2 thoughts on “Family Members of People With BPD

  1. Thanks for doing these videos Sherhina I really like to know more about my illness I’ve been diagnosed this about four months ago and I’ve recently lost my very good friend and Aunty due to she’s gone to heaven now and I’ll really miss her you take care love.X

    • Hi sweetie, I am sorry to hear about your friend and Auntie. Losing somebody we love is such a painful experience anyway – let alone whilst suffering with BPD and having the even more intense emotions. I am sure she will be watching down over you though my lovely. Also – you are alllowed to grieve. It is a process. So do not just bottle up your feelings. Maybe if you have a therapist you can discuss this with them. Sometimes it just helps to talk and have a good cry.

      So you have only recently been diagnosed then. Well, the good thing about having a diagnosis is that once you know what is wrong you can look at how to fix it. BPD can be managed with the right treatment and you can still go on and have an amazing life so whatever you do stay strong and do not give up hope. If you can get in to some sort of therapy (ideally DBT) that would be amazing as it is here you can learn skills that help us cope. I have done a few DBT videos so feel free to check them out. Stay strong sweetie – things can get better. Sending you lots of love xxx

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