In this video I talk about my thoughts when feeling anxious.

hello my lovelies I'm gonna talk about
anxiety and what went through my head
when I was anxious this varied because
sometimes the anxiety would just
completely come out the blue for example
I could be fine all day I could get my
shopping trolly
go into a store test clothes or
somewhere start doing my shot and then
all of a sudden my head would be saying
that person's looking at you they're
looking at you and they're judging you
or I think people were laughing about me
and I start just like the panic would be
building and all of a sudden I'd um
imagine and I only assumed I was
imagining that everyone in the shop was
looking at me talking about me laughing
about me and it would get so bad that
I'd just have to leave the trolley full
of shopping and go and sit in the car
and try and calm myself and just wait
until I was calm other times I would go
through like a never-ending state low
anxiety it would last days just feeling
on edge and jumpy at everything worried
about everything thinking everyone was
talking about me that kind of paranoia
setting in as well and and it would get
me down so much I couldn't leave the
house I just completely isolate I didn't
want to talk to anyone for fear of
people laughing at me it was always this
fear that people would judge in me
laughing at me talking about me I
couldn't do simple things like taking
the kids to the park because that would
get my anxiety going I'll start
panicking that other kids would be
horrid to my kids it was anything I
could be anxious about I would be and it
was just constant what I found for me
one days when I had a drink that anxiety
lessened and fortunately that led to me
drinking more and more more just to try
hoping the anxiety obviously that cause
leads different problems
battlecry in another video Hey
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2 thoughts on “Anxiety and What Would Go Through My Head

  1. In so glad I heard your mum on LBC today. Im sure my step daughter suffers with this.
    In going to watch the rest of your videos tonight and try to meet up with her to talk about it.
    That will be a Major task in itself because she thinks it’s everyone else.

    • Hi there – thank you for the message. I do videos on all the individual bpd traits under the mental health section. I think you have to have a certain number of the traits to be classed as having BPD – 5 perhaps but don’t quote me on that! Do be prepared for a bad reaction from her though as someone with BPD has extremely intense emotions. Then again she may be open to the idea. If she is then it is definitely worth going to the doctors and discussing things with them and they will hopefully be able to refer you to a mental health team. I also talk about the different solutions to BPD under the solutions section. I’m currently doing videos on DBT which I found so helpful.

      Perhaps you could show her some of the BPD Traits videos and maybe she will be able to relate herself.

      I wish you and your step daughter all the best. Lots of Love to you all xxxxxx

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