was just really really bad for me
and they are bad because the two don't
go well together both obviously unable
to control their anger it's likely to be
a really fiery fiery relationship the
person with antisocial personality
disorder it doesn't really have concern
like I said regret remorse those of us
with BPD do we have really intense
emotions someone with antisocial
wouldn't care they might say really
nasty things that would really hurt our
feelings and then we would get really
upset but then we'd have a fear of
abandonment so we would be like wanting
them back and I think I suppose unlike
someone who suffers with narcissism so
if we like please come back I love you
I'm so really I'm sorry someone with
NASA's that would make them feel big and
powerful and so they might let us back
in their lives I would say someone with
antisocial personality disorder would
just be like whatever you're done you're
gone and just end it with us which we
would find absolutely devastating
because we just cannot deal with someone
leaving us and we wouldn't be able to
understand like because to us our
relationship was loving meaningful even
if it wasn't and it was completely
chaotic in our heads we create this
wonderful fantasy like you know like in
romantic films and that's how we see the
relationship even if it's the complete
opposite but the person with the
antisocial personality disorder does not
see the relationship the same way as us
they rather than seeing us as it like a
person in a relationship with us they're
more likely to see us as just like an
object this thing
they don't need anymore we've annoyed
them we've angered them they just get
rid of us say I forgot what I saying
I looked at my notes I looked at my
little list and it threw me off course
so yeah anyway so you can see why it
would be a really really bad
relationship but you can see why
especially for the person with
borderline why they would want to get
into that relationship I think because
we got to remember they're also all
cluster bees the kind of the loud
dramatic type so I would say they will
be drawn to one another because there
would be certain similarities at least
on like on the surface it might seem
like there are similarities so they
would be doing like drawn to eat one
but actually what looks like
similarities or complete differences and
the relationship could not work it
wouldn't work I believe the person with
the BB D would get really hurt by a
relationship like this I might touch on
this again in the week have a wonderful
and I will be back next week I love you
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