How does the ‘monthly moods’ effect you differently if you have borderline personality disorder?

hi guys today I'm going to talk about
borderline personality disorder and PMS
or PMT basically that time of month when
some women can be like so it can be a
really hard time for some women certain
times of every month I'm quite lucky
actually I didn't really suffer him s I
would sometimes get a bit tearful few
days I do before I was due on but other
than that I didn't I didn't but I know
people that don't have borderline
personality disorder but once a month
you would possibly think they did
because they would the whole character
would completely change and it was like
they were really suffering it could be
it could be anger the extreme moods and
bearing in mind this is people that do
not have mental health issues but once a
month it would seem like they did and
basically the reason is the hormones
going crazy and it really really affects
them and it's very hard one for them to
deal with too for anyone around them I
know some of their partners would
literally run at that time every month
because they would be terrified for
their life but it's someone asked me did
I write down who it was when I did this
allows me about borderline and PMS
and I would say and now I can't talk
like I know because I haven't had this
but if someone that doesn't have
borderline can be affected this much
what would it be like for someone with
borderline personality disorder
remembering that borderline personality
disorder our emotions are more intense
so imagine the PMS or PMT emotions but
even worse and that's got to be really
really hard for again the person that's
actually dealing with that because we
don't want to be like this you know but
also everyone around them that's scared
to be around them I I'm not completely
clued up on the treatment but I think I
know some of my friends they were put on
different variations of like the pill
you know birth control to try and
regulate the hormones a bit but it is a
real thing and I can only imagine how
hard it is because I have seen people
that really really struggle and like I
said with borderline our emotions are
even more intense so imagine there's all
four awful feelings intensified and
there you have it but like I said I
really don't I can't answer like how you
would manage it I would say like for
sure if you've got the borderline
personality disorder that can be managed
but as for the hormones you would need
to speak to your doctor about that
because I really I could not advise you
because you could be managing a
borderline personality disorder
perfectly well doing everything getting
that under control but still once a
month you're gonna have that surge of
hormones that is gonna do so yeah I
would just go
your doctor and speak to your doctor
because I know that with certain like
birth controls I know they can help I
don't know if it solves the problem but
yeah all right my lovelies I speak to
laid out pie
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