For many of us with BPD, the help just isn’t available, whether that’s due to where we live, finances or waiting lists. Does that mean recovery just isn’t possible? Nooooo! We can still recover and today I discuss this in todays video. I also discuss my new website,, which will hopefully be launching in a couple of months max!

hi my lovelies happy Wednesday today I'm
doing a video request from Natalie and
hi Natalie and she asked me how do you
overcome BPD without medication what if
you have like no money for medical
insurance or treatment what do you do
there is good news because although
loads of us with BPD or on medication
the medication tends to either treat
intrusive thoughts or anxiety or
it's the comorbid disorders it treats it
doesn't actually treat the BPD there is
no medication currently available that
can just get rid of borderline
personality disorder if we're gonna get
rid of borderline personality disorder
we have to learn skills and that is
where DBT dialectical behavioral therapy
MPT CBT steps and all these other
therapies come in they are used to treat
borderline personality disorder and the
way they do that is they teach us skills
but just so you're on a DBT course and
you've got a long minutes we can you
there for two hours and you do the staff
and you go home and you put it down and
you forget it and then you go again next
week and do the start chances are you're
not actually going to see a change
because the magic happens not in the
group session but when you go home this
is what's important we need to practice
the skills constantly in order to see
them work going along once a week to a
therapy session isn't going to fix us
now I've talked about the brain before
and neural pathways and brain plus
plasticity which is huge that basically
means our brain is ever-changing who we
not don't have to be stuck with this
brain which is amazing for us because a
lot of us don't like our brain so if for
example you feel
really really sad and you go and eat
some chocolate and it makes you feel a
bit better it neural pathway will grow
and next time you feel sad you eat a bit
of chocolate and that neural pathway
gets stronger so the poin eventually it
goes into our subconscious now some we
feel sad we just pick up chocolate
without even thinking about it now I'm
saying chocolate but for most of us with
BPD it is more likely to be drink or
drugs or sex or gambling or shopping but
I'm using chocolate for an example so
just say we have been to a therapy
session and we have a crisis in the week
our subconscious just makes us just go
we'll pick up chocolate we won't even
consider using that new skill and if we
do think oh I'll use my skill it will
feel really alien to us it won't feel
natural and it won't work so how do we
make it work and that's where practice
comes in not waiting until we're in a
crisis to use the skill because like I
said it'll feel lately and it won't feel
right when for your normal weight work
we need to be practicing them daily when
things are okay when we actually we
might not want to use drugs and not want
to drink but we've got to practice the
skills because then we grow in your real
pathway and eventually when we're in a
crisis we will just use one of those
skills and they will work for us and
that's what we want they want we want
them to work for us so obviously if you
have no money you might not be able to
access therapy I know over here in the
UK it's like an 18-month to two-year
wait to get on to DBT I've also heard
from people like men that say bed then
they can't get on it because there are a
man which i think is ridiculous because
everyone should be entitled
it should be the same across the board
and now when I hear a lot is they won't
put me on DBT because I don't self-harm
and this again really bugs me because to
get diagnosed with borderline
personality disorder you have to have
five out of the nine trains not all of
us self-harm just like not all of us act
impulsively so I don't I don't think
it's fair if you have border and you
have borderline I don't think well
you've got BSL farmers get DBT but hey
ho what if you can't access therapy now
if you go just on google and you type in
DBT skills you will get so much
information I believe there's a website
called DBT self-help I think but I'm
sure there's more out there and you can
just look and it will just tell you the
skills I think you can print off
worksheets and my advice to you would be
to read them and practice them at home
on your own because like I said it's
actually at home where the magic happens
not while you're in group therapy now I
have some good news as well because I'm
really aware there's loads of people out
there that can't access the help they
need and I discussed with you before
like I need to get job basically I have
no money I have more money going out
than I have coming in times are hard
money-wise and so I do need to be
working but I want to make this my job
because I'm really passionate about this
I really believe that anyone can recover
from borderline personality disorder if
I can do it trust me anyone can do it
because I was I sometimes think that you
watched my videos and so you kind of
like you know me now but I think
couldn't if they saw what I was like I I
was so different I was just uh every
sweat sentence was Effie
wanting to fire everyone like really
just vile like I can't explain I'm a
completely different person and yeah I
think if if the old me was sat here
doing a video you would think who's that
like I'm so different and yes if I can
do it
any of you can do it so I want to make
this my my work basically
so why for those of you who don't know I
have a book coming out in October I
believe it might be pushing towards
November but very soon it's written
basically it's just with editors now
making it look pretty and so it's called
the beep book on borderline personality
disorder and it is available on Amazon
my full name is shereena sh e h RI na my
surname rooney or double O and ey and
yes so it's available for pre-order now
so I have that coming out which is
fantastic but if those you don't know
actually people that write books don't
actually make much money unless you're
like JK Rowling with the Harry Potter
series most authors really struggle to
make any money so I certainly can't
think well I've written a book I'm gonna
sit on my butt and do nothing now
because it's not gonna pay the rent
basically it won't pay the bills won't
feed the kids so I need to do something
else so I have my new website coming out
with myself my lovely partner Megan it's
called BPD tribe calm it is not launched
yet because I'm currently doing content
for it
now there's lots of different things I
think you guys are gonna find so helpful
