In this video I talk about the borderline personality trait, unstable and intense relationships.

hi I'm gonna talk about borderline
personality trait relationships intense
and unstable its previously at most of
my relationships were they started off
and I was like I love him he's amazing
but it wouldn't be too long before I
thought oh I hate him
what am i doing and then maybe minutes
later I think love him I love you um and
that is what my relationships were like
they were so intense but they could the
partner could do the tiniest thing to
piss me off it could be they didn't
answer their phone or they came home
late where were they they were 10
minutes late they would probably
shagging someone else is what they were
probably doing is what my mind protect
me so I would completely go nuts would
have been rouse I'd stop boys and they
would walk away and I'd be like well I
love the rider they wanna learn hello
and it was like that constantly it was
really up because I could fall so
hard authors I think I fell so hard in
love I might know the two minutes and
already I'm planning having children
getting married till they piss me off
which inevitably they always did it did
not take long for them to piss me off
because my view in relationships was
always very black-and-white and I still
kind of struggle with it now actually I
always loved the parking was amazing or
I couldn't stand him and he was the
biggest asshole
live and that was knowing between like
it was really hard living like that
constantly either thinking the person
was so amazing or hating them so much I
want to smash them up it sounds really
horrible but it's not like I'm not
excusing it because I know it is
up but I couldn't help adding I couldn't
really control it took a lot of work
before I learned to and even now I can
be sometimes very black or white one
minute I think I'm I've hunted so nice I
think normally the next well he didn't
even bother coming around today also but
I'm aware of it now and I'm aware that
my thinking isn't always right so if it
does take work constant work I think
I'll leave that there today because I
think I've covered everything I wanted
to cover see later guys bye
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