In this video I explain the HPD traits and then discuss the similarities and differences between HPD and BPD.

hi my lovelies today I'm back and I'm
gonna do a video on histrionic
Personality Disorder versus borderline
personality disorder now again I have
loads notes I did not think I would have
as many notes as I did with narcissistic
personality disorder that was wrong
there is literally so much to say about
history or neck and one thing that was
really apparent to me when I was reading
up about it is the similarities that way
the two disorders really overlap in so
many ways I actually read that there
were some experts that say histrionic
Personality Disorder is not
distinguishable from borderline
personality disorder because they
overlap so much what I'm gonna do I'm
gonna talk about like I said I know two
notes and from glancing around it's
because I don't want to miss stuff I'm
gonna discuss history on a personality
disorder first with you and then we will
go into the similarities and the
differences of the two what I'm gonna do
I'm going to stop oh sorry oh damn I am
going to read you the symptoms just like
narcissistic personality disorder on BPD
histrionic also has nine symptoms and
five have to be ticked to get diagnosis
so one self centeredness uncomfortable
we're not the center of attention to
constantly seeking reassurance or
approval three inappropriately seductive
appearance or behavior for rapidly
shifting emotional states of snakes
states that appear shallow to others
five overly concerned with physical
appearance and using physical appearance
to draw attention to self sex opinions
are easily influenced by other people
but difficult to back up with details 7
excessive dramatics with an exaggerated
displays of emotion 8 tendency to
believe that relationships are more
intimate than they actually are and 9 is
highly suggestible meaning easily
influenced by others
basically some history on ik personality
disorder is the life and soul of the
party they come across really outgoing
what you'll find if they're having a
conversation they will usually make it
about them it is quite self-centered
they will always bring it back to
themselves the thing is with someone
with histrionic they're very good at
charming new people they come across as
really fun outgoing really open bit
flirty but two people have been in their
lives for a while that are their friends
they come across as really embarrassing
because the way they act inappropriately
in certain situations so for example it
might be a work party and they are
overly sexual overi seductive with the
boss and then the next moment sobbing on
the boss's wife's shoulder over
something really minor so for those that
around them that know them their
emotions once in really shallow yes they
change all the time but they they just
come across as very shallow it's really
embarrassing because they don't seem to
be able to adapt their behavior in
certain situations but the one thing
about histrionic Personality Disorder is
that someone with it is often what's the
word I'm looking for high highly
highly functioning they can be highly
functioning English socially in work and
like I said they constantly want
attention and often if they were in a
relationship and someone ends the
relationship it can bring on about off
depression they might often seek
treatment for depression and this is
maybe where they get diagnosed with
history on a personality disorder now I
think was it number nine
tendency to believe that relationships
and wintermint than they actually are
someone with a history of personality
disorder actually really struggles with
intimacy in their relationships they
often without even realizing and play a
role it's almost as if their life is a
play and they are this character and
it's very dramatic going through life
they don't see their life realistically
you see if they they're looking at their
life like it is a big drama so in a
relationship they often see themselves
as the damsel in distress or the
princess or the victim but at the same
time they like to be in control and they
will often manipulate to get attention
because that I think is the main
characteristic of us on earth history on
it personality disorder craves attention
they crave the excitement they find
normal routine mundane boring if they
are in say a long term relationship they
will often discard it so they can move
on and have a new exciting relationship
if they are not getting the attention
that they feel they need they will be
very uncomfortable they will feel really
unappreciated and so they will go off
and try and create drama somewhere so
they can bring that attention back to
themselves like I said they're very
self-centered they their emotions
change rapidly but like I said it's also
seems very shallow it's like not real
the way they are behaving and then we
have borderline personality disorder now
like I said there is a lot of overlap
and we know both are dramatic both are
highly emotional both are erratic
we know that anyway because that is what
the cluster beads are and these two
disorders are the cluster B's but the
things that stood out for me was okay
attention-seeking hmm yeah I did a bit
of that that can be part of both
manipulating others can be part of a
rapidly changing emotions that can be
the same for both one of the main
differences is that someone with
borderline is much more likely to
they have very angry disruptions in
close relationships and someone with
borderline often has that deep feeling
of emptiness and of loneliness I've
mentioned the similarities the self um
the attention seeking the manipulation
the rapidly changing emotions the thing
