I have received so many comments from people who are truly desperate and feel so alone and I felt compelled to do this  video. I want you to know you are NOT alone – I even looked up statistics to see just how huge BPD is! I feel on a bit of a mission now to try and help people as everyone deserves help! Having BPD is not a life sentence and there is a way out. I just wish everyone could be shown this way out! Big hugs to you all xxx

hi guys today I'm going to talk about
borderline personality disorder again
because one my borderline personality
disorder videos are getting loads and
loads of use and I never actually
realize just how many people out there
suffer with it I am being inundated with
comments and messages from people are so
desperate if you have commented or
messaged me and you're one of those
people that are really suffering um I
just wish I could give you a hug because
I have been there and I remember just
how lonely I felt I felt so alone I felt
like no one understood me and at the
time I don't think many people actually
did those around me didn't really they
didn't understand and there is a real
stigma attached with mental health and I
just wanted to do this video really to
say like you're not alone like I've been
looking up statistics and I'm going to
read you so much I've got them on my
phone now right borderline personality
disorder affects five point nine percent
of adults this is in America at some
time in their life that's 14 million
Americans that's just America 14 million
right BPD effects fifty percent peep
more people than Alzheimer's disease and
nearly as many as schizophrenia and
bipolar combined BPD effects twenty
percent of patients admitted to
psychiatric hospitals and BPD effects
ten percent of people in outpatient
mental health treatment not just that on
another website i found forty percent of
people that have borderline personality
disorder have previously been
misdiagnosed where they've been told
they might have depressive disorder or
bipolar disorder so yeah they've been
misdiagnosed so that's like that is a
few statistics it just shows how huge
this illness is how many millions of
people suffer with it so if your likes
at home and you're feeling just how I
felt so alone like no one gets you
nothing's ever going to get better just
no doubt millions of other people out
there feeling exactly like you are and
exactly like I did now as you know from
my other videos unlucky I don't feel
like that anymore I don't feel alone
anymore and you have to have faith that
you will not always feel like this it's
not a life sentence it doesn't mean you
are going to spend the rest of your life
like this and things can and will get
better I don't know what else to say to
you I just wish I could give you a big
hug because because I just remember that
feeling and just how bad it felt and I
wish back then that I had had someone
come and just hug me tight tight tight
and say Sherina it's not always going to
be like this you're going to have an
amazing life you're gonna be really
happy and one day you're going to look
back on it all like it was some bad
nightmare um and not just that you're
going to come out the other side a
stronger person because I'm definitely
stronger than I ever was ever and
there are literally millions and the
statistics we have their people have
been diagnosed there are still millions
out there that might not even been
diagnosed yet that are suffering with
this your comments to me making me like
want to stand up and say right we got do
something about this that people
shouldn't have to suffer like this it's
not fair I'm getting comments from young
people like teenagers that suffering
some of their families don't believe
them some their families don't even get
on with them they might be living alone
they're teenagers they're still babies
like in my eyes I know when I was a
teenager I thought I was grown up but
looking back now I was just a child
there are just so many people out there
and it's really like open my eyes
because I know this is just the tip of
the iceberg and I'm thinking well
shreena you've got to do something about
this now I know I can't save the world i
wish i could but um yes like I want to
make it my mission I wanna highlight
just how many people are out there and
they're suffering not just that I had a
phone call the other day from someone
who's so desperate and they're saying I
want to kill myself and they have told
their mental health team this and no one
is doing anything no one is listening to
them and I remember there were times
like that i have like that well I was
desperate and when you're desperate the
last thing you want to do is have to
keep phoning say is anyone going to call
me like is anyone gonna call me back
like you just be like fuck you take me
seriously I want to die and it's so sad
that there are people out there that are
suffering and they're not being listened
to they're not getting the help that
they need light in this country I've
talked about dbt i am a huge fan of dbt
i believe it was like life-changing and
I did it but it's not a hue
in the United Kingdom you it's not that
easy just to get on a course not
everyone does it not everywhere does
there but we are lucky we have the NHS
which is amazing because it means at
least we could get into the system we
don't have to pay it won't cost us a
fortune we can get treated I'm getting
messages from people in some countries
where like the medical bills are just so
expensive they're desperate for help and
they can't afford to get help and it
just seems so unfair I mean I wish I
could contact Marsha Linehan I think I'm
she is the lady that developed DBT and I
would like her to train me properly I
can tell you DBT skills from what I've
learned but i'm not actually qualified
in it and i'd like to like do huge
conventions where loads and loads like
hundreds of people with borderline could
come and learn these skills all in one
place all together like that would be
like a dream to help so many people and
do them all over the world because
there's so many places that don't do it
and people can't access help i was
thinking to myself right how am I going
to do is contact marshal in ham and I
can see she hasn't been on Twitter for
ages and so that's given me something to
think about i think i'm going to contact
oprah and say look there are people that
are so desperate give us a platform and
give us a hold hands we can get the word
out there because people can be helped
borderline personality disorder doesn't
mean you have to live like that in that
horrid hold feeling forever and ever
there is a way out but people need to be
shown that way and they need to be
helped and as you can probably tell from
my voice I'm really passionate about
this because I came out the other side
and now I know there's a way out back
then when I was really suffering
I didn't think there was a way out and
that's why I'm kind of using my voice
now and I'm doing these videos because I
want to give people hope and let them
know there is a way out you will not
always feel like this if I could hug you
I would hug you I just want to get the
word out there I just want to help
people and because no one deserves to
feel like that and everyone deserves a
chance of getting help not just because
where you live or how much money you
have everyone deserves help and
teenagers need to be listened to people
like they need to be teaching these
skills in schools I think if dvb-t was
taught in schools to everyone it's like
these life skills there I think there'd
be a lot less teenagers with mental
health problems had they got these
skills behind them and but yeah anyway I
suppose I'll leave that there but I am
sending you all loads and loads and
loads love as always thank you so much
for your comments thank you for watching
my videos yeah I love you all and you
were not alone I promise you you're not
alone see you guys bye
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5 thoughts on “Borderline Personality Disorder – A few statistics

