Famalitics… my new channel xxx

hi my lovelies so today's video is gonna
be super quick because I just really
want to inform you I've got a new
channel coming out now I'll explain the
reason I have decided to do this now I'd
planned on doing one like with the kids
and the kids will be more involved with
this other channel that then they are
this one because I suppose when I sell
recovery moments very much about
addiction and mental health and my
children didn't really have a place I
know like I introduced them and you know
them and that's amazing but because of
the topics of my video they don't tend
to feature heavily in my videos which is
fine this other channel I decided
basically so there's like 50% of you
that want to hear about topics related
to borderline personality disorder
addiction anxiety etc and another 50%
that still want to hear that but they
also really need videos to help them
through the time we're going to at the
moment but I also know there's some of
you that are sick of hearing about
coronavirus and you kind of want to just
block it and you don't want to hear
about it and you certainly don't want to
hear me doing videos about it like
constantly but some people do want those
kind of videos so I decided I'm gonna
set up another channel the name had been
the quarantine ease but I'm not just
feeling I'm not feeling it I'm not
feeling it so hopefully by tonight I
will have name and a link and then I
will come and put it back on this video
once I know I will announce it on
Twitter Instagram Facebook and on
YouTube community as well so this new
channel will be videos talking about the
here and now what's going on now
especially like
for mums or dad's stuck at home with
their kids 24/7 having to home-school
having to cook a million meals a day and
I want them to have a space that people
can ask me questions related to that and
so that's why I'm doing it and then this
channel whilst are still upload
regularly so the next video I do will be
a video request from one of you if
you've still got video requests that you
want please put them in the comments
below but I'm not I'm not forgetting
this channel I'm moving on it's just
they're very different people want
different things and I don't want to
overload people with stuff they don't
want to hear on my channel when I could
have a completely different outlet for
that basically obviously you're free if
you are one of the people that want
those videos of like what's going on now
subscribe to the new channel like I said
hopefully by tonight I will have a name
there's a few that might um yeah and
I'll be back tomorrow on this channel
with a proper video for you like I said
any video requests put in comments I do
have loads as well already so don't
think if you don't give me a video
request I'm not going to know what to do
because I've literally got loads that
I've got to work through so I love you
guys and I'll be back tomorrow
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