Not everyone is offered DBT – sometimes people are on a waiting list for 2 years or more and other people can’t afford it. What does it mean for these people? Should they just give up on recovery if they are not offered therapy? Absolutely not! Recovery is possible for everyone.

hi my lovelies today I have my little
guest not easy ha ha ha she's really
poorly at the moment and you wouldn't
believe it because she's still full of
smiles she had a temperature and she's
got really nasty little cough and her
little voice is going switch prizes like
they put that brat off the little monkey
let me have a look ah this card is a
little sway oh it's a smile we're going
to eat it on you pusher pusher mm-hmm do
they own doing video requests from
rainbow girl hi and Rainmaker ask me is
recovery still possible if DBT is not
offered to you and I would say yes 100%
recovery is still possible however
recovery is more difficult than less
support you have so if you have little
or no support it is gonna be a struggle
it might take slightly longer but it is
still possible if on the other hand you
are on a DVT course you have therapists
that sees you regularly and you have a
big support network you're going to find
recoveries a lot easier it's not easy
it's never just easy because it's a
process there's some time oh you okay
some time if we're going forward now you
need to feel like we've gone back and
that's quite painful because we start
doubting ourselves doubting our recovery
and it's just not nice
recovery is never easy but the biggest
support network you have the easier it
is and as you guys know I am doing some
work for the black sheep a project for
my opinion for somewhere to reduce ah
talking of pins
I am sending all your pins out today
the reason it's taken me away because I
wanted to send them all together and I
got all the requests on every different
type of social media so it's kind of
going through them all not wanting to
miss anyone which I really hope I
haven't I was astounded at just how in
demand they are it's an absolutely
ridiculous amount but that's fantastic
and thank you so much but yeah I've been
obviously handwriting
oh wait myself because I didn't just
want to print up something I wanted them
all done by May they need so whereas I
was gonna get the office to send the
pins out from America to the people in
America and I was gonna send the ones to
the UK etc I then decided actually I'm
just gonna send all of them it's more
personal that way
so yeah finally they're all done they're
in the envelopes address is on and I
will be going to the post office today
where my partner gets home to have
little lady so I don't have to bring
around Paulie
so yeah the pins are coming yeah and I
can't wait to see all your pictures with
them it's gonna be great right what was
I saying yes I'm doing work for the
Black Sea project as you know I am
heading up the I got this section and
that is aimed at people with border
lines and I am trying to include there's
much stuff in there that will help you
in your recovery stuff that you can do
yourself at home stuff you can look at
like a settlement self-help section cuz
I know it's difficult and I know not
everyone does get
the treatment that they need and
sometimes people are offered the
treatment but it's a ridiculous waiting
time like two years it's like so much
can happen in two years I need I need
help now and there are others that they
can get they can get therapy if they
have the money but they just don't have
money and I just think it's so unfair
I've said this before I think everyone
deserves equal chance at recovery and
say that's what I'm trying to include
and I wrote up a big document last night
and all my ideas I think we're having a
meeting today and I'm really hoping that
I will be able to do stuff that will
help you guys there will be videos I
will be doing videos for the black seed
project we will be having other people
doing videos as well so you don't just
get bored with my face and I thought a
variety would be good so yeah lots
happening there like I said it's gonna
be launching in a couple of months I
will be giving you more details closer
to the time I will be giving you like
hey what are you doing what are you -
please don't pull it off please do
included oh okay forgot what I was
saying now I figure out what I was
saying now
so yeah regarding like if you DBT is not
offered yes absolutely
recovery is still possible learn as much
as you can about borderline what videos
but kind of be selective like when you
go on Google I hear a lot of people say
there's so much negative stuff out there
if you start reading something and it's
negative don't carry on reading it why
do that to yourself because there is a
huge stigma attached there are a lot of
myths attached that just aren't true
so you want to look for something that's
positive something that's real as well
because it's all gray if it's all
hairy's and balancing lights then
everything's pretty and wonderful but
it's just not real and but read up um
the more you learn about it more you
learn about yourself the more self-aware
you'll become I say self-help books are
fantastic and they don't just have to be
based like on borderline they can be on
anything and just read a number of them
if you don't have the money maybe join
the library there are always ways and
like someone self-help book you might
find fantastic someone else just doesn't
like it so is trial just try lots of
different things I know you can go on
Google and look up about DBT I think
there's possibly worksheets that you can
print off and you can do stuff so this
you can actively do stuff to help
yourself as well don't think therapy's
not offered so I'm just not going to
bother it's not worth it
I'm not going to recover because that's
not the case you you have every chance
of recovery like I said it might just be
a bit more of a struggle trying to find
time to do it but what are you doing
wiggler oh you talk to a card snail man
snail ffff oh yeah um so yeah just don't
give up don't give up don't give up
especially if you think well I'm just
not like it because you can and you can
do a lot towards helping yourself and
hopefully in the meantime therapy will
come up and become a real option for you
let's go stop this video guys because
she was wiggling so much she's trying to
grab the mic a little cough yeah like
say bye everybody
I happy a day yeah you give me little
he's that bad be he'd have baby yeah
she's not herself today she's usually so
smiley all the time and she's still
smiling but like I said she's just not
herself right my lovelies I'm gonna
leave it there ma love you oh hey
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