What is the difference between a low mood and depression? How does depression appear outwardly. I forgot to mention in the video that sometimes .I would literally feel nothing when I was depressed – I was numb inside.  Often  when we are depressed we do not even know we are depressed.  If you think you may be – then go to your doctor.  Do not suffer in silence.

Hayami lovelies today I'm doing a video
request from Alex hi Alex and he asked
me to talk about depression now I said
they really have a depression and I did
a video on depression ages ago but was
probably about a year and a half ago so
I will redo it and so what is depression
because everyone goes can go through
stages where they feel down they feel
like they can't be bothered low mood but
that doesn't necessarily mean it's
depression it is a low mood and chances
are if you've just had this and it's
just a few days then it is quite normal
it's a low mood it is when this low mood
starts going on for weeks months
sometimes years that it's much more
likely to be depression now you get
different levels of depression we have
kind of the low end my old say mild
depression and with mild depression
someone might feel low mood constantly
all the time and then you have severe
depression at the other end of the scale
where someone's mood so low they just
can't see the point in life they feel
suicidal and for either end it will
affect your life and what causes
depression is there always a trigger
sometimes there is for example just say
you've had a bereavement in the family
someone you love dearly has passed away
in this instance is perfectly normal for
someone to go through a stage of crying
feeling low
sad and just really really helpless and
you might feel like you are depressed
but this is actually part of the
grieving process and this is perfectly
chances are as time goes on your mood
will start to lift it's when that mood
doesn't lift and months later you are
still feeling that empty void inside
really sad wanting to cry that chances
are the grieving has then turned into a
so the bereavement has actually
triggered the depression people can have
triggers such as a breakup a
relationship and using drugs and alcohol
this affects our mood anyway and this
can lead to depression and the worst
thing is often like I know when I used
to really get depressed I would go out
and drink now alcohol is depressant and
it will heighten your mood if your mood
is really really low and you are feeling
down alcohol will only make you feel
worse and I know that firsthand because
it never solved any of my problems it
always made me literally feel a hundred
times worse so there are instances where
depression can be triggered but there
are also times when there is no trigger
you just all of a sudden start feeling a
bit down and that feeling grows and
grows and it kinda just sticks with you
and I think it's times like this that it
can kind of creep up on us so we don't
even know it's happening now I've heard
many times throughout my life that I've
suffered with depression
and but I'm gonna go back to one
particular time where I did not want to
get up if I got up I couldn't be
bothered to wash my hair I didn't want
to do the housework I would sit in front
of the TV and stare at it blankly
watching something for hours but if
someone came in and said what was just
on telly I wouldn't have been able to
tell you I remember during this time I
was sat on the sofa
just staring at the telly and my partner
at the time was sat next to me and I
just remember hearing his breathing and
just getting really angry like feeling
this anger inside of me and I wanted to
explode like will you shut up breathing
which is completely irrational and but
that's the thing anger and depression
can come surface in different ways it
isn't always crying into a pillow
sometimes it is just not wanting to get
dressed today I'm going to be in my
pajamas for days and days and days
it might be just leaving the housework
just not caring obviously everyone is
different for me I know this is a sign
of depression because usually I kind of
like the house to be organized and clean
and tight well as clean and tidy and
organized as it can be with four
children and a partner that is also a
child and it doesn't always like appear
like this depression can surface as
anger where you're snapping and getting
angry at everyone often it can come with
anxiety em so not only are there
different levels there are different
ways people express it I know that when
I was depressed a lot at the time I
didn't even know I was depressed
nowadays if I got depressed I would
recognize it but that's because I'm in
recovery I've become very self aware so
I can kind and notice the warning signs
so for
me if well if I leave the house work say
for one day I'm not can't be bothered
that's not depression because chances
are the next day or the day after that I
will just crack on and do it but if a
week went by and I still hadn't done any
and I just couldn't be bothered to face
it for me that is a red light that is a
warning sign that things aren't right up
here for me and I in that instance I
would go to the doctor and speak to them
about it so the good thing the good
thing with depression is that recovery
is possible you can recover from this
whether you're mildly depressed or
severely depressed you can still recover
from this treatment often includes
medication antidepressants I know people
that have been depressed that I like I'm
not taking them and I kind of think why
not if you have a headache you would
take a paracetamol so depression is
often a chemical imbalance in the brain
if you can take a pill that can help
balance out those chemicals and make you
feel a bit better why would you not do
that the thing is I say I've said let in
loads in my videos medication does not
solve everything but it can help
medication alongside talking therapy I
mean talking is so important when it
comes to our mental health letting those
feelings out expressing how we feel and
just kind of telling someone I was
advised once by I think it's my
community care nurse at the time just
right if you're feeling down just right
how you're feeling and then rip up the
paper and throw it away and I used to do
that and sometimes it worked and I felt
slightly better that I'd got it out
other times it didn't work but it is
trial and error
likewise with medication you might take
and then
depressant and think I feel worse
because not all antidepressants work
exactly the same with every single
person so it is finding what is right
for you but you don't have to suffer in
silence depression is a real thing it is
so hard to live with especially if you
might have a job and you've got turn up
there every day or you have a family and
you've got to keep it together for the
family and it's not easy but you don't
have to suffer in silence my advice to
you would be go to your doctor and tell
them your symptoms tell them how you are
recovery from depression I can't give
you a time scale of when you're gonna
feel better because recovery is always a
process everyone takes different amount
of times it you might find a few weeks
after taking a medication doing a bit of
talking you're feeling ten times better
than you were so ask for help don't ever
feel too proud to ask for help I say
that especially to the guys as well
because I know so many men that have
been depressed and we've said like
friends of ours have said you're
depressed and they don't want to go to
the doctor and say oh I think I'm
depressed but why not why when someone
can help you there are people out there
that can help you you do not have to go
on like this depression is a real thing
and and it's not something to be ashamed
I hope you guys are listening to me
taking in what some of some of the
things that I say so um I'm gonna leave
that one there today guys but I hope
you're all good and I will be back in
the week
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