hi my darlings say I've just watched
Dawson listen to his speech we are now
in lockdown thanks to all the morons in
our country how do you know what this
whole experience is like it shocked me
and how a lot of people have behaved I
don't know if people are just really
stupid ignorant or they are just so
self-centered and they think they're
better than that
then anyone else their rules don't apply
to them I don't know but it's shocking
and here we are in lockdown so I
apologize yesterday I said I was doing
rainbow girls request it wasn't as
Maddalena's I'm a tweener today I'm
doing rainbow girls request Hillary wig
and she asked me to talk about isolation
so it's a perfect kind of time to
discuss it as it's being enforced upon
us now she was basically saying that
she's next River and she likes to have
people around her and she's freaking out
at the thought of not being able to hug
someone all kinds of friends now firstly
there are gonna be so many people that
are feeling like this you're not you're
not on your own none of us all on our
secondly I don't think it's just people
there are extroverts that like to have
people around that I'm gonna suffer if
you think of someone that might be an
introvert and maybe they live at home or
they flatshare but everyone else goes
out to work in the day and all of a
sudden they don't have any of that space
everyone's there constantly
maybe it's a husband and wife they're
all right and marriages all right
they're pretty separate he goes to work
she does her thing now they're pulled
together I think it's gonna be really
difficult time for lots of people no
matter what
Constance's or living arrangements you
have now what advice would I say to
someone who's worried about being alone
first of all I would say well we're
sensible people so yes we might fear
being alone but we accept these are the
rules and this is this is it you got to
be a lot and it's dangerous to go out
there it might not be a case of you
catching something but maybe you could
pass something on to someone that who's
who is really vulnerable and they could
really suffer and get ill I would say
I'm having a movie night with um I would
say I really lost with us going okay
I'm back I'm back I remember you know
like nowadays we live in an age where
technology has come on so much that we
have the internet we have FaceTime we
have Skype whatsapp Zoo you know we we
can call people and see people online
and talk had this crisis happened 20-30
years ago we wouldn't have had that
option so no you can't physically be
with someone but you can see someone
talk to them you're not like completely
alone and cut off from the outside world
there are ways to communicate we have
social media you can chat on social
media you can watch videos on YouTube
you know you are not like I said if this
had happened 30 years ago
you really would have felt alone because
you just be literally you in that house
we're lucky it's not like that now I
would also say let's change our mindset
we don't no one likes being told what to
do and it can feel at the moment like
we're having all our decisions taken off
us our freedom feels like it's being
taken we've been told you must stay in
instead of literally thinking I gotta go
stay and I have to stay and I've been
told I have to stay in what we can do is
think I want to do my part for this
crisis and what what what is needed from
me now what is needed from me the answer
would be I need to stay in I need to
stay away from other people and stay in
and we can do this we are not being
called out to war we are not having
loved ones called out to war we have
been asked to stay in so I would just
change the way you're thinking about it
and instead of thinking I have to think
I want to because we all want this over
it is a difficult time but I think you
can feel more empowered if you actually
say actually like instead of just
fighting it just go I'm gonna do my part
I'm staying in our minds and if you're
sad and you're on your own you mind's
probably gonna work overtime again I
said before about feeding the fear the
more thoughts we have more we feeding
that fear it will just grow the feel
intensify it won't go away we won't
think ourselves out of the fear we might
like to think that we could but I really
don't think you can get okay I think I
feel about this thing it's not it's just
not going to happen
so when you feel your mind start going
and you're thinking about things
distract do something to stop thinking
now for me the best way sometimes I come
watch like I said the other day I watch
comedy and it makes me laugh that
doesn't always stop my mind if my mind
is working I can put something on telly
and still be like staring at the screen
but my mind's still going so I need to
do something that actually gauges my
mind and for me it would be doing like
maths quiz a word game something that is
literally making me I have to focus on
it if I'm going to do it and that works
for me might not work for you it might
other things are trying to do something
therapeutic paint something go out and
garden paint fence paint bench do some
gardening have a good old spring clean
clean all the house there are lots of
things for us to do what we think is we
do have some control like I said what is
the part we play now the more of us that
go okay I'm staying in the quick at this
will all be over and I think we do need
to recognize that and just we can't
control other people we can't control
the idiots out there we just can't do it
but we can make sure we do our part and
I was supposed to do a video today with
the children but actually I went out I
cut all the grass in the garden and I
got a bit down and then before I knew it
at the time so it didn't get done but
tomorrow I am planning on doing it guys
like you know I am here I'm just here
for you feel free to comment comment on
other people's comment we are here for
each other
and you're not honestly like we are all
feeling this right now and you're not on
your own I love you and I'll be back
hopefully tomorrow if not it'll be the
day after but I do hope to get one
tomorrow as well I love you guys
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