hi guys I'm success my keyboard I say my
keyboard it was my mom and we bought
this for Amelia because she was starting
piano lessons she never practiced this
and has no interest but my son Keon
who's a he's got piano lessons now and
he sits in here and it's amazing because
Kim is the one that I recognized myself
at his age you know they're acting out
the oversensitivity the testing and so I
see like he's the one again at the
moment he's really struggling he's got a
twitch like reading faces but when it's
really funny he comes and sits here at
the keyboard and plays no twitch in it's
like he's just completely focused now I
had piano lessons as the trial
well I started guitar when I was three
or four and I even used ice playing
school concert I'd play church on a
Sunday I don't remember any of them I
would not if I picked up a guitar
registry like mm-hmm
I don't I did Pierre was the same I I
had up severe commitment issues with
anything I'm gonna do this I want to
learn this I want to do this it was like
with karate everything row my 70 do it
for a couple of years and then be like
now don't do that anymore
and I did it with piano I hated piano
because it was on a Sunday and the
reason I hate him so my mum would to go
make me go to Mass in the morning which
I was like boring and come home be out
with my mates and then my mum like piano
and yeah so it really sucks and so I
never learnt read music
I would cheat I would read the book and
work out each note and write the note
like whether it's a eg whatever
underneath and then learning it and
memorize it and then as I grew up people
think you're not reading music you can
just hear it play
new I'm not talented like that
I have literally just memorized there
yeah but here's the thing I loved it if
like um growing up if I was going
through stress I could say the piano and
I played a few songs I'd like memorize
and it was it was amazing
I'm the reason I'm actually so over here
is because my phone's on charge or my
plugs down there but it's about four now
and I really wanted to do a video and
then I was like I'm leaving some piano
like I said the best plane from hearing
playing from memory and I don't know
chords and I'd love to know so that's
why I'm selling my fireplace I hope you
guys are good I have had the day or hell
so my medication I won't cry of pain I'm
on 200 milligrams of quetiapine
antipsychotic it has been amazing for me
it's work I know people that have had
bad experiences as they have on search
Liana sertraline and it's great you know
what works for one doesn't work for
another quetiapine has been amazing for
me I was on different side
antipsychotics and they just really did
not suit me um my doctor's phoned me
someone phoned me and said oh you're on
the modified release like it's a slow
release one we want to get your normal
one the reason they want to do that is I
think because the modified release is a
lot more costly for them although
actually some things change recently and
my socotra said it shouldn't cost them
any different less they're a bit behind
and they don't know but anyway they said
they wanted to get me off and I said
listen when I'm on the normal one it
really literally knocks me out I cannot
be on the normal one well we have to get
all our patients where would you try it
and I'll say I I'll try it I want to
make your job easy
let's give it
maybe I'll be different this time maybe
so I got it and I was supposed to have
it night before last and I was like no
I'm not doing it I'm just not doing that
not having it so I have a missed dose
which I don't we say Chi don't do that
but I did
I missed a dose but last night was like
okay I'm gonna get really early night
I'm really tired
get the kids to bed early yeah early
now here's my routine when I get the
kids to bed I come downstairs
I don't watch telly usually I just might
I phoned my mum I take my medication I
have a drink like glass of water and I
go up to bed and when I'm in bed I read
history stuff so there's a website
called ranker and it's sort of like you
ranked one two three what you think
things and I don't do that I click on
like the whole thing and go to a park
called weird history and there are
thousands of articles on everything so I
love it I've read so many articles on
all the history all the history of
England I'm currently studying history
of America and the Civil War that got
all the way back the different
presidents and I'm really enjoying it so
that's what I do and so I have a read I
get tired I set my alarm
I turned my phone off and I put it under
a pillow and I go to sleep last night I
got into bed I talked I took my met and
then called my mum so they've been in my
system half an hour by the time I went
up I got into bed I lay down and I can
hear what he was she coughing oh sit up
and usually I just jump up see and I was
and I couldn't move I couldn't lift my
head and then I realised I dropped my
phone I don't even remember looking at
my phone and then I must have passed out
now I have four children aged ten eight
five and three I woke up today at 12
the kids would have been awake hours
I woke Emilia was actually sat with me
she's kinda like mommy I said I could
heart I was like slurring my words I
couldn't talk I was like what the heck
has happened so I phoned the doctor
explained and they said they'd get
someone to call me back but in the
meantime I spoke to my mom and my mom
being my mom if you know her when I'm on
my live stream she pops on and bosses me
around but she actually phoned the
doctors and she was like my daughter's
do a call no like oh no no one's calling
her today
and my mom was like she's got four
children there that are running around
she cannot get up she cannot talk
properly you need to get doctor to phone
and the doctor sooner only straightaway
and they're like we're really sorry
we're gonna put you back on modified
fleece so yeah I got put back on
modified release today I went and
collected it from the pharmacist and I
will not go through that but it
literally set my day up really badly
because whereas I'm up and I'll have my
coffee and I do the kids breakfast and I
have a day ahead of me don't get me
wrong sometimes I have a bit of a line
but not 12 o'clock and after 12 it still
took another good two hours for me to
start feeling slightly human again so
that was my day and I came down and the
kids have run riot
well they hadn't come down actually they
all played upstairs in my room
bless them which is sweet because they
want to be near me but uh they bought
all their toys in my room my room was
the only tidy room in the house and now
it's for that
just great it's painful I came
downstairs they messed up downstairs
they messed up the kitchen the gardens a
mess everything and today was I was just
like I I had a headache from the stress
ID I'm not one that really gets
headaches a lot so if I do it's because
I'm unwell like I'm coming down with
I don't get regular headaches today's
headache was completely different I said
to my mom I know my headache is cuz I am
so stressed right now I think my head is
going to explode and I just asked him
that it's like they just didn't want to
listen to me like can you guys just pick
up list me do that no no no one
listening to me today none of it and in
a really really boneville day but then
my mum said to me like surely not just
one day you're gonna look back on this
when your kids are all out and about and
you don't know where they are who
they're with or what they're doing and
you're gonna be feeling so worried that
you're gonna think I wish we were back
in their days where they were running
around messing up the house and they're
getting unto my feet and they're not in
I know you're right that's the thing I
know you're right they didn't stop the
mood I was a cranky old goat today
basically like I was miserable and
snappy and I was saying I'm really
sloppy guys and I'm really sorry that
I'm in such a mood but if you just tied
it up and then my daughter Mimi is like
with the attitude so you're saying sorry
and then blaming us
well why apologize I'm not saying sorry
and having it go I'm explaining why I'm
in a mood which she didn't get and they
never did tidy their rooms except Ian my
8 year old bless him
who did he was the only one he was
little angel today
mom I've done there's more tidy some of
the garden mama I love all of them but
today I particularly loved him so it has
been a one of those days we're gonna get
those days I'm hoping to do a live
stream in the next couple of days I want
to check in more with you I know this
video this bit about nothing I talked a
bit about music again like if you do
play an instrument it's really good if
you don't listen to music like we talked
about the power of music the other day
and it can be therapeutic or dance to
music I love dancing I can't dance I
love dancing though I can't dance I
can't sing but I sing and dance all the
time I'm gonna leave it there I love you
guys so much and I will be back more
regularly again to check on you and
that's the kids on Friday like they wear
today okay look you guys nah
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