Considering how many people suffer with BPD it is surprising what a high number of people are actually misdiagnosed before being diagnosed as having borerline personality disorder. Here I discuss some of the reasons for this.

hi guys my little lady is awake now this
isn't hi naughty hi right yes I'll do
the video with her yeah it's just been
fed so she should be okay umm I'm going
to do a video request from the lovely
Michelle who asked about borderline
personality disorder and misdiagnosis
now even though BPD is huge and
literally millions and millions of
people have it
misdiagnosis is really common especially
to start with and there are a number of
reasons for that now it's often
misdiagnosed actually for bipolar but
I'm not going to do a video on the
differences of that I have been asked to
do that and I will but I'll do that
video separately but I'm just going to
talk about why it's misdiagnosed come
here little lady right on with the video
and so yeah why is it misdiagnosed
now often us lucky people that are lucky
enough to have borderline also have
other mental health issues it could be
anxiety disorder it could be severe
depression because we are really that
lucky we don't just have BPD we have
lots of different things so they kind of
we have to move together and often a
doctor might diagnose us with manic
depression and it's not that we don't
have it because we do
but we also have borderline personality
disorder or we might be lucky enough to
get diagnosed with anxiety and again we
have it we have it bad but we also have
borderline personality disorder so
that's one of the reasons
another reason is a lot of the symptoms
of borderline personality disorder are
very similar to that of other mental
health issues for example like I just
mentioned bipolar disorder I'm not going
to go into these differences right now
like I said I will do a definite video
on that possibly tomorrow another reason
is you guys out there with borderline
know as well as I do that we can be a
bit crazy in our relationships but we
are not crazy what we're not crazy to
start with it's when we start getting
emotionally attached to people that our
inner beast decides to come out so oh
there's a burp so let me say copy so if
you have just gone and seen a therapist
we're very good at wearing our mask on
me so we can be hi how do you do
we're lovely we're normal and they don't
get to see our symptoms our symptoms
don't show to them so how can they
diagnose us it's only when we're working
with someone long term that we get
emotionally attached that then they then
see our beast and would realize aha they
have borderline I know from doing
different therapies that people with
are very quick to drop out of doing
treatment we might go to one in drop out
and then be we referred and go to it
again and then drop out and by doing
that we're not there long enough for our
symptoms to have high stop technique as
symptoms to show to people
it's a symptoms to stomp on there for
them to see
it's only when we've been working with
someone for a period of time come here
little lady very good time that dose
symptoms start peering and it's when
they start appearing that we can then
get a diagnosis you hit hopping away on
me you're gonna be sick on my boobies my
precious Oh bless you so um yeah there
are number number number of reasons why
we get misdiagnosed like I just said our
borderline coexists with another mental
health disorder just the symptoms that
we have a similar to a different mental
health disorder and we don't show our
symptoms to the person before we work
with them for a period of time and so
I'd say that's why it is so common but
if you believe you have Oh Wendy she's
got so bad wind if you believe you have
got borderline and you have been
misdiagnosed so I'll get back to your
doctor maybe it's just you do have to
work with them for longer
right your therapist for a longer period
of time for them to see those symptoms
you can always talk to them about your
difference in two
yeah I'm gonna leave it there because
she needs wielding some more don't you
and I've got the school run so I'm gonna
go and do that now but I will be back
tomorrow hopefully and I'm going to
touch on BPD and bipolar and the
similarities and the differences so what
not to love guys hi oh look at the
grumpy face look at the grumpy face
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