hi my lovelies I'm trying to get out of
the Sun today's video might seem like a
bit of a random one but trust me it is
to do with mental health and the way we
treat people so let's go this is my boys
I had photo wallpaper done it's amazing
they have the bumper it's steps go in
are single bump double double bad little
shelves it there's drawers under here
this drawers the stairs their drawers
like it's amazing I literally love it it
is by a company called Anderson's
themes and dreams this is not a video
I'm not being sponsored for this video
I bought this bed I'm a genuine customer
I paid the normal price like anyone else
pays for this bed there was no special
treatment but I want to talk about this
company and I'll explain why in a second
I ordered this bed last March and it was
a company in Northern Ireland it was a
family company and I think the husband
he literally like designed these beds
himself there were the beds that you can
just buy like off-the-shelf kind of
that'd be made for you but they were
also usually customized and they did the
most amazing princess or pirate beds you
know I was told when I ordered it last
March it would be eight weeks till it
got delivered
and I kept emailing them because my boys
were so excited my boys are eight and
five they leave it on or in toddler beds
and my eight-year-olds feet were just
touching the bottom and I've always said
like when I had them
I'll do your remark and we've gone with
like a jungle theme we got all like
jungle these so we went with that and
the boys kept asking i kept emailing and
they said we will email you just before
we deliver the bed eight weeks went by
still haven't heard anything and then
one day I've got a really random message
from someone saying Anderson themes and
dreams have basically gone bust we're
taking over you need to go to your bank
get your money back put give us your
money and we'll make the bed for you and
I was like it sounds really bad
now I googled it I went online and I
googled there and sure enough this
company in Northern Ireland had gone
bust and I was like so I contacted the
people that had emailed me and I was
told basically a guy in England had
ordered a fabulous bed for his daughter
and the company went bust but it got him
thinking he was a businessman he thought
how many other people are out there
waiting for their beds they've not come
I'll take over the business I have the
finances to do it or whatever so he took
over the business and they said for all
the people that were still waiting
they've been let down there'd be like
10% discount okay so see what happens I
contacted the bank I got my money back I
went back to this company I paid for
this bed and they guaranteed it be here
in six weeks and it was I got this bed
in September and it's amazing but
there's a story to tell
now when I'd heard this company went
bust I sent them an email and I just
said you know I'm really sorry to hear
you've lost your company and apparently
someone's taking over your company and
I'll still get my bed and I just wanted
you to know I'm really sorry I got an
email back
and I don't know if it was from the wife
or the husband but it was like you know
when you just read him out and it was so
grateful right oh thank you so much like
thank you for understanding basically
and I didn't think much about the time
basically the guys came around they
delivered this bed and we started
talking and they were like yeah the guy
in Northern Ireland he lost everything
like basically had all these ideas he
had amazing ideas he was so talented he
designed all these beds but the business
grew so fast he couldn't actually
finance it and in the end they built up
debt I was told I believe I believe his
wife wasn't very well at the time they
lost they lost their livelihood and I
felt so bad for them but what shocks me
was that guys like the lads that
delivered it they said we've had an
awful time we get people phoning us
telling us like shouting at the poor
girls on reception like this is the new
people have taken over I believe they're
based in Birmingham we get people
shouting and swearing and really
belittling these look they're just been
employed to answer phones and take
orders but they're being abused so badly
and they said but it's nothing compared
to the company that were taken over
apparently there were people that were
emailing the guy telling him they wish
he was dead they wished his wife was
dead that she wouldn't recover from her
illness or something like really
spiteful emails and I thought oh my god
it's like kick someone when they're down
this this family they had a vision they
sell their company
yes they they might have not been able
to feel for fulfill lots of orders like
mine and yes children might be
disappointed my children would gut it
but I'm not I'm not gonna phone someone
and say my children are so gutted I wish
you were dead
and like why would you why would you say
that to someone why they have lost
everything yeah my children have gutted
but you know what life is tough guys
life is tough and I said to my kids I
said it unfortunate it's at my hands
it's not our fault I even said to them
think about the poor people this is
their company everything they're dreamed
and worked for and they've lost it so
before you start feeling sorry that you
haven't got your bed think about them
and like police completely understood I
went on and some themes and dreams like
Facebook page and I was shocked at the
horrible things people were writing
don't trust this company you know it's
now a new company that Facebook page
isn't the old owners it's the new
this guy has because he kind of
understood one one he had the finances
and obviously he's a businessman I don't
know him I've not spoken to him but he
had like the things to say okay I'm
gonna take this over my daughters let
down there must be lots of people let
down I'll take over this business and do
the right thing and hopefully he'll
hopefully he'll benefit loads because it
is a fantastic business this bed is
amazing uh-huh
but the things people write are just
like never trust them why like this guy
took over this business but he said to
me pull the bed we'll be with you within
six weeks you've got a discount and he
that and the bed was head why they still
getting abuse Wyatt why do people think
it's okay to treat other people like
that it really annoys me so now we're
gonna go back to Caroline Flack the day
she passed a light weight the day she
killed herself that morning I read an
article and it was talking about she had
an upcoming court case basically they've
been an altercation in her relationship
police were called she was being
prosecuted and I was reading the article
and I just thought you know there's
always two sides for a star innocent
till proven guilty and oh my god like
this is what she's doing
in the public eye everyone reading about
it as someone with a mental health
condition I've kicked off before I've
had violent brows before I just thought
when I was reading it what that was me
like it was bad enough it happening let
alone if it was in the public eye with
everyone talking about it
and it I like I've read it and I just
thought that literally that was could
have happened to me it could have
happened to anyone you have a complete
meltdown you freak how you act in a way
that is not how you would behave on a
day to day basis but imagine the whole
world watching and reading about it and
talking about it and being treated like
you are guilty without anyone knowing
the information what upset me most is
that she was not allowed to see her
partner he did not want to press charges
he did not want to prosecute and she was
told they are not allowed to see each
other and I thought if that was me and
I'd had this meltdown a whole melt
downs and then I was told I could not be
with the person that I loved that could
possibly be my support and helped me
through it how difficult would that be a
few hours later I went onto Facebook and
I read the news Caroline Flack has
committed suicide and I literally felt
sick in my stomach it has really
bothered me I wanted to do this video
last week but I didn't know how to word
it I possibly still don't obviously
there's all that like the hashtag be
kind and everything's coming up now what
why why do we have to be told to be kind
why can't we just be kind
III was I've got two children off school
Amelia's got tonsillitis eason hadn't
asked my second I had to go and collect
him from school I was up all night last
night with Eason I was up the night
before with Eason having a smartass I
had told the school in the morning
like can you watch him and call me I'm
exhausted I was at home there was a
knock on my door it was a Jehovah's
Witness there was two and you hear about
people just slamming the door in the
face and being really rude and I just
think how can you be like that so I was
tired it is freezing here right now it's
so cold and I was there and I was like
in a vest top and I opened the door and
they started talking to me about God and
showing me a pamphlet and I just
answered their questions and I speak
nicely to them and they wish me a good
day I wish them a good day and my
daughter's like who's that I said it was
a Jehovah's Witness he's right didn't
you shut that all because that's what
she's heard people saying you just shut
the door
don't don't listen and also why would
she do that to someone no I'm not a
religious person
but I'm certainly not going to judge
someone and slam a door in someone's
face and treat someone badly just
because I don't agree with it why
wouldn't I just give them the time and
just talk to them nicely why can't
people just be nice I don't get it I
don't it's um I don't get it I'm gonna
be back tomorrow guys with another video
because I didn't get one last week at
the kids are on halftime but I will be
back tomorrow
doing a video request actually I love
you all those
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