I have fabricated stroies most my life so people like me. I would also agree with anything anyone said just so they would accept me. I didn’t have my own opinion – and if I did I’d keep it to myself. In the end I didn’t even know what stories were true and which ones I had made up.  People with BPD have a fear of abandonement and we go to any lengths to stop people abandoning us –  even if it means telling lies or fabricating stories.

2 thoughts on “Borderline Personality Disorder & Lies We Tell So People Like Us

  1. Shehrina, I love all your blogs. But this one really resonates with my experience of so many of the guys I worked with. You really have a way of explaining the unexplainable and making sense of one of the guiltiest secrets clients shared with me.
    Keep doing what you’re doing!
    Soooo proud

    • Awwww! Thank you so much – it’s great to hear from you. You know you helped me so so much in my recovery. I will never be able to thank you enough – if only everyone had a therapist like you! Lots of Love and hope to see you in the not so distant future xxx

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