In this video I explain just how much anxiety controlled my life.

hi I'm going to talk about how anxiety
affected my life basically anxiety
controlled me I could do nothing I could
not it got to the point I couldn't leave
the house it built up slowly to the
point that I would be able to go to the
shops but more and more often I'd be
helping the panic attacks when I went
there so I just stopped going to the big
stores and I'll just go to the little
local shops but then even that became
like so huge and such a scary thing to
do because there's people that I was
scared of people I just couldn't leave
the house the thought of leaving the
house if I needed some bread the thought
of it was enough to make my breathing go
my heart rates don't go in and getting
the shakes then I think to know what you
don't need bread knob yeah cuz I decided
not to go outside stay in I got to the
point if I needed petrol for my car I
wouldn't be able to go to any petrol
station I had to go to one where i could
pay at the pump because i was too
fearful to go in the store and you might
be wondering why do I need petrol in my
car if I'm to sketching her anywhere I
wasn't scared to go to my mom's play
mommy's house so I'd be driving down the
motorway back aboard so I did me petrol
and but pretty much anything scared the
out of me I realized one day when I
took a drink in the morning and added
quite a lot of Bailey's to my coffee at
the anxiety essent and that started a
whole new problem for me because
obviously the anxiety was still there i
was just masking it by being pissed and
but the alcohol gave me the courage to
go out because I was so fearful going
out but like I said that's cause loads
of other problems we talked about in
another video my up life
it's not so up now I've still got
a bit of a crazy brain at times i may
add I still do get anxious sometimes
very rarely even a few weeks thousands
just shopping with my friend and all
those old feel you started coming back
and I was like I got go and I went and
got in the car I was like where the hell
did that come from so it is something I
still have to work on and it's like the
book feel the fear and do it anyway I
kind of got make myself in them the more
I let the anxiety control me and I don't
go out the bigger it grows it's like
feeding it it gets worse and worse and
worse and that's what I did previously
but I'm not doing that today so see you
later guys bye
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