and they are free as well but I'm also
going to start doing online courses and
I've decided what the way I'm gonna do
going to do a basic level so for example
basic mindfulness and there it's gonna
be really cheap basically it's not going
to cost a lot of money because hey I
know what it's like to have no money I
know those of us with BPD a lot of time
we're not working we don't have money so
I'm going to do a wonderful cost
basically a basic level and then there
will be an advanced level which is a
slightly longer course of set videos a
bit more homework they'll both have
homework but a bit more homework that
will cost slightly more but you can
always just try out the basic and see
how you get on and move if you move up
and do the advanced at a later date the
good thing is I'm going to do so many
different topics so many courses you can
really pick and choose to what you need
right now so for example some of you
might think I really need something to
do with my relationships right now so
we'll have a course on that whereas
others might it might actually be the
emotional regulation it might be
self-harm it might be getting into
spirituality or whatever we're going to
have all these courses and you can
choose and you will collect certificates
on your page every time you complete a
course so you can see like basically you
know you've achieved something because I
think that's huge
regarding like the cost as well I was
talking to my old therapist and she was
saying it's really important that people
do put some money for because actually
you're far more likely if you just say
spend twenty dollars and you do a course
you're far more likely to take it really
seriously and give it your all because
it's come out of your hard earned money
then just free courses that you can do
and don't do we want I mean
BPD is a very serious illness and we
need people to take it very seriously we
want you to take your recovery seriously
so there will be courses we also have
courses for family members as well which
is huge and they will be done by Megan
because this is what she kind of spit
Eliza's in different kind of high
conflict relationships basically so she
will be doing them as well I will let
you know when launch day is as soon as I
know like I said I'm currently doing so
much like trying to get the content done
for it and just so you know I will still
be doing this YouTube channel this
YouTube channel is not going anywhere
I'm still here and just like with these
videos we're also going to have a
library of videos on BPD tribe and they
are all free and basically I'm kind of
copying my videos I do on here but
they're much shorter and to the point so
rather than me waffling on about my kids
life I will literally stick on topic so
most nearly all of the videos like
summer to three minutes some five
minutes and so you'll be able to access
them as well
so yeah I've got lots of exciting things
I want to tell you everything about the
site but at the same time I don't want
anyone to pinch my idea it's not that
they would buy I'm really excited
because this site will be quite
interactive where you guys get involved
a lot and and you can advise each other
as well as it just being me because
although some of you may be able to
relate to me so I'm like numb but you
might be able to relate to someone else
and I so I think it's good that we all
kind of kind of chip in together and
help one another because that's what I
want BPD tribe to be about we are a
tribe we are a group of people we will
stick together we will not judge each
other and we will help each other as
much as we can because in my recovery
I've really found that helping people I
do my channel this has helped me
immensely I can't tell you how much it's
helped me and I think anyone it's like
that Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics
Anonymous their 12-step fellowships and
the twelfth step is help another addict
help another
alcoholic and I I really believe in the
power of that I believe in the power of
one person with borderline helping
another person with borderline so right
yeah I can't wait I'm hoping within a
couple of months it will be life and
yeah we can all get on board so yeah so
I've got that coming up regarding the
courses so for those of you who can't
access help and maybe there's just
something specific you need maybe you're
doing really well in your recovery but
there's something that still causing you
issues then you can just sign up and do
this course and but because you're not
the only one that can't access help
there's so many people that are unable
to get the help they need and they
deserve so in the meantime like if you
literally have no money I don't say go
online start looking up some of the DBT
skills getting into spirituality reading
self-help books they don't have to be
borderline related and try different
self-help books because a lot of the
time you might find a book and it'd be
like wow this book has changed my life
talking but I'm currently reading this
mind over medicine by dr. Lisa Rankin
and it is amazing and it's basically how
you can cure yourself of any illness it
talks about the placebo which obviously
if someone thinks they're gonna get well
they get well but there's something
called the nocebo whereas someone could
be given a plain tablet just water pill
water and sugar or something and they
were told oh you might suffer a real bad
sickness with this and they would start
vomiting even though it was just like a
sugar pill not just that if they were
told you will get headaches the people
would get headaches so it's the opposite
the placebo robbing getting better they
get worse even though
it's just it they've been given nothing
basically there was someone like they
didn't think people with asthma and they
were told this might make you ask more
worse and sure enough all their asthma
got worse
and face it all we're gonna give you
something to make it better and they
gave the same sugar fill and they all
got better I mean it's truly amazing the
power of the mind and I'm sure I'm gonna
go into this in a bit more detail I
won't do that today because I'm going on
a bit but I really do think like we can
we have the power in us to heal
ourselves and that's not just physically
that's like mental health as well I like
I said I believe anyone can get well
from borderline personality disorder and
you can go on and have the life that you
deserve so you can relieve that there as
you know I am going away on Friday for a
week with the fam lamb so I'm gonna try
I might do some videos now actually so
my homemade coffin I'm in the same
clothes it's because I'm just doing them
all now because I do want to still get
videos app you get I love you all it
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