More and more people are feigning having a mental health illness – why is this?

hi guys today I am doing a video request
I wondered who I'm talking to and I
doing a video request from princess
dougherty and she asked me about lying
about mental illness and because it
seems to have come a trend to have BPD
bipolar depression etc and so why is it
cool to have a mental health illness and
because obviously you and I know it is
absolutely devastating and it is not
cool if we could not have it you
wouldn't have it but we do and every day
is a struggle and so why all of a sudden
especially amongst teenagers is it cool
other people feigning having these
illnesses saying they have depression
another big one is eating disorders
saying they have an eating disorder say
only have addictions then they have
anxiety bipolar BPD and I think whereas
years and years ago mental health wasn't
really understood you didn't really hear
about it in the media and people that
had mental health problems were seen as
the outsiders weirdos the crazy people
nowadays it pick your big yawn nowadays
it is on the news on social media in
magazines nowadays we're hearing
celebrities openly talk about their
issues we had when Britney Spears shaved
her head and she's openly talked about
what she went through
so we have these celebrities that talk
out about them into illness and these
young girls and boys see it on social
media and they see the support and love
that these celebrities get so oh my god
you're so strong or you're so brave for
telling your story very very well and
they see it as almost glamorized
although we know there is nothing
glamorous about having water line but
there is absolutely nothing glamorous
about it but if these kids are seeing
their celebrities talk freely and the
attention they get I think a lot of them
can think I want a bit of that and so
they start saying going into school and
saying off what to pray I'm depressed
and they get attention with that and
then when they say oh I'm having a good
day it was oh my god you're doing so
well today and they're getting attention
for that it's also quite easy nowadays
people can pop into their doctors and
say I'm feeling a bit down and they have
antidepressants thrown at them because
it's easier for a doctor a cheaper for a
doctor and easier to prescribe a pill
rather than getting person to do
counseling on talking buddy whatever
because chances are if these people had
to go down the counseling and talking
and therapy route they think this is too
much hassle but when they're given pills
I mean chances are they don't even take
them but they have their antidepressants
so they're always well the doctor gave
me a I must be depressed
I have clinical depression I can now go
and tell people I suffer with this and I
am medicated for it so it is true
this there's people that lie about
self-harm again I don't see how this is
glamorous in any way but you hear about
like stories someone's suffering with
their mental health and their family got
them through and they're amazing
boyfriend or girlfriend got them through
and all of a sudden it's kind of
romanticized like this love story of
this person that went to hell and back
and with the love of their partner they
came out the other side and they made it
and that has got people unfortunately
for young people but I do think a lot of
it is they just don't understand the
true extent they're seeing what they're
seeing on social media it's not real
life that is not real life yes
fortunately say take Brittany spit-take
Britney Spears yes she went to hell him
back and she got through it but she's
got all that money she can have therapy
she you know she got the help she needed
unfortunately that's not the case for
most people with mental health they
struggle on for a lot longer without
getting the help they need and so that
is the real reality of it that is the
reality and I think I think in order to
stop kind of people thinking on I've got
mental health illness up like this just
to get the attention they need to
realize just how devastating is and the
way we do that is through education they
need to be taught in school you know it
is there's nothing fun about really
suffering with your mental health and it
kind of undermines the people that
actually really do suffer that think how
and you have not got a clue
and you're here you I think yeah I've
got this I've got that when it is just
not true and it seems really unfair and
but I do think it kind of starts with
education I mean and social media I mean
I mean I use social media I mean I don't
go on Twitter and all really
unfortunately but my friend Joanne who
you met in my video one of my videos she
kind of runs my Twitter for me bless her
and I go on Instagram
now again post and pictures me and the
kids posted some really ugly pictures me
recently with ugly snapchat filters and
but I kind even like I posted that
because I'm so I kind of think all we
ever see is people looking amazing
amazing amazing and on snapchat and yes
you can get some amazing snapchat
filters like the little is it the mouse
or something and I you look 15 years
younger on it uh but if I post that
these kind of people can think that's
real life and then they'll see me in
real life me like move that's what she
does yeah there's just not real
so I kind of made a point of I'm going
to post some really hideous ones and
then if three people see me in real life
over she's not prepared because it is
just so false loads of it is so false
and unfortunately it is young people
watching it and thinking that's real
I've got to live up to that and they're
living up to something that's not real
um so for that reason I posted some
hideous ones me but do you think yeah
social media has got big part to play in
you see will their little memories of
people like talking about mental health
and so farm and everyone's liking out
all your so great
share that and sometimes they don't even
have it but they like to get they get
their likes from air um and so they post
it hi hello smother Helen kisses mixed
smile give me a smile
hey jeans lo a keen smile she is a
really smiley baby well I thought she
was really really hard work at the
beginning don't shine but now you're
drinking more bottle and you're full up
you're happy happy happy a big baby yes
yeah gives you uh none we're going to go
and feed you now and then we've got to
do school fun so yeah um I think it
starts with education
it starts with education and letting
kids know but trust me there is nothing
fun oh there's nothing fun about having
a mental health illness it is not cool
it's not cool to self-harm um I'm gonna
leave it there guys can I love you oh
look at the grumpy face show everyone to
come beautiful hmm mmm and then you
smile we're dead young right I'm going
guys and I will be back in a week I love
you bye
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