3 thoughts on “Borderline Personality Disorder – Picking my skin and hair!

  1. I used to pick my face and legs. I looked like I had the chicken pox all the time. They used to believe it was a form of self-harm, but it is now believed to be a form of OCD. Since doing DBT, I am much better now. I still occasionally pick, but it is very rare compared to before. I’m glad that you’ve recovered from it. DBT is great! Sharing this to my blog, Make BPD Stigma-Free!

    • Hi Hunni, thank you so much for your comment. I used to think I was the only one with the picking issues! I now realise I was not alone. I am really pleased for you that DBT went well for you and you are doing much better. Thank you for sharing my post. I will be sure to check out your website ‘makebpdstigmafree’! Lots of love to you xxx

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