Today I discuss injustice…. when loving fathers are stopped from seeing their children. I have a friend going through this right now and it’s heartbreaking.

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I don't know well my boy turns nine
tomorrow so I wanted to literally lie
down and do nothing today but I had lots
of running around to do to try and make
his birthday seem a bit special because
it's obviously in lockdown he doesn't
have his friends around he's actually
with his dad his dad's dropping him back
tomorrow so that should be good
today's video is it's something I
suppose that's personal to me and I'll
explain that in a second but it's
something that I have heard from you
guys before and it's basically about
dance not being allowed to see their
child and I did just talk actually in
Scotland in Glasgow last October and it
was for a group called they're not
father's 4 justice family need families
need fathers I thinks the name and and
it was heartbreaking hearing some of the
stories like these really loving doubts
desperately want to see their child not
able to so it's personal too
because I have a friend he's a family
he was actually good friends with my
uncle's like when they grew up they grew
up went to school together and he is
literally the nicest guy he's a rugby
player so he's absolutely huge but he's
like a Big Friendly Giant he's just the
nicest nicest guy and he met a woman
years ago and they had twin girls and
the woman just wasn't right she just
wasn't right I won't go into it too much
but she just wasn't right
um and when the girls were out three
each she stopped him seeing them not
just that she made allegations about him
and got the girls to say like yes daddy
did this Doug only was lies it was lies
um it went to court and even a dachshund
that like assessed the girls said yes
they did say that but I would pretty
much think they've been coached to say
that so that was then they're like back
when they were three those girls have
just turned 17 and he has never stopped
fighting to see them never got anywhere
but last time they went a couple years
ago I mean the money he has spent like
thousand like so much money going back
and forth to court but last time two
years ago they went to court and the
judge said to the woman I see through
you but you have damaged those girls so
badly they would need so much like
psychiatry I helped medical help with
their mental health because of what
you've done and he said to the dads I
wanted make sure one day you get to see
your girls and do what's right there
anyway he'd run out of money but he
thought right I'm gonna give it one last
shot and go back to call
and he requested that he sees that same
judge because the judge was like like
when he actually requested the late and
that lady out there like the place said
oh yeah he really wants this case I
remember he's really passionate about
this case he wants to see like the right
thing done so they went in nervous
obviously but it was all done on the
phone though they didn't get to see
anyone it was just a phone call and I
don't know if the judge just didn't
remember him the judge hadn't even read
the brief he was like oh I would oh yeah
I let me catch up and he hadn't even
read it and he just kept saying so like
my friend like well you're being a bit
obsessive on you so it weird you've come
to call 43 times don't you think that's
a bit obsessive the man wants to see his
girls he's like heartbroken that he is
not in their lives knowing that the mum
is actually really mentally like doing
them harm
I would look I can't diagnose but
without a shadow I would say there's
some personality disorder going on there
I would possibly say narcissism and and
he's so sure there's probably some of
you out there that will probably say oh
I got raised by a narcissist woman and
you know exactly what it's like but I
just feel for these girls
and I feel I feel for my friend because
he he he just wanted to be in their life
and he would have been the Muslim he's
got another two boys and they're very
close with him and he's an amazing dad
he's like such a good dad um they just
feels like such an injustice has been
done like so unfair howdy how how has
this woman got away with doing this like
she's like I'm not gonna go into all the
stories but she's like a danger she's a
dangerous woman and I do not know how
this just keeps slipping through the
cause and the right thing is not
happening but it got me thinking because
um I have a friend in America who has a
business high-conflict Institute and
they basically go into courts and trade
laws they go into the court but they
train judges on how to recognize a high
conflict person now when you think high
conflict it does tend to be one of the
cluster B's because we can be erratic
dramatic we do tend to be the high
conflict people and the reason this
company actually was set up well those
two reasons one was exactly like this
there are so many dads out there that
would be amazing
like amazing dad and then they haven't
got any they don't get to see their kids
but secondly there's been times where a
woman said hey like my ex is dangerous I
don't want him around the kids but the
judge has actually said no the child
can't see the dad and that child has
been murdered by their father and it
just felt like like judges right if the
judge had ruled that the child could go
and spend time with their dad and then
the dad murdered that judge has to
lifted that and so this company
high-conflict Institute that's what they
do they train people to recognize the
signs of what high-conflict person is
how they are likely to behave and how
you can help
what's the word like mediate with them
and talk to them and get through to them
so that things are kind of worked out
more amicably and mistakes are made
because unfortunately you do hear these
like awful stories and that's here is so
I kind of think as a judge then you're
not gonna if you don't understand like I
mean you you could just say you've
always wanted to study law and you want
to be a judge and you go to university
and you do that and you you work your
way up from one day you're a judge
they're actually that's like well done
amazing but that doesn't mean that that
judge is educated on personality
disorders and the sort of people they're
likely to see coming to their courtroom
and so I think what high conflict
Institue are doing is absolutely amazing
because it's not it's not just courtroom
judges there's so many people different
attorneys and everyone that they deal
with to help to help people understand
it but regarding my friend I'm just
gutted for him I'm absolutely gutted for
him I spoke to him yesterday and he said
what do I do lie I write to them all the
time and I said just carry on writing
but put those letters away don't send
them because she'll like your ex will be
ripping them up she won't be reading
them to your girls she will just give me
getting rich I said but still write them
because I think it's really good for him
but I just hope one day these girls
start recognizing the signs so if any of
you um were raised by a parent with
mental health issues like maybe a
personality disorder
when did you start questioning it like
will you ever call between two parents
arguing and were you ever stopped from
seeing one parent and let me know in the
comments because I'm really like I'm
curious oh because they're 17 these
girls now and I'm like maybe when they
go to university or something they will
start questioning
things I'm realizing they even because
we don't know what the mum saying to
them all the time but maybe if they're
like not with her they will be more
inclined to talk to each other and then
look back and think I hear what do we
remember if I dad okay we remember
really good times with him because oh
it's heartbreaking because actually it
was his parents
this guy's parents see they were our
church they were Catholics and they were
the ones that gave me the lessons from
my First Holy Communion and I to go
there was it the first day or the
confirmation it's something one of those
and there and they were the nicest
nicest dearest couple but his dad
actually died never seeing the girls
again since they were little and I just
think that woman's just robbed them how
can you do that like my exes can get on
my nerves at times just like I'm sure I
get on their nerves but I'm always
saying to myself it's about the kids
it's about the kids it's about the kids
and luckily for me they are both great
dads so I'm not gonna get in the way
there break can be like sometimes like
literally rotating me and I'm not
perfect and I'm sure sometimes I'll be
snappy or moody with them but I wouldn't
be the sort of man that would like to do
that to my children robbed them of
something robbed them of their right to
have a father if the father wants to be
in their life because I know moms out
there that would love the ex to be
involved with the kids but the dads just
don't wanna know they don't care and I
think that's heartbreaking as well so it
was a bit of a doom and gloom on this
one wasn't out I'm sorry the video is
like that I suppose it suits my mood
because I'm not feeling great anyway and
but yeah do let me know like what were
your experiences like when did you start
to question the staff and think actually
maybe my mum or dad or whoever isn't all
they are and let me know I love you
later I will be back I can't promise
friend because I'm feeling really
rubbish but maybe actually I'd really
like to livestream possibly over the
weekend but I will put it out on
Facebook and Instagram and maybe Twitter
if I remember I love you all loads
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