BPD and Bipolar can seem very similar at a first glance – here I discuss the similarities and differences. I am no expert on bipolar however and if you think I may have gotten something wrong please feel free to tell me and I will correct it in another video!

hi my lovelies I have been trying to do
this video for days and the little madam
just hasn't let me she's been screaming
I have just done the video right near
the end she started screaming so now I'm
here to redo it with her in my arms but
I'm here and I'm about to do a video
request from the lovely charlie asking
me about bipolar now recently last week
maybe I did a video on BPD and
misdiagnosis and in that video get comfy
in that video I mentioned that a lot of
people with BPD can at first be
diagnosed as having bipolar so I'm going
to kind of explain why there are similar
what the similarities are and what the
differences are now I don't have bipolar
so I can't speak from personal
experience I used to know a little bit
about bipolar and now thanks to Google I
know a little bit more and I will share
it with you so to start with someone
with bipolar and someone with borderline
personality disorder
both suffers mood swings both disorders
people can have low self-esteem
impulsiveness reckless behavior
depression suicidal tendencies so you
can see at a first glance how the two
can be mixed up because there are a lot
of similarities but that is where the
similarities end
and even they they some of those things
seem to be similar when you actually go
into more detail they're actually not
and I'll explain that so the difference
is like I just said some of them that
seem similar are actually very different
we have mood swings whereas someone with
borderline personality disorder has mood
swings that
constant frequent our mood can go up and
down multiple times in a few hours
the mood swings are someone with bipolar
are much more prolonged they can have a
high their high is also different to
someone with BPD their high they feel
euphoric high energy excitement and it's
called mania and this stage can last
week's months longer where they're
having this complete manic episode the
way the cycle goes from this Mike
episode they will often crash and they
will sink into a deep deep depression
again this mood can last week's can last
months their depression they often feel
tired they don't want to get out of bed
they have low self-esteem now what I did
a little drawing it's a bit naff and I
haven't seen this drawing anywhere so I
haven't copied it so I don't know it
basically I went on some website and the
way they explained it was so scientific
and it kind of went in here but I
thought I have no idea of how I'm going
to say it and I started drawing a
picture and I think it kind of explains
and basically what that it is I'm going
to show you we have a line down the
middle across the page the horizontal
that is someone's with bipolars face
line so they're go long and they are
normal not showing any symptoms and then
it goes their mood goes up they have a
manic episode
it comes down they get depressed and
then it goes back to their baseline
that's normal when I say normal they are
symptom free they are themselves they
can have relationships they don't have
low self-esteem they're not impulsive
then don't have any reckless they're not
recklessly so they are normal so they
get breaks in between the manic and the
depressed episodes someone with
borderline personality disorder we've
got the line going across again but
that's us constant frequent we don't get
breaks there's no breaks in between so
that that is our baseline we don't have
like a normal where we can function I
mean we can have heart functioning but
what you'll find is to a certain extent
some of our symptoms are still there
whether that would be still self harming
but seeming to be okay we still have
that fear of abandonment and low
self-esteem like I said someone with
bipolar when they have that deep deep
depression they have low self-esteem
when they're back at their normal
baseline that they don't someone with
borderline we tend to always have it as
constant we always have our low
so another thing other than the breaks
in between episodes that is different is
what brings it on now someone with
bipolar and you guys start screaming
Adam someone with by was that big
someone with bipolar their episode can
seem to come out of nowhere there's no
actual cause I mean there is more
research being done into it and they are
now noticing that stress can bring on
episodes but that's not always the case
sometimes this manic episode to
depression can completely come out
nowhere whereas some with borderline
when we have our episodes it's often due
to an interaction with someone someone's
done something so
one said something someone's looked us
funny and that brings on one of our
episodes the impulsive reckless behavior
that both have someone with bipolar they
might act impulsively when they're
having a manic episode they are hide
their feeling GU really like great
obviously it's a false sense of self
it's not it's a fault state isn't it
it's not normal but they might act
impulsively they might just go by loads
and loads of things and spend all their
money that money they don't have so
that's when they can be impulsive
we're someone with borderline again it's
a lot more common level frequent we can
act impulsively when we're feeling good
I'm feeling bad and it's more trying to
fix our emotions because we just don't
deal with our emotions we struggle to
regulate them and so we're constantly
trying to fix ourselves and that's when
our reckless behavior you can come in we
can use drugs to try and fix ourselves
we can drink alcohol etc don't cry so
I'm trying to whiz through this video
because literally she has not and I do
really want to get this video darn so
so what if I covered what have I covered
the thing is with both borderline and
bipolar there is no known cause for a
lot of research is being done into both
both get misdiagnosed people with
bipolar I can often get misdiagnosed I
never knew this as having just severe
depression now this is really dangerous
because someone with bipolar if they are
the antidepressants it can bring on a
manic episode
so people with bipolar often treated
more with mood stabilizers whereas
someone with borderline personality
disorder we often have the borderline
personality disorder and we have a
diagnosis as gnosis of depression as
well so we have the two depression so we
can have antidepressants and we have
borderline personality disorder some
bipolar the depression is the bipolar so
it's part of that it's part of the manic
cycle that they go through so it is
really important to get the right
diagnosis because like I said the
treatments for bipolar the treatment for
borderline they are different with both
there is no known cure but with both
with the right therapy which is
different for both with the right
therapy the right medication it can
start to be managed and you've got lots
of wind I can feel it on my hair okay
scream again um so yeah it is important
you get the right diagnosis if you think
you've been misdiagnosed go back and
speak with your therapist and give your
reasons for that I never knew actually
before I started making my videos that
it's quite common for people to have
bipolar and borderline personality
yes yes nice smile
hey give me smiles now or now you
nothing for me off my video is real he's
and then you know music on yeah yeah
so I've completely lost where I'm going
I'm sorry guys I hope that kind of
explained it okay to you my drawings
I know are a bit naff but um but that's
gonna have to do today because like I
just said I'm never gonna get to publish
this video otherwise if I keep stopping
it she's completely putting me off out
by being so cute she did say hi who's
that who's that nah I was hoping to do
more videos but I've got to go to an art
show at my son's school where I can buy
some of his artwork so I'm not going to
be able to do another video today and
today is Wednesday and tomorrow possibly
possibly but I have my my two year old
as well and he will just try and touch
the computer so we shall see we shall
see if not I will be back at the
beginning of next week and hopefully
with more video requests from you guys
keep them coming so it's good and take
good care of yourself and lots of love
bye guys
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