    • Hi – Thank you so much for watching, commenting on and sharing my video! Lots of love to you! I will be sure to check out your blog as soon as I get a free minute! xxx

  1. I binge watched your channel on the weekend. You have done a great job. You have given BPD suffers hope that they can live normal lives (again that word normal comes up). I am almost 50. My children are all grown. When they all left the nest I had a relapse, because I was feeling so abandoned. As history predicts my behaviours resulted in me pushing so hard that I distorted my 8 year marriage. My husband had never seen me at my worst, he didn’t understand. He tried reading the books and the infor on-line. Everything out there is no negative he figured it was best to just get the fuck out of here after a year.
    I live in Canada so we have free health care, which means long waiting lists. BDP is still not widely diagnosed. I have had mental illness issues since I was a child but it was not until 2003 when I was in treatment that my doctor suggested it I even thought I couldn’t just blame it on depression caused by all the stupid men in my life.After I read about it, I didn’t want it so of course I wen too medication blames it on hormones, and started to self medicate with pot….
    It amazes me how so many BPD patients stories are so similar. Currently I am in a DBT program and enjoying it. Except for the identifying emotions. That is so hard. I like numb…pissed off and look out but apparently those are not emotions. So I have so really learn so much. I wish I learned this when my children where young. The really sad thing is I know one of my sons is BPD and he won’t even get help. I guess I also know enough about it that he will figure it out himself.
    Thank you for doing your videos, I will share them with my group.

    • Hi Sweetie, thank you so much for your message. I have literally just gone on my ‘Recovery Mum’ Facebook page and posted a picture of a ‘Feelings Wheel’. You might find it helpful when trying to identify your feelings. Feel free to have a look – I found it so useful back when I was trying to work out what I was feeling! Yes we also have free healthcare here – which is great…except for the long waiting lists! When I did DBT it was a 2 year course – nowadays some places have shortened it to 6 months just so they can work their way through the waiting lists faster. The thing is – you can still learn DBT skills from home. There are books on it. You can get the actual Marsha Linehan DBT workbook on Amazon I think. I have done some DBT videos (I am not trained in it though!) The thing with DBT is the more you practice the skills the more you see them working – and the practice part we do at home anyway. I know it’s not the same as doing an actual DBT course but it’s better than nothing. I hope your son does seek help eventually – he will be so much happier for it. The thing is, if someone doesn’t acknowledge there’s a problem there is little we can do to help. Perhaps you could show him some of my videos so he can see if he relates at all. Thank you again for your message and for watching my videos. Lots of love to you xxx

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