I start discussing what I’ll be doing in future videos from the 10 minute mark in case you don’t want to hear my thoughts πŸ˜‚ Love you all xxx

hello my lovelies how are you
the world is falling apart around us but
how are you I am someone I think I like
drama and my mum she likes a bit drama
so back in January when we first heard
about this new coronavirus that had
appeared in China myself and my mum
would be on the phone oh my god it's so
bad what if it get anywhere
my mum's like make sure you've got hand
what's your hands I do wash my hands we
like the bit drama and it was all well
and good did we think it would escalate
to it probably not but we have that fear
there people like my mum's worked like
whatever we won't wash our hands for
whatever reason it's ridiculous and no
we won't buy hand sanitizer we don't
want any we're fine
and we did we expect it like I said to
come to this know we didn't over here
the schools have now shot my kids have
been off for the past two weeks anyway
because we're in isolation
I've been asked do I think I had the
coronavirus publicity ovid 19 um really
hard to say there were days when I was
like it's definitely yep I mean I
couldn't lift my head off the pillow
I felt so it my body ached like my legs
ached my arms ache my back ache my neck
ached I had a headache
everything just ate it could have been
flu I did have a flu jab that I know
obviously it doesn't completely
guarantee because there's different
strains of flu I don't know two of mine
had really bad coughs I didn't until you
didn't really we had slight coughs but
not the dry coughs that are kinda fix
like talked about so who knows
it's the first time I think I've
actually really liked folk fair know
don't get me wrong I felt fear loads but
I used to like at school
we've study about World War two and
stuff like that and I used to think oh
my god imagine if like the world was
like that and we were at war how scary
would that be and I remember I was only
like eight years old but I had this real
fear like what is what if that's what
all three what we gonna do
catastrophizing maybe but I did have
that fear at the same time it was all
just seeing fantasy like it won't happen
in my lifetime and yet we're here and
everything's shutting down and I went to
the shop today there's no pride there's
no past there's no the stuff that you
would just usually just go to the shop
and get there isn't any and there's
riots going on the army are out on the
everything's closing down people are
losing their jobs and the just got
real basically this has got real I
am trying to go about my daily life as
much as I can
one of my children my son PM it is
affecting really badly and I can see
that he's hearing things
I am chronicles mind at ease but he's
hearing things he's like he's a he
listens he hears things he has his
lovely new pajamas on he has chewed the
arm of his pajama top so it's completely
chewed through he's chewing on the top
and I said he was going on come on
tell me what you think him
gave him a cuddle and he was worried
about my mom he said well she what if
she dies that's like actually it's
really weird it's really weird because
my mom is 6363 but I haven't once
worried because she's literally the
fittest healthiest person she does yoga
every day she eats super healthy I
haven't had that fair I have had the
fear about my brother did I even say to
you guys so we know I told you before
spinocerebellar ataxia he can't keep his
balance he falls over there was genetic
testing done and it turns out that is
mitochondrial disease that he has and
its genetic I'll probably do a whole
other video on that at some point but
he's a vulnerable person and so that has
been my kids
my main concern but I know my mom is
like what not even just because of her
own virus my mum's the sort person that
goes around disinfecting everything I'm
not let the kids get some germs which is
probably not a good thing right now but
that's how she is
but my son then said for what that I'm
really scared from coal coal and I was
like look we're doing everything we can
he's in isolation no one sees him he
doesn't go out you know what toots like
toot to is Hawaiian for Grandma and
that's my mom dude I said you know what
- it's like uh disinfecting everything
she's probably disinfecting my brother
but she will do whatever she can to keep
him safe I've tried to talk to my kids
and kindly
because I know they hear stuff and I'm
like look we do not know what it said
there might be days where we can't get
the food that we used to having maybe we
want pasta and there is no pasta maybe
we want a sandwich and there is no bread
but we will get through this and we kind
of stick together and that's all we can
do now I'm the sole person I can
catastrophize I can I read up on
everything and there are so many
conspiracy theories out there and some
of them are like oh that makes sense
oh yeah like that like that that makes
sense to me but is it helpful no at the
end of the day what all we can do is
what's going on in here now right now
people are rioting people talk at the
food they want there's parents out there
that wanting to buy medication for their
children can't get it nappies can't get
it formula to feed their baby can't get
it which really piss me off because
there's no reason for that
just don't bomb like it's the few isn't
it's the few people buying up everything
and then leaving everything else without
and I just don't agree with that I told
you that in my last video really annoys
me what is the point what is the point
if we were just all sensible and if we
just took that the government's advice
to start with avoid people wash your
hands maybe we wouldn't be where we are
now but no one has listened people have
gone out people have ignored all the
advice and we're here now I can hear a
dog barking I hope it's not chasing my
cat so I'm home now for the foreseeable
future we don't know when the kids are
going back I'm hearing rumors that they
won't go back to September which is our
new academic year over here
so my daughter next time she goes back
to school she'll be going into a
secondary school she'll be she won't
even meet at the school she knows so
well which is Gary my son who's in year
4 is just gonna go straight to your five
and he loves his cheerful teacher and
he's gonna be absolutely got it as the
Mike because these year four teachers
absolutely amazing and the same for my
son in year two one
he'll going to you two and I'm gonna
miss this teacher but one thing we've
got guys were all going through this no
one's kind of exempt and I know we can
say oh well people with high-flying jobs
with needs money but listen I know
people that have really good jobs
there's a lot of money that being told
the company might be going under and
they'll have nothing it's it is
literally everyone this is affecting so
I I'm going to start doing a video every
of the safe third and then second I look
and every um every two to three days I'm
gonna I want you to know that we are all
here together I'm gonna do videos on
what to do when you're isolating because
it's tough I'm gonna start crazy here
I'm literally going stir-crazy
absolutely not I'm not on my own
I fought little ones that please not
their phone their routines completely
out so I can't blame them they put their
hearing stuff they're fearful but it's
tough and I'm sure there's loads of moms
out there going through exactly the same
thing also do I tell you my plan
I might be starting a new channel just
it's kind of a like a challenge just for
now on fad for families that are having
to isolate and get through their day
families especially of those that might
have a parent with depression anxiety or
whatever mental health disorder now I
know I could do it on this channel but I
kind of want to open it up so people
don't click on and go VPD what's be
really you've never heard of it because
believe it not so many people haven't
heard of our disorder but it will just
be literally just for the time being and
healthy people and it gives my kids
something they can teach you whoever's
watching um
what they're learning what they're doing
how they're getting through it cause
like I said my I've got an
eight-year-old son my boy Kim and this
is hitting harder than anything he's
really struggling right now and I think
it'd be good for him to share
I mean he's twitching which he hasn't
done like doing when he talks it's
eating do funny things with his face and
he knows he's doing any can't stop it
and I want him to know and I want others
to know that he's not my zone that
there's gonna be a lot of kids going
through this so we're just thinking up a
name of our new channel I'm still gonna
post on here every light I'm hoping
every other day to do a video on this
channel and starting tomorrow because I
know obviously I've done a video now but
I want to start tomorrow and if you've
got any questions any fears anything
just ask me and I will try to answer it
to the best of my ability basically and
I will let you know the name of the new
channel as soon as I have it that will
have all the kids in and I just don't
want people to feel like they are alone
basically because we're not it's not
just our country it's every country it's
the world right now we're all together
in this and we are gonna get through
it might be tough but we're gonna come
out stronger guys we're gonna come out
stronger so I'm gonna leave it there I
literally love you all those and I'll
see you tomorrow
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