What happens when a ‘high-functioning Borderline’ can not function?  Also – is there even such  thing as a high-functioning borderline?

hi guys today I am doing a video request
kind of I got asked basically ages and
ages and ages ago and it's right at the
back of my request list book and I had
kind of forgotten it didn't see it
basically and it was about
high-functioning borderlines and
basically was a girl I don't have her
name I didn't write it down
but she is high-functioning
she has borderline personality disorder
and she can work she's in a managerial
position or management position anyway
and she has a team that works for her
she often travels for work so she's away
from home and has no support and she can
be going into work everything's fine and
then one day she just can't get out of
bed and she cannot function and and what
should she do so I am going to answer
that but I'm going to kind answer it in
a little bit because it got me thinking
I have done videos on the introvert
borderline the quiet borderline and the
extrovert borderline and but I haven't
kind of really talked about how
functioning low functioning now low
functioning borderline is what we think
of when we think of borderline
personality disorder it's someone they
cannot manage their relationships they
cannot manage their and keeping a job
basically they can't manage their lives
excuse me and they can't take care of
themselves and when we think of this low
functioning borderline if there's
multiple suicide attempts self-harm etc
like acting impulsively all those things
and it got me thinking I started doing
little bit of research and I came across
the site I cannot remember what site it
was I think it was just a blog and I
just read something right but it was
just a small bit and I thought oh my god
yeah and it mentioned that actually
clinicians and like doctors in that they
don't talk about high functioning or low
functioning borderline because what I
just said when we think of borderline we
functioning that is what borderline
personality disorder is react impulsive
we can't keep our jobs we can't do that
so if someone is high-functioning most
of the time either a maybe they don't
have borderline personality disorder or
B they have borderline personality
disorder but for some reason they can
manage it most of the time maybe they
don't even know how they're managing it
but they are able to but every now and
again it they can't and see I looked up
transparent borderline and transparent
borderline is basically someone they
almost lead a double life so they might
talk the work people at their work and
to outsiders they seem absolutely fine
like there's no mental health issues
there but as to those that they love and
the close ones around them maybe their
partners their family members the
borderline in their mental health issues
of is very clear and the transparent
borderline can be either introvert or
extrovert but they're either intro or
x-ray and high-functioning in a certain
area of their life because Outsiders
don't know there's a problem and so
that's basically got me thinking about
that so if that is the case and someone
is living a pretty normal life
they can hold down relationships they
don't really act impulsively and they
can have a job and keep it maybe it's
not borderline personality disorder I'm
going to do a video about self diagnosis
next that got requested to do so I won't
go too much into that and that if you
think oh I'm high-functioning borderline
have you been diagnosed with not looking
like am wha have you been diagnosed
because if you haven't maybe it's
something else that you have maybe isn't
borderline because like I said at the
beginning board liners border lines they
can't manage their own lives they can't
look after themselves until obviously
they learn to manage it and then then
they can they can function because like
hey we say recovery is possible from
this so but going back to this lady um
like she said she's high high
functioning where she can keep a job but
there are days where she just doesn't
want to get up she doesn't know what to
she's working away she has no support
and my advice would be speak to someone
at your work whether it's someone in HR
whether it is your boss you do not need
to stand up and shout it across the
office that you have borderline
personality disorder but if you can have
just that one person that is in a
position above you you can explain just
be honest and say look this is why I
have if you can show them like evidence
from say a doctor or from your mental
health team that's obviously going to be
even better because it can they can say
like most of the time the borderline is
being managed but there are days da da
da da da and hopefully hopefully your
work will be understanding and then on
days where you just can't manage
anything you can phone them and they
will understand and hopefully they can
accommodate that and try and work around
that and I'm not saying they will
because obviously not everyone does get
it but nowadays more and more people are
much more understanding of mental health
problems and what you'd also find is
especially if you're working away from
home you do not have support if you have
that person at work that you can talk to
that might actually be enough to help
you get into it because you've then got
someone that you can talk to and say
this is how bad I'm feeling today and it
gives you you that support that you're
lacking from your friends and family
back home and I must point out that I am
NOT qualified in mental health I did not
go to university I do not have any
qualifications other than my life
experiences so all advice that I do give
is just my own and I'm not saying my
advice is right I'm not saying my advice
is wrong by I'm saying this is basically
this is what I would do if I was you
this is what I would do and if I was in
that position I think I would go to my
doctor I would go to my mental health
team I'd get something written up kind
of explaining I'll tell them look I
weren't most the time but sometimes
those days I can't go can you write
something that I can show them to try
and explain it I would then go into my
boss or someone that I felt I could
trust that was above me at work and kind
of show them and sit down and explain it
and say I don't want to lose my job over
this I love my job I like working but
sometimes it just gets too much and this
is what happens and yeah that is what I
would do so I'm going to go now and and
hopefully my next video will be on self
diagnosis and should we do it bye guys
love you all
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