Today I discuss the DBT Skills IMPROVE the moment.

hi my lovelies today I'm carrying on
with the topic of Christmas because it
is a difficult time and I want you guys
to stay safe and today I thought I would
talk about coping in a crisis and I've
to do that I will be just giving you
some of the skills that I was taught in
DBT now in my playlist with the
solutions I do have my DBT videos that
I've done and but I thought I'd redo
this one because I know for me I used to
reach crisis point every Christmas every
new year so I thought it would be a good
one just to kind of go over and today
I'm going to do improve the moment I
have got hang on can you see it improve
the moment so the first one we have is I
and that's imagery that can be closing
your eyes picturing yourself in a safe
place picturing yourself walking through
a jungle picturing yourself on holiday
just to try and distract your mind and
focus on something nice imagine nice
things and the second is meaning try and
look for meaning about what you're going
through why am I going through this what
when I come out the other side what will
I have learned how would this have made
me grow hey I am doing this quite
quickly because I am aware I have done
this video before so I thought I kind of
just whizzed through there so P is
prayer if you're not a religious person
it can be meditation it might be
ah it's for relaxation that says it all
really oh is one thing at a time because
for us we can kind of guess so
we can't stop thinking about everything
that's going to happen and we've kind of
just got to slow ourselves right down
and say okay I'm just going to get
through the first 30 seconds the next 30
seconds then I'm just going to get
through the next minute I'm gonna get
through the next five minutes ten
minutes etc the more you do this the
easier it does get V is vacation it does
not mean I'll just throw out and spend a
load of money and go on holiday it's
kind of actually just saying vacation at
that present moment so it's giving
yourself some new time take some time
out it might just go for a walk around
the park it might be doing imagery again
and picturing yourself on a vacation and
E is encouragement and this is like
where you talk nicely to yourself and
calmly to yourself and give yourself
some nice affirmations because when we
were in a crisis our mind is just from
barding us with negative horrible
horrible things and we can't really say
okay now I'm going to talk nicely to
myself imagine if your friend was in a
crisis how would you talk to your friend
because I bet you wouldn't talk to them
how your brain talks to you when you're
in a crisis so that's what you need to
do and if you've got a loved one that
you can talk to and say if I get like
this can you give me words of
encouragement that's always helpful so
maybe if you're a family member at home
you have a loved one with bit borderline
and they reached crisis point maybe you
couldn't give them some encouragement
and just
tell them it will be okay you will get
through this it's just a day let's get
through today and you'll be okay cause
sometimes that's all we need to hear so
basically I'm proving the moment that's
all that's all it is we're just
improving that moment in time we can
change whatever has brought on the
crisis because we can't we are what's
the word powerless over a lot of things
we're powerless over people places
things so if someone has dogs done
something or said something to you and
it's caused you this big crisis and
you're feeling like the world has come
to an end you can't change it but what
you can do is try to just improve that
moment in time to get you through it now
all these things I have mentioned you're
not going to do all of them some might
work for some people say for example
relaxation might work for someone that
might be having an ice bath just lying
down and listening to some music but
other people can't do that I know for me
in a crisis there was no way I could
relax but I could start doing like one
move one thing at a time and slowing
everything down and taking things very
slowly that's something I could do the
way you find what works for you is to
try them all and see okay this works
really well I own this not so much I
would suggest you start practicing these
things now when you're not in a crisis
because the more you practice them the
more likely you will be to use them when
you're in a crisis they will come more
naturally to you rather than being
something like I wouldn't do that so if
you're practicing over time is
repetition builds us new neural pathways
in our brain often
just say every time we were in a crisis
we drink drink alcohol or we use drugs
that has built a neural pathway in our
brain so we reach crisis this is what we
automatically go to because it's what
comes most naturally to us so what we
need to do is build some new neural
pathways for some things that aren't
going to be hurtful to us and the way we
do that is practicing them and every
time you practice them that neuro neural
pathway will become bigger and bigger
and easier for us to use and so like
with all the DBT skills I would say
practice practice practice practice
practice and if you start doing them now
hope I mean I really really hope none of
you reached crisis point over Christmas
um but I felt I do want you guys to stay
safe and so I thought I'd do this video
but do practice them like you might
today be feeling good and not really
want to do them I've practiced them
practice them now get those neural
pathways built so when you need them
they are so much easier to use right I
love least I'll leave it there love your
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