I talk about how I would behave and what I would do when I was depressed.

hi I'm now going to do the video on
depression and how it affected me
externally um why I constantly felt
tires my body literally act I felt like
I was ill like you know that feeling
when you're coming down with something
and you just headaches you must say
that's that's how I felt I because I
felt like this I didn't want to do
anything I would either just lie in bed
not get art not shower not watching my
greasy hair but just couldn't be
bothered everything seemed like an
effort so I'd let that go I wouldn't do
my housework and it would be building
our pan out I'm sure like because i know
for me when everything around me is a
mess my head feels a mess and so by
leaving the house work is probably
making me feel worse and worse but I
just wasn't aware of that i lived in
tracksuit all my pajamas I wouldn't wear
makeup because I couldn't be bothered
because I wouldn't be going out anywhere
I could stay in bed for literally days
just getting up to go toilet and if I
didn't say in bed I would sit on the
sofa and comfy and stare at the telly
not even really watching what was on to
staring at the screen the curtains would
be closed will be dark and I wouldn't be
answering my phone I'd be snapping at
the people around me if there was
someone round me I'll just let
everything go so I just couldn't be
do anything cuz everything was
like what's the point what's the point
it was a really horrible place to be
yeah sucked
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