Today I talk about how getting older sucks! I recently read a magazine article about Katie Price AKA Jordan and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. She is desperately trying to hold on to her sex symbol status and won’t accept that she is getting older. We ALL have to age and when we are image obsessed it makes it so much harder to deal with.

hi my lovelies I apologize for being
away for a few weeks the kids have on
their Easter break from school and I
like I tell you I always think I'll get
loads done when they're off school it's
just wishful thinking because I never
get anything done
my routine is out because I haven't got
that mad rush to get up and out the
house in the morning so I do apologize I
hope you had a lovely break I've added a
bit to my tattoo you can see there that
it is growing I've got a few video
requests that I need to do but there's
been something that I've kind of been
thinking about the past few days and
that was I was reading a magazine and
over in the UK we have this celebrity I
suppose Katie Price also known as Jordan
and she was like 20 years ago she was a
glamour model and she beautiful sex
symbol but that was 20 years ago and I
was kind of reading this article about
her and looking at the pictures and
she's really trying to kind of replicate
her youthful like how she was all those
really overly sexual poses etcetera
going out at a younger guy she has five
children her third marriage has broken
down and I can't help but feel really
really sorry for her because I kidding I
can relate because I was never a glamour
model or anything but I can relate in
the fact that the aging process is hard
and she's so desperately trying to hold
on to her but I think there's a way
where we can age gracefully because it's
not nice and I'm but you know what it
got me thinking because I really really
feel for a lot of the young girls I'm
not saying the aging process isn't bad
for them but don't think it's like it is
for women
and nowadays everyone is so
that's so image it's all YouTube makeup
videos Instagram who look the best on
Instagram and yeah it's good that people
can feel confident but I do feel like
it's almost like a breeding ground for
narcissistic personality disorder
constantly wanting everyone to admire
you and here's the thing none of us get
out of the aging process
we've all got wage I remember when I was
18 and I was in a pub and there were
some girls there and they were like 25
and I used to remember thinking like
they were so old non 37 now and the
thing with those of us with BPD is just
because we're a certain age we can often
feel a lot younger and I had like a lot
look younger and I think that can really
cause us to struggle with the aging
process like carrying on a certain way
but we don't look a certain way because
we are we have got older and I've got to
choose my words really carefully look at
this I think I I don't like the aging
process it can really bother me but I'm
more accepting of it and I just try not
to overthink it but all these like young
girls now they're on Instagram they're
doing a makeup they're not gonna age and
I think it will be doubly as hard for
them because they are so image obsessed
and obviously we're living in a time of
plastic surgery Botox fillers etc and
while I think like I'm not I'm not
opposed to plastic surgery
I think if
someone's got something that they really
really really don't like about
themselves and they change it I don't
think that's a bad thing so for example
just say someone had a real hook on
their nose and they had surgery to
remove that huh I think I think that's
great I think it's wonderful that they
are able to do that today but young
girls now are just pumping their faces
full of filler pumping their little
Botox eyebrows not moving and I think
it's really really sad because it's just
kind of like following this trend and a
lot of people are following like what
people look like on Instagram and it's
not even real people face tuned and put
filters on and change like they edit
their photos that's the thing I'm not
actually one for editing my photos and
the my reason for this is this if I just
put like these amazingly edited photos
so I look like some kind of supermodel
and then people meet me in real life
they'll be like so I would rather be
honest with my pictures and not have
people get I say yeah I really really
felt for Casey price because I know it's
not nice and especially if you have been
this sex symbol and then all this is the
hard fair you get older and there's
people that will replace you there are
younger people now I know friends kids
that I knew them as babies and now
they're teenagers with the boobs out
posing it's like what happened but
that's the thing because we get old of
those those children not gonna stay
babies forever and we
do kinda get replaced I think part of
aging gracefully is not making
everything all about your appearance
because our appearance is going to
change and if all we do is focus on our
appearance that will cause us a lot
problems later on when it starts
changing and we're desperately trying to
put fillers in and go like this and this
and do some whatever because it's not
look good look when people are overdone
and people can easily become addicted to
get more filler and more filler more lip
things and whatever I know it's not a
good look
I think I don't think there's something
wrong if someone like is aging and their
skin is starting to like this this a
little bit I don't know I don't think
there's anything wrong with that but
yeah I think part of it is one we've got
to realize that our looks do change and
we can either fight it and it will just
take us to a really really painful place
because actually the aging process will
win or we can embrace it and do
something good with our lives not just
not focusing just on our image but on
things that we're good at hobbies things
where we use our mind and that intellect
doing kind things for other people and
and I think if we have a really then
fulfilling life that isn't just about
how we look then the whole process will
become a lot easier for us there's not
nice and I don't like aging at all would
I have surgery mm-hmm
yeah I would definitely I don't need my
lips done
because I was born I hated my lips as a
child as well well not as a child when
I've got a teenager like I went to a
girls school and they've been taking the
mick out me and I hated that and then
somebody called me blow job lips and
that devastated me I was like there was
I hated my lips but now big lips are all
the rating but yes hell yeah I would I
would to fight I'm not against surgery
but I just think wait you don't need it
when you young and beautiful you don't
wait until you get older I mean I'm
still four not had any you see do you
know what happens to me in the Sun
because I don't always wear sunglasses
whole crime like this and then when I
come in I have two white lines where
everything's tan I think I've covered
I'm sure I could have said loads but I
can't think what to say the moment I've
missed you guys
loads I'm happy I'm back with you doing
videos again like I said I have got some
video requests if you have any video
requests please put them in the like
comments below because I'm really
rubbish at writing them down as I see
them and then I think I had loads where
are they I can't find them if I do have
some to do I'm just washing on and on
now okay I love your LEDs and I'll be
back next week
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