In this video I talk about my previous violent outbursts and how my temper was uncontrollable.

today I'm going to talk about the
borderline personality trait violent
outbursts it was such a horrid trait to
have it was enough for any strong
feeling would literally send me over the
edge because like my anger was so
intense I didn't know what to do now my
violent outburst could be against myself
right go and I just violently
bang my head off the floor so that's my
head into a war but also on other people
unfortunately I would just absolutely
lose it
I would attack an ex-partner I would
smash the house up I had to even going
back from when I was young like the
young girl just performed my teens and I
could just fly off the handle and
smashed the place to bits like my mum's
my mum didn't know what to do she didn't
know how to control me and they kind of
just came out the blue I could get
violent with her on the night I could if
I was in the pub start fight it was oh
it got so bad I was told I had to do an
anger management course which I did with
lovely lady called Jolanda who I'm still
in contact with the day and a lot of
people said these anger management
courses they're but you know they
worked for me I literally like became a
different person I learned to deal with
my anger before it got to boiling point
and I lost it and I went from this
violent person that had these really
intense like
outbursts to something really quite calm
actually I
I'm not fair island a small today I
haven't been for years and yes I don't
it now it's actually got to the point I
just I don't want to be I like I'm quite
a calm person today but anyone that knew
me all those years
I'm completely different person and I
find it quite embarrassing that I was
ever like that because I think deep down
I'm not deep down I'm not a violent
person at all but that's the thing about
borderline personality like you can't
control it the emotions are so strong
and it literally just comes out and you
explode and you don't want to explode
the guilt and the shame you feel after
like I just saw I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm
so sorry I don't know why do that I'm
sorry I'm sorry but then the next time
it would happen again I think I'll leave
that one there because I don't know
really know what else to say about it
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