In this video I talk about how I felt internally when I was depressed.

hi today I'm going to talk about
depression and how it affected me
internally and one thing I want to say I
never thought I was depressed I didn't
realize I was depressed when I was
depressed I actually took me to go to a
doctor for the doctor to say you were
depressed over time I've done a lot of
work on myself and now I'm able to see
the signs and before I get too bad
basically how I felt internally I knew
something wasn't quite right I didn't
feel myself I could didn't know what it
was I was bored and just felt like
things that used to interest me like
watching friends but watching my friends
watching the episodes were friends and
they used to make me laugh they didn't
make me laugh anymore my sense of humor
was gone I I didn't want to do anything
I didn't want to see my friends I didn't
want to answer the phone so I isolate
the phone could be ringing and i'll be
looking at it and just not answer
because i didn't want to talk to anyone
I kind of felt like my head was foggy I
was in a bit of a daze I used to be like
sat on the sofa and I'd get up and go
into the kitchen to do something and
then think I don't even know what I've
done and I'd come back don't even know
why I'm in here I'll come back I'd sit
back down on so far like just in a
complete daze um I didn't feel sad
particularly I didn't feel happy at all
it was like my emotions were a bit numb
except people would irritate me so if
there was anyone around me everything
about them will irritate me the sound of
their voice the way they ate their
breathing but everything would just be
why are they breathing like just so
irritated and I didn't know why and it
would get worse and worse like the days
went on everything seemed like such an
effort like I didn't want to do anything
and the thought of making lunch it was
like someone had asked me to climb Mount
Everest I just I just did not have the
energy to get up it just completely
lacked energy I lacked motivation I
didn't want to do anything I just wanted
to sit or lie in my bed do nothing yeah
really that's how I felt internally
pretty shitty really
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