In this video I talk about how I catastophized about everything!!

hi today I'm gonna talk about the
borderline personality trait
catastrophizing now I have catastrophize
about everything since I was young if
there was a thunderstorm when I was
younger I would be sure that lightning
was gonna hit the chimney it would come
shooting down it'll explode out the tele
hotel he would cause a big electric fire
and we would all die but the
catastrophizing wasn't just for not
young it was as I got older any argument
with a boyfriend
it wasn't just we had it wasn't even a
big argument it could be a bicker about
what program we want to watch and from
that all the Sun of love
and it was like so bad the feelings
everything really did seem like a
catastrophe now I learned when I was in
treatment that addicts can do a thing
called crisis building where we build
everything into a crisis which I'd say
is very similar
same thing catastrophizing everything I
make into a catastrophe
so you'd think I'd learn from that and I
kinda I kinda have in the fact I don't
to trust revise about everything now but
I still can if like even the other day
and my son had a temperature so we took
him temperature 41 not like yeah then I
was high and he wasn't feeding wasn't
drinking it's rent A&E and they said
look we'll go and get taken to another
hospital um checked out oh my god in my
head I was like oh my god all his organs
are gonna fail oh my god what am I gonna
do and the panic and the upset I fell I
couldn't just think you know what kids
get temperatures and sometimes they
don't feed but he was still smiling but
I I ignored the fact he was smiling he
was gonna have organ failure
and so I do still get it sometimes again
a little bit of around the partner I can
think that's it I've had it
um it's a disaster but I'm definitely
nowhere near as bad I can sit and enjoy
a thunderstorm now and not think I'm
going to get electrocuted
see you later guys
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