I got asked this question a week or so ago and think it is a great question. I have a strong opinion on this!

hi lovelies welcome back to my Channel today I'm gonna answer a couple of questions so a few videos back someone in the comment section had asked a couple of really good questions I apologize I can't remember who asked but I asked one two I think I'll always be on medication too if someone's on medication can they truly say they're in recovery and I think they are fantastic questions and possibly questions we do ask ourselves now will I always be on medication I don't know I I don't see me taking medication as a problem it has really helped me those you that know I'm on to hundred milligrams could type in 200 milligrams of sertraline I did start coming off it in my pregnancy but due to hormonal changes and everything I did start going downhill and it was decided that due to the fact I've suffered postpartum a place natal depression before that big good idea to get me back on my medication just so I was safe and since that was two years ago and I'm still on the medication and I'm okay I'm okay with taking out I just take it I don't think about it I don't think oh I really want to be off this medication at the end of the day it has kept my mood that bit Stabler because his thing as well we don't take medication for the borderline personality disorder no medication is proven to help borderline personality disorder but those of us with BPD often have comorbid disorders so it might be anxiety it might be depression and we can take medications that can ease those things and help with those and by doing that within better able to learn new skills and put like get into recovery from the borderline personality disorder now do I think that if someone's on medication are they truly in recovery yes I have a really strong opinion on this opinions are not facts mid-summer you may disagree with me but my opinion is very strong we know there is no cure for BPD but it can be managed to such a point that you wouldn't know is there so for that reason I don't say I am recovered from BPG because I know if I wasn't practicing my life skills I wasn't being self-aware and checking myself on a daily basis those traits would resurface so I am NOT recovered but I am in recovery I am constantly recover a ring I kind of learnt that when I went into 12-step fellowship for drug addiction and your talk like went to an addict always an addict because the drug addiction or the alcohol or gambling whatever is that is the solution to the problem the problem lies within us so what they do the 12 steps are a set of spiritual split steps that someone takes and those steps replace the drugs the alcohol so they are the solution to the problem and if someone drops working these steps chances are the problem will come back and they may relapse there are people out there many of you probably heard the term dry drunk and that is simply someone that may be used to be an alcoholic they stop drinking but they still have the problem because they're not used not doing the 12-step so they've got them to stop the alcohol but they've also not replaced it with anything so spiritually they're very very unwell they're very very unhappy and often it's only a matter of time before they do relapse back onto the alcohol so just say take dry drunk they aren't drinking are they in recovery no because the problem lies within them the drinking was just a solution to their problem the problem is still there so for those of us with BPD we need to have something in our lives that we can do steps we can follow being self-aware to enable us to live a happy life obviously if we do nothing now nothing's gonna change if nothing changes nothing changes so that's where life skills counselling and all that comes in medication is part of that medication is something that can help us get to a point that we can then focus on learning to live a life free from BPD so when I say like you're in recovery chances are a lot of you are in recovery you might not even feel it yet you might feel like you're anything but in recovery but so long as you are out there doing something towards your recovery you are in recovery in the early stages lots of relapses happen where is the trait still come out but then we get back to it and we start doing what we have to do and we still in recovery guys that's the thing we will always be in recovery but there are definitely different stages for us I would say I'm well into recovery whereas for many people if you've just starting DBT if you're just doing their you're new to recovery but you're still in or you're just in the early stages and our journeys are all different some of us might find we have lots of steps back but I do want to like really highlight the fact that actually I don't think the medication has anything to do with it that is just easing some of the other symptoms for example just say there's a drug addict in recovery doing the 12 steps not touching drugs but not only would they in drug addiction they also suffer real bad migraines so they have medication for the migraines because if they have medication for the migraines it eases them and then they can go to their 12-step meetings and do what they need to do for the recovery from addiction that's how I kind of see us when we take medication we take that medication to ease other symptoms to make it easier for us to then go out and focus on what we need to do for our BPD recovery so I do kind of definitely if you're on medication you're still in recovery if if you're actually doing some work for your BPD recovery because if you're doing nothing you cannot say you are in recovery I think I'll leave that there there's quite a quick video yeah it's the halftime the kids break up for school today so I'm hoping on back next Friday possibly with the kids in air I've got a new video I wanted to talk about autism and BPD because that's the topic I get asked about a lot so I'm doing a little bit of like reading up on it at the moment so yeah guys I love you all late man
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