We are living in a world where we are constantly hearing about terror  attacks.  This can either heighten our anxiety that is already there or give us anxiety if we don’t have it. How can we manage this?

hi my lovelies today I'm not doing a
video request I decided to do this video
kind of in like with everything that's
going on at the moment I am talking
about the Manchester bombing I'm talking
about the attacks in London and I felt I
should do this video because even though
I'm in recovery I'm feeling anxious but
I'm dealing with my anxiety and I'll go
into that in a minute and but I know
there are people out there that don't
suffer their mental health don't suffer
with their mental health that will
suffer anxiety now because of this and
for my children are now anxious now my
daughter is seven they were shown a
video at school it was an
age-appropriate video and I think it's
good that they were shown at because
some kids will know some parents might
not tell them but the ones that do know
might tell them and then you don't know
what the hearings I'd rather it like
come out in an appropriate way
whether it's school showing them and
then I can talk to them which I did and
I really focused on all the good people
that I'm taxi drivers given free lifts
people operon up their homes people not
not running standing there and helping
the victims that on the floor and the
police etc and but I know it's still
affecting them my son is six and he was
saying to me mummy what if they try and
get you nice if why would they try and
get me because you've got a website so
they can see you I was like my darling
thousands and thousands and thousands
and thousands of people of websites
they're not it's not like that and so I
had that with my son last night we had
the biggest thunderstorm here and my
daughter call me Mom I can't sleep I was
like my darling it's just a thunderstorm
and she was like no mommy I think it's a
secret message telling me that some
bombs are going to be
humming and I kind of explained to her
that no one would want to be bombing in
this weather because there would be no
one outside everyone's tucked up safely
in their beds but yeah I felt I should
do this video and it's a horrid time
that we're living in constantly hearing
my rock I remember when I was really
young and I actually flew them because
my dad worked for the airlines I was
allowed to fly from Dublin to Heathrow
in the cockpit sat between the two
pilots because the plane had been full
and but I needed to get back and I was
allowed to do that and but now people
are scared getting on planes the concert
in Manchester
who'da thought just full of kids
it is it's horrible it's absolutely dry
you just can't describe how awful it is
and I'm so feel for the families and
then families of the victims air so like
I said any of us can suffer anxiety
around this unfortunately we have the
news we have it on the television we
have it in newspapers have it in
magazines have on our phones we
literally cannot get away from it except
me I do not watch the news and I would
suggest that if you are suffering with
your anxiety this is something you can
possibly consider I know what's going on
in the world I can read a quick skim of
an article on my phone look breaking
so I know what's going on in the world I
do not need to know all the tiny dick
tight a little details the gory details
I don't need to know that I know it's
awful I am aware but by reading into
every single little thing that is going
to feed my anxiety and that will feed my
fear and I will become more anxious and
so if I were you I would have a break
from watching the news reading the
newspapers you can do this and still
kind of know what's going on in the
world believe it or not and because the
news obviously is their job but they
will tell us about all these terror
attacks and all the details but they
have not got like a headline more people
were killed in a car accident this year
than in a terrorist attack because
that's boring news to them they don't
want to share that but for you and me
that's kind of helpful tonight actually
you're more likely to be killed the car
accident in cycling accident than in a
terrorist terrorist attack
chances are chances of us seeing or
being involved in a terrorist attack are
slim but I am also aware that had I done
this video say a few weeks ago and then
one of my viewers was caught up in it it
would kind of just yeah my video just
reliable you said and so I am aware we
do we just living in a very risky time
but there are ways that we can manage
our anxiety and I think it's really
important that we do now for most
pull that don't have mental health
issues I would say just go about your
lives live your lives as you always have
and but we suffer with a mental health
and I'm not saying lock yourself away do
not leave the house something's going to
happen I'm not saying that because I
also believe that we do need to carry on
as much as possible for example I will
still be doing the school run I will
take my kids swimming I will still be
going to the park I'll still be doing my
shopping none of that is gonna stop but
I am oh I was I suppose I still can be
and suffer with anxiety but like I said
I do tend to manage it but it's there
trust me it's there and so for that
reason because I'm like that I'm prone
to anxiety I will try and lead my life
as normally as possible but I am NOT
going to put myself out into situations
that are going to give me a full-on
panic attack I am NOT going to be going
to really crowded places I'm certainly
not going to be taking my children to
really really crowded places I'm not
going to go into London because like I
said chances are a terrorist attack are
happening or slim you're more likely to
be hit by a car
rowdy bloody wrong even though like they
are the kind of they are the facts and
I'm not going to try and be a martyr be
like I'm still going into it because
actually that is no good for my mental
health that could really set me back and
so for that reason I'm going to kind of
be realistic and I I don't have to
in the house because with anxiety it the
best way to deal with it is to feel the
fear and do it anyway how's the book
says um yes so if you are Agra phobic
you do not want to leave the house the
best thing you can do for your anxiety
is to leave the house yes you will be
full without anxiety to start with but
the more you do it the easier it would
come and I think as a parent I that's
one of my main reasons I would not be
going into London it's because I have my
children and no it's not a case of oh if
you don't go in you're going to let the
terrorists win we'll know but why would
I risk why would I take a chance with my
little children why would I do that and
when actually we've got we have no
reason to go there it's not like we live
they see it is a few hours away and so
why would I why would I take that risk
with them and
I know when I used to get really anxious
back the following into rehab I to beat
my anxiety and to give me courage I
started to drink alcohol right from the
moment I woke up and so I know what
anxiety can do if you are someone that
is trying desperately to cope with your
anxiety and you're turning to these
horrid behaviors and i really suggest on
my fucking wind so bad I'd really
suggest you don't you talk you talk to
someone talking is such a powerful tool
speak to your doctor speak to a friend's
speech your family member and tell them
how you're feeling
certainly taking a load of pills turning
to drugs turning to drink it is it's not
going to fix it at the end of the day
it's not going to change what's
happening in the world I sometimes also
have to tell myself like I'm powerless
over these kind of things if the
terrorists are going to attack they're
going to attack no matter how feared up
I am how anxious I am how much I
sustained was if it's going to happen
it's going to happen and I have no
control over that and it's kind of
really got to kind of accept that and
think well it could happen but more
likely than not it won't and am I going
to let it ruin my life my kids lives and
I just have to I do just have to try and
get like it said I will not be looking
myself away at the same time I won't be
putting myself out there in situations
that I would think hmm
I remember when I was a little girl and
I was at school I studied the Second
World War
and four months after I was terrified
that there was going to be a third world
I don't know why I don't know if there's
anything particularly going on in the
world that was making me feel like that
but I just remember I had the biggest
fear around there and I was probably
about seven or eight at the time maybe
maybe nine actually but um Here I am 35
it hasn't been World War 3 how do I let
that fear completely take over me back
then I'd have spent all these years
living with that I was not living is it
when you're suffering anxiety is not
it's already it's just kind of just
being there I wouldn't call it living at
all so I think I'm going to lead this
video there guys but I really did kind
of won't talk I hope you're all okay
because like I said these kind of things
really can cause our anxiety to worsen
or for us to gangs IT if it wasn't there
before but like I said cut out the news
you don't have to watch every single
thing you don't have to read up every
single thing let's try and focus on the
good in the world because there are a
lot of good people out there and realize
that the statistics show that car
accidents are more probably like likely
to happen and except that we cannot
control everything that happens in the
world do not look yourself indoors and
feed the anxiety because it will get
worse but at the same time keep yourself
safe so I'm going to leave that their
loads love to all oh you have a great
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