that makes them different is the driving
force behind them what makes these two
people with these disorders do these
things and what you'll find is the
driving force behind them is different
so the driving force behind someone with
histrionic Personality Disorder is their
need for attention so they will
manipulate someone for attention they
will rapidly change their emotions who
for attention
whereas someone with borderline
personality disorder
their emotion dysregulation stems from
their unstable self-image someone with
borderline personality disorder when
their emotions come out and they're
really dramatic with their emotions as
we are because they are so intense we
often feel completely out of control
it is not planned we don't know where it
comes from it's just these emotions come
out if we are trying to manipulate
someone it is often because we are
fearing abandonment we fear rejection so
we all these intense emotions come out
we will manipulate people and it stems
from one our unstable self-image our
emotional dysregulation and our fear of
abandonment someone with histrionic
Personality Disorder these emotions are
much more planned they are more
calculated and when I say calculated is
because they think of how their emotion
will affect others because they want the
attention from others so they will and
that is why it becomes across as shallow
because they're not actually really
feeling it in the same way someone with
borderline is feeling it it's like I
said life is a play and they will behave
in this way to get attention and
I mentioned about their appearance and
being so focused on appearance and
wanting to look so beautiful and sexual
and it's really difficult cuz it got me
thinking because nowadays with Instagram
and with girls growing up more and more
girls are getting into doing their
makeup on doing selfies and we need to
look like this certain way so it's kind
of I think it will become harder to
diagnose because more and more people
are becoming like this so concerned with
their appearance so um but I always
doing the self I mean I've done selfies
I do you cringe when active but I do
um but it's always becoming the norm
nowadays and it's that competitiveness
and wanting to make ourselves look
amazing um I mean I really worry about
my daughter she's only eight I think oh
my god cuz like that I never had my
Instagram wasn't about an answer
teenager so I didn't have that burden on
me basically of having to constantly
make sure I look a certain way in
posting pictures of myself so to compete
with other people and and so I do worry
about her I've completely gone off
subject though I'm really sorry right so
I'm gonna talk about the causes um
the causes are kind of the same as the
other personality disorders bio psycho
social is like a station so it's the
biopsychosocial model biological and
genetic factors social factors which is
how a person interacts in their early
years with family members they love want
the closest people around them and
psychological factors it is the
individuals personality and temperament
and how its shaped by their environment
and how they learn coping skills to deal
with stress so bio psycho social with
three factors and they do believe that
it's a combination of the three factors
together that can cause a personality
disorder in someone rather than just a
one-off event one factor this is why you
have it is the combination and when I
was reading a last night could I be
history on ik because I'm for me there
is definitely some overlap I know in my
last video actually a few people wrote
saying about the narcissist I think it
was and they were like yeah but I don't
crave attention like that with
borderline but they're actually don't
like attention at all and they express
things in wordly I think I sent a
message saying I hope they could
possibly be a quiet borderline because
they tend to internalize things rather
than externalize things one thing for me
I was an attention seeker I was I would
act inappropriately in public and life
was a drama for me so it's like okay so
this is this but I'm not like that today
and it's not because the borderlines
been managed I realized what it was I
only behaved in this way when I was
under the influence of drugs and alcohol
it made me has drugs and alcohol do they
make us behave differently so when I was
under the influence
I was much more like someone with
history on ik personality disorder I had
a lot more of those traits actually you
take away and I'm not like that in
public I would much rather go under the
radar and not get noticed
I do not dramatize nowadays any drama in
my life is not planned if I have a
meltdown which is very few and far
between nowadays but if I have a
it is completely unplanned it's
completely out of the blue and I feel
out of control when I hate it it's
definitely not I'm gonna do this because
I need some attention and so I'm saying
that because there might be some of you
out there that's saying yeah I'm like
that I'm like that and but I have a
think actually are you like that because
you are under the influence of drink or
drugs because if you are then that I
wouldn't say that's necessarily history
on a personality disorder to have
history on it personalities different
disorder this is how you are on a day to
day basis when you're not under the
influence because I know I'm different
people when I have a load to drink I'm a
completely different person I'm I make
myself cringe basically that is why I do
not drink and use drugs anymore well one
of the reasons so oh that's my dog I've
got packaging right I'm gonna wrap it up
there get guys but I will be back in a
few days of you
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