I have done this video for a guy who messaged me. He was bullied and was shot and ended up in a coma.  Thankfully he survived but is now really struggling with his mental health.

hi my lovelies today I'm doing a video
request for a guy called the hills and I
noticed he had put a comment at the
bottom of one of my videos and saying
something he'd got shot he wants to kill
everybody and I managed to find her on
Instagram and I sent him a private
message and he asked me to do a video
because basically what's happened he got
really really bullied he only looks like
a young lad it's been really bullied and
he got shot and he was in a coma and
since he has come around
he is overthinking everything and
probably really angry at the world and
that's what I got from the comment of my
video that this person is really angry
like and I kind of replied like yes I
will do this video and oh my god like
I'm not surprised you feel the way you
do and I got bullied at school and I
have done a video on that now
in that video I say like how I got
bullied is nowhere near obviously as bad
as what's happened to this guy this poor
guy but I'm 35 years old now and the
bullying that kind of took place was
probably 12 to 15 16 and it stuck with
me till I was about 30 like I had this
deep hatred for those girls I felt like
they'd ruined my whole life and and I
would often think about it so I said I'd
do this video and I am NOT like
obviously trained I cannot tell you what
to do but this video is going to be
quite short and for the simple fact I
don't want to advise you wrong all I can
do I can give you my advice
if you're in this situation this has
happened to you and one I would say you
need therapy you need to talk about what
has happened to help you process
everything because being bullied can
bring up so many different emotions you
can get the anger you can get the hatred
and it just completely knocks your
self-esteem and your knocks your
confidence you can kind of feel ashamed
basically so many negative negative
feelings and the thing is unfortunately
these feelings will stick with you
unless you do something about it now
obviously going out and killing
everybody is not the answer
um you'll end up in prison like you
don't deserve that and it's not going to
change what has happened to you and what
you'll find is like if you reacted to
say you went out and beat the people up
that did it or kind of like a revenge
attack you won't it even though you
think yet I've got my own but you won't
feel better because what happened to you
still happen to you and you've got to
kinder you've got the opportunity to
come out the stronger person from this
stronger than those losers that did that
um but you have to process it and I
would say to do that you need
professional counseling um not from like
someone like me I'm not a professional
and someone that knows really what
they're talking about and knows how to
advise you properly but do not just
think this will go away on its own do
not think that if
you act on this it will go away because
it won't won't you do need counseling I
think anyone that gets bullied they
should automatically like especially if
it's a happened at school the school
should be offering counseling like and
not just one counseling session this
needs to be ongoing therapy where you
work with a therapist and and like I
said process what happened and realize
it's not your fault unfortunately these
things do happen but you can get over
this you really really can and I never
ever thought over being bullied again I
know like me getting bullied at school
is very different to someone that has
been shot I do appreciate that but all
the more reason that you need proper
counseling proper therapy because I
didn't have that happen to me I just got
bullied as verbally the lead
I wasn't even physically attacked I got
barged in the corridor like and like it
was horrible and I wasn't shot and that
still stuck with me till I was like
thirty years old so that stuck with me
like 16 17 18 years so if you've been
through this not only are you going to
have all those feelings
chances are you also might be suffering
with post-traumatic stress disorder you
have had a huge thing happen and it is
very very traumatic and so my advice I
would speak to your doctor tell them how
you're feeling be completely honest and
talk to someone close to you about how
you're feeling just don't bottle it up
because bottling it up is going to be
the worst thing you can do say and I
really really hope you are okay I felt
when I read your message and I really I
felt really bad for you
I did and that's why I just wanted to
get this video John today I mean I
replied to the message this morning and
this video will probably I think it's
going out actually Genoa
I might publish it this week and because
it's only a quick one and I might
publish it today actually yeah I might
do that and but yeah please please don't
don't do something that you're gonna
regret that's going to come back to harm
you because you have been harmed enough
you need to be kind to yourself and by
being kind to yourself you need to get
yourself the right help so I am sending
you lots of love anyone else out there
that has been in a similar situation
even if you haven't been sure but you
have been really really bleep easy
please look into getting help because
you do not have to live with this for
the rest of your life you don't but you
need to let it go in a healthy way and
you will need a professional to able to
do that sending you lots love guys bye
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