Can cannabis be used to medicate our BPD?

hi my lovelies happy Monday today I am
tired haha
I had my Nan's 80th birthday yes
Saturday and so we drove up to my mom's
me and the kids and D and we had a
wonderful time but I am really really
tired as you can probably see I've
actually been tired for over a week but
baby has been teething so she might get
up at 1 crying and I've been giving her
a bottle where she used to sleep through
and then my three-year-olds been getting
up at like 3:00 and then my 6 year olds
getting up at 4 half 4 and then all the
kids are getting up at 6 half 6:00 and I
am absolutely exhausted because I am NOT
getting that long stretch of good sleep
it is just constantly being broken so
anyway enough about me
today I'm doing a video request from
seditious hi Sid Vicious and he asked me
about cannabis and borderline
personality disorder now I have tried
cannabis before but it was certainly not
my drug of choice and I did not make it
a lot I sweetie I can literally count on
one hand the amount times us my death
and the first time I ever had it I had a
severe psychotic episode my mum had to
call an ambulance
and I was rushed to a hospital my heart
rate skyrocketed and I was trying to
throw myself out and moving ambulance
and it wasn't kidding they said I'd had
an allergic reaction and I wasn't sure
if it was to the cannabis or if maybe
something else had been mixed in I
wasn't sure but about a year later I
tried it again and I had exactly the
same so cannabis and me did not go well
together so I certainly can't tell you
if it can work to relieve symptoms of
borderline but I have done a little bit
of research
and from a little bit of research I can
see that some people say it's amazing
it has ease my anxiety I am happy I can
eat properly I sleep properly my mood
swings have calmed whereas other people
have said it's made me paranoid I'm not
sleeping well my mood swings are more
erratic so it's very much like this and
the jury's out really to say yes or no I
did find one site where they're saying
basically it depends on the strain of
the cannabis some work better than
others this website was also hanging
it's very much trial and error
the thing is cannabis is a depressant
and it's an illegal drug now I know it
is being used for lots of different
medicinal purposes but should it be used
for borderline now I can't give you a
definite yes or no answer if I had to
give you what my view I would say no and
my reason for that is there are legal
prescribed medicines that we can be
prescribed again it's trial and error
but there's been a lot more research
done into these so I believe we should
kind of stick with this as opposed to
self medicating in another way we also
know people with borderline can suffer
with addiction and so I think for us to
be messing around with any drugs is
risky and I don't think we should do it
but there were people I could see online
to saying that it has changed their
lives and made it better but for every
person that has said that
there is someone that has said it has
made their life so much worse and I do
think why would you risk that I can't
give you any personal experience because
like I explained to you cannabis and me
do not go well together um I think if
we're going to recover from the
borderline the most proven methods are
on actually medication it is learning
skills such as DB D steps etc rather
than just medicating the medicating
deals with other aspects like the
depression like the anxiety and yes I
know that these are things that some
people are saying the marijuana helps
them with but if you start having
negative so having a negative effect it
has a negative effect on you how can you
just go in to talk to your doctor and
say can I change the strain and the
marital Alex there's not going to happen
so I do think you're just safer sticking
with prescribe medication and discussing
this with your doctor
sorry I can't be more clear on that but
it's it's not something I do have
personal experience with but I'm going
to leave that there because I'm so
exhausted I just want to sleep but I'll
be back Friday as you guys know I'm so
busy at the moment so busy and I'm just
not getting to do three videos a week
but so I am doing two Mondays and
Fridays videos will be coming out
regarding their black sheep pins I know
there are more people waiting for them I
don't actually have any I'm waiting
them to be sent across from America and
apparently there they're gonna be in
sometime in October so as soon as they
are in I will get them sent out I have
not forgotten
any of you so yeah I'm gonna leave that
there guys
have a wonderful week
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