If you want to have a great job, relationship etc and you are really struggling with the BPD, you need to put those things on hold  for now and focus on your recovery.  Once the BPD is under control you can have all those things that you want and finally enjoy life.

hi guys today I'm going to talk about
borderline personality disorder but not
so much that about recovery and finding
recovery and getting well and the reason
I'm doing this video
bay-buh is basically I get a lot coins
from people that are really suffering
borderline personality disorders driving
them crazy they feel really desperate
they feel really alone but they just
want to get back to normal
and who doesn't when you're feeling like
that who doesn't want to get back to
normal they want to go back to college
or they want to get job or they just
want to have a relationship so I felt I
should do this video and because
unfortunately if you are suffering
borderline personality disorder and you
really low and you throw yourself into a
job will you throw yourself into college
course or a relationship
early on when the BPD is not being
managed to so you're not you're not into
recovery basically I think it's a really
dangerous thing to do only because
chances are it'll blow up in your face
you are putting a lot of pressure on
yourself what you've got to remember is
borderline personality disorder is a
disability it's a disability in the fact
that it prevents us leading a normal
life we can't do what normal people can
do we can't hold down jobs we can't hold
down relationships so just because you
can't see it it does not mean it's not
there it is there and it will stop you
having a normal life until you get it
under control and learn to manage it
with the right treatment so if you are
feeling desperate and you alone but you
just want your life back and you think
I'll go and get that
John I'd really advise you just not yet
put your recovery first but the get the
borderline personality disorder under
control because it isn't a life sentence
it can be managed
but if you're focusing on your job or
college or your lovely new boyfriend or
girlfriend or you know and you like kind
of neglect to look the BPD it will come
and bite you on the ass because it's not
going anywhere
while it's not being managed it's not
being managed it is still there and it's
only a matter of time before it shows
itself and then you're going to be back
to square one but also feeling so much
worse because you've lost your job or
your relationships broken up or you've
dropped out of college and that would
just knock your self-esteem so why set
yourself up for that failure I am NOT
saying you will never have a
relationship you will never work again
and you can't learn anything and go to
college because you can you can have an
amazing relationship you can get a great
job you can learn whatever you want at
whatever college but not lost the BPD is
in control of you you need to learn to
get that in control and to do that you
have to kind of put everything else
aside just for now I'm not saying
forever just for now put it down put it
aside and focus on your recovery give it
your all because the more you put in the
more you will get out it's really hard
because there are some people that just
can't find the help that they need I
would say like that is so unfortunate
and I think everyone deserves an equal
opportunity to find recovery but
unfortunately that's just not the case I
would say to those people don't just
give up there's still stuff you can do
so much information online on the
internet there's videos on YouTube look
stuff up look up different therapies
read self-help books and do whatever you
cannot focus on yourself another good
one building of self esteem and learning
to love yourself a bit and and these are
all things that you can be doing at home
and I know it sounds like such a pain
like because you just want a normal life
and I get that coz so did I I have been
there but how do I not put everything
else down I thought right on doing this
I'm gonna focus on my recovery I'd
probably still be suffering now but I
did put my recovery first and I mean it
might take a year it might take two
years but you've then got the rest of
your life where this illness is being
managed it's not an issue and you can
actually live the life that you want so
it really is worth it so yeah I really
wanted to do this video just tell you
like it's so important recovery because
it's not like there isn't recovery there
is and and you you can find it you can
have it but you do kinda need to put
that first just from now it won't be
forever but just for now and trust me it
would be so worth it
alright guys lots of love to you that
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4 thoughts on “BPD Recovery Needs to Come First

    • Hi Hunni, thank you for your comments. Yes that is what I was hoping people would do. Whilst suffering with BPD it is so hard to try and verbalise what is going on. I thought by doing these videos it would also helpthose with BPD understand it a bit more. Lots of love to you xxx

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