What if you have some of the BPD traits but not enough to get an actual  diagnosis? Would DBT help?

hello today I'm going to talk about
borderline personality disorder again
again there's so much to walk around the
subject and but I get asked a lot like
people contact me and say I have a fear
of abandonment I have a bad self-image
but I don't have all the traits and I've
been to my doctor and I can't get a
diagnosis and what can I do basically
what will help and so basically to have
to get a diagnosis of borderline
personality disorder you have to tick so
many boxes I have said that before not
only do you have to tick these boxes you
have to have had them ticked for a
certain amount of time like it might
vary from country to country but I have
a feeling don't quote me on it but
you've got to tick like at least six or
seven or whatever boxes and have had
them continuously for like two years now
the reason for that is most people in
their life will have some of these
traits whether it's reckless behavior
fear of abandonment bad self-image
intrusive thoughts you know so but they
might only have a couple of them and
they might have them for six months and
then they'll go well they might have a
few of the traits but again like for a
year and then it goes so to be diagnosed
you have to have had it for a certain
amount of time continuously
and have so many other traits but like I
just said
there are loads of people probably most
people at some point in their life will
tick at least one of the boxes at some
time in their life they will and there
are other people that might take three
or four of the boxes and have that
continuously but because they haven't
got enough ticks they can't get
diagnosed but they are still suffering
because they've still got these horrible
traits that we have and rather not
rather and but because they're not
taking as many they can't get the
diagnosis that they can't get the help
they need they won't be offered DBT
for example because they don't have a
diagnosis of borderline personality
disorder so I had someone ask me like
that they basically have a few of the
traits and they they want help and they
were asking would DBT help and I would
say yes yes yes yes it would because bvz
Bleuler not BPD DBT like helps all these
different things from regulating your
emotion to introduce the thoughts
dealing with other people and it's the
whole kind of package that helps us so I
think I personally like I have said this
before I think it should be taught in
schools because even people that don't
have mental health issues these are life
skills that we learn and they can be
they're amazing so definitely if you
have someone borderline personality
disorder traits but you're not enough to
get a diagnosis DBT will still help you
the only problem is obviously if you
haven't got the diagnosis you're going
to be less likely to be offered DBT
obviously there is the
of going private but I know this so
expensive and not many people can afford
it and I'll take like I've done videos
on DBT I have not yet done the
interpersonal effectiveness which I
really really need to do and I will be
trying to do them very very soon like my
routine my video routine it's kind all
out at the minute but I will be doing it
I promise you I will do interpersonal
effectiveness but I've done I've touched
on like distress tolerance mindfulness
emotion regulation now I am not trained
in this I'm not qualified I am NOT DBT
certified at all but I've done DBT I
have to say it was like 10 10 years
about 10 years ago and I think I have
from what I've heard it has changed like
they've added loads of new stuff that
I'm not going to be aware of but you
might find watching some of the videos
you might learn some skills the whole
thing with DBT is you learn the skills
in the group therapy you take them home
and you practice them the more you
practice the more you'll start to see
them work unfortunately if you are just
watching my video you're not going to
have the whole DBT experience where you
get one-to-one therapy like counseling
you're not going to be sat with loads of
other people with borderline personality
disorder being able to relate to them
and building relationships there so it's
not obviously my videos are nowhere near
as good as doing an actual DBT course
but sometimes for some people that's not
an option they can't do the course and I
would say anything is better than
there's nothing wrong with you watching
them picking up a few skills and just
putting them into practice I would also
say there is so much literature online
just Google dialectical behavioral
therapy DBT
and you'll just get so much information
there are books that you can buy Marsha
Linehan is the lady that developed DBT
but I know there are loads of books on
DBT out there and there's nothing to
stop you from trying to learn some of it
yourself because like I said obviously
it's not the same as doing the actual
course but also this video here that I'm
doing is not aimed at people with
borderline it's aimed at people with a
few of the traits so that that might be
enough for you you can learn those
skills and hopefully you'll find some of
these traits will disappear so yeah
that's it guys I'm going to try and do
another video now so I will be back I'll
be back
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