There are ‘people’ that say c-ptsd is the same as BPD cormorbid with PTSD. I discuss the similarities and the differences in this video.

hi my lovelies little Lottie has just
woken up so she's gonna be joining me
for my video pants and she is a little
bit grumpy today which is unlike her
because she's such a smiley baby right
today I am doing a video request from
Laura hi Laura and Laura asked me to
discuss C PTSD vs. BPD now I have seen
the word C PTSD about but naively I just
assumed it was the same as PTSD
post-traumatic stress disorder I have
since learned that they are related but
they're different so C PTSD the C stands
for complex complex post-traumatic
stress disorder the difference between
the two is post traumatic stress
happens if someone experiences maybe
they've been in a car accident maybe
they've had near-death experience
they've maybe seen someone being killed
or nearly killed basically there's been
and traumatic event and they develop
post-traumatic stress disorder now
complex post-traumatic stress disorder
is not a one-off event it's when someone
has been subjected a subject subjected
to trauma over a period of time
this could include child sexual abuse
physical abuse emotional abuse
it could be someone forced into
prostitution prisoner-of-war child sex
trafficking or people trafficking it is
often likely to occur when someone has
been through this trauma over a period
of time as a child or an adolescent but
that's not always the case because it
appear later on in life as well so
that's the difference between the two
someone with complex post-traumatic
stress disorders has the same symptoms
of someone with post-traumatic stress
disorder except they've got some added
ones they have emission regulation
problems problems with their
self-concept problems with relationships
now we know people with borderline
personality disorder not all the time
but a lot have suffered abuse at some
time in their past often as a child so
for this reason a lot of people that
have borderline personality disorder
have a morbid with post-traumatic stress
you often get the two together not all
the time
like I said not all the time but a lot
of the time you can and it makes sense
doesn't it if I'm sorry
borderline has suffered abuse they're
likely to suffer post-traumatic stress
disorder as well now it starts to get
complicated I've got all my neighbor to
show you that I can't remember I just
start filming and talking and then she
starts screaming I've had to do again
and I can't remember what was in that
video in this video
and so I'm likely to repeat myself and
I'm sorry guys right this is where it
gets complicated so we have BPD comorbid
with PTSD then what are you doing what
are you doing then we have see PTSD I'm
going to read you some of the symptoms
of see PTSD let me have a look okay
flashbacks and nightmares avoidance
sense of threat really alert emotion
regulation problems of your anger hurt
they feel guilty and feel worthless
interpersonal problems sounds pretty
similar to BPD especially emotional
regulation isn't that isn't that our
thing that's what we have
so the question I'd like see PTSD is not
yet in the DSM it's not recognized in
there I think from what I've been
reading there are some doctors that know
about it and will diagnose with it but
others that don't
so here's the thing I've said BPD and PT
st love these letters are often come
together and then we have C PTSD there
are people that are asking there are
people I don't know who these people are
but from what I've read there are people
that say see PTSD all right o is the
same as BBT with PTSD is this the case
because like I said a lot this symptoms
are the same but there are some
differences - let me unless the main one
the main one being BPD is a personality
disorder see PTSD is a stress disorder
so they're different types of disorders
both have emotion regulation
difficulties however some when we see
PTSD is more likely to use drugs and
alcohol as a coping mechanism now I know
you're probably thinking well I use
drugs and alcohol because I know I did
but I couldn't have see PTSD I have not
suffered wrong or
going to Alma throughout my life but it
says they're more likely to use this and
less likely to self-harm that's an
suicide whereas someone with BPD this is
a big part of the borderline self-harm
and suicide are a big part of it other
differences glancing at my notes see
PTSD people with this will often have
problems with avoidance now with BPD we
don't necessarily avoid in fact we jump
into relationships we depend on people
we've got this high in dependence on
other people someone with C PTSD will
have let me have a look their
self-identity is consistently negative
rather than changing whereas someone
with BPD hours often shifts and that's
one thing when we go in for treatment
the different treatment someone with C
PTSD will need to learn how not to avoid
people whereas someone PPD will need to
learn how to not be dependent on someone
we with BPD need to learn how look at
you smiling away we need to learn how to
get stability with our kinda sense of
self whereas someone with C PTSD whoa
needs to learn how to have a positive
sense of self so it is important that
the right one is diagnosed because like
I just said the treatment for the two is
you okay that you're jumping around
everywhere and then you're gonna be sick
all over me I'm not having it
changing like a hundred times a day
right ah yes also we see PTSD the fear
of abandonment isn't really part of this
order this disorder this persona where
is asked for beauty are you gonna strop
out now so our fear of abandonment is
huge that's not to say people with CP
PST don't have it but it it's not
necessary part of the disorder I'm
quickly trying to have a look through I
think I have actually covered everything
like I said the two are different BPD is
personality disorder but you can have
that alongside a stress disorder but you
can also have C PTSD which is a stress
disorder and not have it that's how that
you disorder did I just make any sense
there I'm giving you are completely
putting off usual grumpy today
where's my happy little girl who's
always smiling yes
TV yeah like I said interpersonal
problems and personal problems
experience in both but they are
different because our interpersonal
problems we don't have a problem with
getting into the relationship or having
a completely intense unstable
relationship or someone we see PTSD is
very highly likely to completely avoid
alright shall we go yeah I'm gonna have
to leave that gay there guys I hope I
made some sense in what the differences
I'm not sure I did but yeah if you have
any questions feel free to put them in
the comments and I'm not sure I can
answer them but I will try alright I'm
stopping I'm stopping all right guys Wow
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