hi lovelies I planned to do this video a
while ago but I've been sat here trying
to set up a new YouTube channel for
myself and the children and I think I
think I think I've done it but I'm not
going to give the name out until we do
our first video which will be Monday
because my ex-husband came collected the
older - because we're all officially out
of isolation now I say that we're all
kind of you know we've got to isolate
but we have it's been literally 14 days
since any of us have had a temperature
so we are allowed out we haven't been
out but we are loud outs so my oldest
who went to their dad's my ex has come
round he's upstairs and he got the other
two to bed
and I was like oh can with yourself in
YouTube I'm not going to feed the name
yet I don't know if it's really really
good or really I'll let you decide um so
yesterday I talked about routine and
then I went on and got a mega late-night
and really struggle today everything I
said I won't do so what I've done I've
said to myself ok Monday Monday's the
day our routine kicks in now I did talk
to the kids about like what would you
like to include in there but their dad
came and we didn't get to complete our
routine but they are back tomorrow and
we will do that happy Mother's Day to
everyone tomorrow by the way all you
mommies and so I talked about routine
yesterday also in my messages yesterday
someone had kind of mentioned about that
I'd mentioned that I scroll through
Facebook and it's doom and gloom and
depression and they said they sing lots
of funny stuff and actually so I lied
is all doom and gloom it's a mix it's
50/50 50% doom gloom 50 amps 50%
hilarious means now some people might
say how can you joke in such a difficult
time I'm the sole person I can laugh
absolutely anything and it helps me it
really helps me there's some subjects
that I find can actually so upsetting
that really like get me here and then
someone will make a joke and I can laugh
about it and it kind of eases that that
pain that little bit it doesn't mean I'm
not then taking it seriously or I'm
mocking is nothing to do it just really
helps me deal with certain situations so
that's kind of what I was gonna talk
about today actually it's a humor like
the past few days I have loved my
freaking head off I have just watched
like binge watch different stand-up
comedians now I have my favorites I love
which interface
I love Russell Peters the Canadian guy I
went to see him at the o2 and he was
Romesh Ranganathan British guy I went to
see him last October with my brother and
he was hilarious I love Jim Owen he's
nice guy Micky Flanagan cockney lad
love him tommy Tiernan he's Irish again
a lot of people like he makes really
inappropriate points but I get that I
get that he's not actually enough it's
comedy he's just trying to be funny and
I just take it for what it is I don't
take anything personally I laugh about
it recently there's been a fat old
Trevor Noah
I love her as well this up
but recently I found a couple of new
ones and so hunting any of their stuff
and they're both Australian and one is
cold barren and I found him really
really funny and I got his DVD via the
playthrough from Amazon and laughed my
head off and the other is Jim Jefferies
and Jim Jefferies is a bit like Ricky
Gervais and the fact he does really
below the belt comedy that some people
just like you can literally feel the
audience go oh I don't know but I can
laugh about it because I just know it's
comedy he's not horrible person it's
just comedy and I have it's helped me
the past few days it's helped me because
we are seeing a lot of depressing stuff
and there is a lot of sad stuff going on
a lot of us have a lot of concerns
whether it's a kids on a school anymore
and they're all the time
to do will I have a job at the end of
this what's gonna happen to my wages how
am I going to be able to afford my rent
I might be able to gonna be able to
afford anything like life as we know it
is it gonna change that much
and we have so many fears and concerns
it literally overwhelms us and I've
found that I get to the kids to sleep in
the evening and I will put on Netflix or
that and I'll look up one um if you I
can't find them on Netflix or sky I will
look if I've got DVD if I don't have the
DVD I will then go on YouTube and look
up lots of different clips from that
comedian and just laugh and I go to bed
that little bit lighter without all that
heavy burden II crap that I've carried
all day I've been able to let it go
through laughter and I found it really
really helpful at moment
and it is helping me get through now I
could say like obviously i've named some
of the comedians Tommy Tim and Ed Byrne
was another Irish guy that I love I've
named loaded comedians but some of you
might just be like they're not funny and
that's okay cuz that's what is amazing
we are all so different we've got
different sense of humors what one bus
and frontal area saunas will be like
yeah it's not I've put on like some kind
of comedy for my brother before and I'm
laughing my head off when I look at him
and he's just like I don't get it
I just don't get it and that's the thing
we are different it's finding something
or someone that can make you laugh that
little bit and sometimes I don't what
like you can get like the comedy shows
where there's lots of comedians and
sometimes I'll so much and find none of
them funny so don't think if you're
gonna be like the ones that why some
comedians that immediately someone's
gonna make you laugh because that isn't
the case sometimes you go to law and
you're like no no no and there's that
one person and it will literally tickle
you until you're laughing so much and
that's an amazing feeling I love it I
love it when I literally belly laugh and
I've got tears running down my face
through laughter and that is what I'm
gonna find to leave with you guys today
is find someone out there that can make
you love we need it right now
more than more than ever we need it
right now and that's what I'm doing just
a fun evening i watch comedian I laugh
and I can sleep better I can go my head
head touches that below and I'm more
likely to fall asleep because I'm not
carrying all those thoughts from the
depression I don't the sad stuff that's
going on there today guys we're gonna
get through this we are going to get
through this yes it's huge yeah
they're mighty changes the common life I
look back to my family like my granddad
my dad is Irish and we had the family
tree and we went all the way back on the
family tree and we have like relatives
that live through the great potato
we had a relative who's a guy and a guy
in a cow and they were only in their 30s
and they had had like seven or eight
children together and in the ninth she
and it was like he was left there was a
potato famine they were poor so this man
was left with all these kids and it's
like oh my god Inez I'm like my distant
distant relatives but people have gone
through that Andrew even in the war
people were scared they were stuck in
the house they'd listened to that radio
they'd be worried about what's gonna
happen but they couldn't just pick up
the phone and call someone and have that
and today we fought the Internet
we've got FaceTime what's that that we
can use we can do this if our relatives
before us could do this how we can do
and we're in a really good position that
we've got each other and we're gonna go
through this together every step of the
way I love you
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