In this video I talk about impulsive reckless behaviour that I had including drug use, alcohol and shopping.

hey today I'm going to talk about the
borderline personality traits impulsive
reckless behavior now how that affected
me if I got a strong feeling and it was
real anger or real sadness charizard go
and get completely drunk
I would you say the drugs just get
smushed and out my face but that's a
pretty obvious impulsive reckless
behavior I think it's pretty obvious I
was gonna do that they came up other
areas as well like I could be in the car
have a row at the park or something and
I would just open it all and throw
myself help I have been known just to
smash up the place just start fights
other people there's lots of different
ways it can be lots of different things
it could be sex with strangers it could
be gambling one for me that wasn't so
obvious that I used to do was all of a
sudden decide I need a credit card and a
hats half once I go along get my credit
card and I'm just gonna spend all the
money I think I had free money I
wouldn't even think that hang on you've
got brilliant work I just spend spend
spend and let me look all the stuff a
book and then like oh I can't pay
it was impulsive shopping which was
another and I don't even think where I
was aware of any particular feeling so
all of a sudden I would decide I need
some jeans I've got going yet some jeans
or I need a new pencil place why would I
need a new pencil case that's what I
decide just random it was constant like
constantly just doing different things
like reacting on different feelings in
reckless ways that negatively caused me
loads of problems
bye guys
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