Please go to and go to their Shop. Scroll down and click on The Big Book on Borderline Personality Disorder… there is a form you can fill out. Fill in your details for a chance to be chosen at random to win either a copy of my book or a course on bpdtribe! Good luck guys! Xxx

I'm a lovely a Happy New Year every time
the kids are at school
I swear blind they will not affect my
channel or the videos but experience
tells me every time they are school it
does affect my channel and I can't get
videos out when I want to sometimes
that's because of the subject matter
sometimes that's because like yesterday
I tried to be on this video my son
Easton's there and he took it upon
himself to pull his pants down to shove
his bum at the camera so go out but
they're back at school today so I'm back
to routine so I will be back on
Wednesday and Friday this week tomorrow
is January the 8th my book launches I
want to thank all of you that have
already pre-ordered it I don't know if
it will be with you tomorrow or if they
send it tomorrow I don't know how it
works but the wait is over and you will
have it in your hands very very soon and
because we're doing a book launch
tomorrow we are going to do a giveaway
so obviously if you've already
pre-ordered the book and you win the
giveaway and you don't want two copies
of the book that's fine
instead we can give you a free course on
VPD tribe comm which is got my new
website which will be hopefully
launching right now I must warn you
because it is not complete yet
I've still got quite a lot of work to do
on it but you can go on the site finally
hopefully later tonight and have a look
around and see what we'll be offering
and there's sort of things I believe
I've put like nine course titles up for
now but there will eventually be
Congress of courses but obviously I have
to do them and create them and then film
them so all the courses so far are
coming soon because I haven't
but the website should be like fully
pretty much fully functioning by the end
of the month but at least you can go on
and get an idea of what will be on offer
so the free giveaway we are offering
five lucky people the chance to win a
book or a course on PPD tribe comm all
you have to do now I'm gonna put the
link in down below so you can just click
on that and go straight there but you've
got to go to it and
there should be a little form for you to
fill out you put in your email address
you can put in if you are some wonderful
person that suffers from BPD or if you
are I loved one of someone with BPD and
you can put in the your name and the
country that you live and five people
will be chosen at random I will let
those five people know later on in the
week possibly Friday so you have yeah
Friday will do it Friday so you have
five days to go and fill it out if you
have already gone and filled out that's
okay I'll go into it again just to make
sure because you don't want to miss out
so yeah that's it again thank you my
lovelies I can't wait to get back to
normal get back into routine stop doing
my videos again and I will speak to you
soon I love you loads
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