I have always wanted to know the ending to films – the ending to books etc. Only then can I relax and enjoy what I’m watching/reading. Also – I absolutely can NOT watch anything sad – not even cartoons! I am really sorry guys but I repeat the story of the hippogriff in this video – I’m clearly tired!

hi guys happy Friday today I am NOT
doing a video request this video idea
came to me last night and I'll kind of
explain how and why it came about they
said I was at the school yesterday and I
mentioned to the teacher see you
tomorrow and he was like no you won't
I'm not in Oh
schools closed for the halftime holidays
the kids are home and I planned on doing
so many videos and yeah initially my
start left off into my mouth oh my god
like I'm not gonna get anything time but
because they are off today last night I
was like okay I'll get the younger two
to bed normal time 7 o'clock and then
the older two we will watch a Harry
Potter film now my daughter has seen a
Harry Potter film my son hasn't because
I was like it's not scary but I thought
he might find it sad it's the third one
Prisoner of Azkaban and in it the
Hippogriff gets sentenced to death but
obviously like if anyone that watches it
we know they go back in time I hope I'm
not spoiling this for anyone who hasn't
seen it but they go back in time to the
hypocrite yes or any escape so it's
great yeah but my son Kim is really
sensitive that highly highly sensitive
exactly how I was when I was the his age
I spot a lot of the traits that I had at
his age in him
it is quite scary I mean the other day I
had a thing at his school and all the
parents go in and we kind of work with
our child and I was drawing with him and
cutting stuff up and then he'll just
scribble all over his work rip it into
tiny bits and just put it in the bin and
he won't cry but he looks at me and I
can see his eyes are full
and he's like well I just didn't like it
and I knew you wouldn't like it no well
I loved it that wasn't not a good thing
to do don't just throw it away because I
do love it
and actually that day I went home and I
cried on Darren's shoulder looks like
just really upset and I don't know why I
think it's because I recognized me in
him and I know I should be understanding
but I just get this like frustration
that I don't know if it's easy like that
or if actually I always think I know how
to deal with things but actually when
it's my baby boy it's a lot more
difficult to put all that into practice
so I kind of have a meltdown obviously
he didn't sleep but I mean we were find
that night we where we had cuddles he
actually drew me another picture when he
got home which was really nice and what
is that noise I'm hearing sorry but yeah
so he's highly sensitive so last night I
knew they weren't gonna be at school and
I was like okay so we will watch a film
we'll watch that third Harry Potter film
Prisoner of Azkaban now different
children are different I know what my
kids are scared of this like number four
Harry Potter for there's no way I'll
relay what my son watch it even three it
wasn't that he'd be scared and he wasn't
but there's a bit I don't hope I'm not
spoiling this for anyone there's a
Hippogriff in it magical creature and he
gets sentenced to death but if you watch
to the end of film they go back in time
they save it escapes but I knew my son
if he hadn't read the book we are
reading it but we're not up to that
point if he didn't know he escaped he
would really that would really really
affect him I mean the sort of films I
want my watch chick flicks
something funny I can watch like murder
mysteries and my thinking of what's the
word I'm thinking of thrillers I can
watch thrillers but I can't watch true
stories because they were always sad and
Bambi like haunted me for years I
couldn't watch Bambi The Lion King
haunted me for years
I'm night I just can't go there so I am
getting to my point I'm sorry
so we watch this with my I watched it
with my kids last night and before I
watched it I actually said kyun this is
what happens there if they sent its
death and I kind of explained it I said
but actually it doesn't die they come
back and he was fine and he dealt with
it really well but the whole way through
the film
all I heard is mom what happens to this
bit mom why do they do that mom what's
gonna happen mom you know in the next
film like just constant question
constant and I was like just watch it
just watch it why don't you just watch
and it wasn't until after I was talking
to my mom last night and I was like he
just wants to know what happens and I
get really frustrated but I'm exactly
the same and I always have when I was
younger I was the same dad that asked my
dad like what happened every bit of them
I had to know and not just had to know
the ending I had to know how they got
there why they got there what happened
all the little things and then I can
watch it happily and I'm the same with
books and I'm still like it today so I
haven't seen all the Harry Potter films
I have never read all the Harry Potter
books now I'm reading to them to my
daughter I'm going through them but what
they don't know is at night I go on
Wikipedia and I look up the plot I now
know the plot to all the books even I
haven't read them all all the film's the
film versions what happens what happens
at the very end or the
from characters everything and it hasn't
ruined it for me it's made me like yeah
now I want to read it now that I know
the outcome now what I want to read it
because I don't like not knowing if
someone's talking about my mom and I'll
say I'm just like that I said maybe this
is a borderline thing like I have to
know what's going on or I just kind of
have this knot in my stomach and I watch
films if I don't know I kind of feel on
edge I can't relax if I then know
everything I can relax and enjoy the
film doesn't ruin it for me at all in
fact I think it may it makes for me it
makes it more enjoyable I know probably
loads the people won't agree with that
but it makes it more enjoyable for me
and my mum was like yeah maybe it's like
a need for control maybe it's like just
the not knowing the uncertainty over
there and I was like yeah I don't know
like for my own peace of mind I kind of
have to know what's happening so I was
kind of curious I've got to be quick
because I can hear baby screaming but I
have to like ask you guys are you like
this are you like this with books I know
when I read a book I have to go to the
end and not just read the last page I
have to know quite a bit about the end -
how we got to the end and then I can
enjoy the book and yeah and took like I
sent to this day they don't know why
can't one Wikipedia and I know
everything about Harry puttin out they
don't know that but it's made even more
enjoyable for me so I am curious but
obviously if it is a beedi trait it's
not my bad one is it um but I was just
is this something in here you guys have
is this something you do let me know let
me know in the comments and I'll be back
next week I do have the kids there on
half-term but I will get my videos down
somehow love you bye
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