Christmas is nearly here and I know a lot of you are probably dreading it. Therefore I thought we would start making some plans for the New Year and begin to motivate ourselves!

hi my lovelies the time is about two
o'clock and literally Lottie has only
just gone down to sleep she's in the
foul mood so I just had to literally sit
hugging her on so far and you know when
you just sit there and not you can see
I'm in tracks ooh not only my in tracks
a lot I've got these little boots on to
keep my feet warm and I'm just like oh
just chilling on the sofa but I knew
I've got a video to do and I also know
I've got those today so I thought I'd
actually do a video on like how I get
myself motivated because I really
understand what it feels like to kinda
just get stuck in a rut and feel like
it's the same stuff every day and we
might like have a list of a hundred
things to do in a day and we don't even
do one of them so the next day we fought
even more to add to the list and then it
can become overwhelming and we can get
stressed so like don't think that I
haven't been there because quite it can
be the least motivated person at times
but there's things I put into action to
try and get myself motivated because if
I didn't I would literally get nothing
done so I thought it'd be good to do
this video because christmas is coming
up and a lot of you might not like
and that's okay like you know I did a
video with my daughter the other day she
did my makeup I put the picture on
Instagram because she'd done it okay and
then my son came along and gave me a
massage I'm a little goatee and then my
daughters decided to do freckles all
over my face and then they did lines on
my head but the video I was going to put
out until it got completely ruined by my
son and it did go on for a long time but
I've said to my daughter actually what
advice would you give to
people aren't looking forward to
Christmas and she is like I just tell
them not to celebrate it like just
treats it like another daily you don't
have to celebrate it and I was like oh
my god that's really good advice so I'm
gonna share that cuz I like said I
wanted to share the video and I will do
a video with me and my little girl at
some point because she's dying for me to
do a video with her um but yes there's a
lot of us that aren't looking forward to
Christmas I mean personally I like
and some of you might miss me might not
so I thought we could start thinking
about getting motivated just thinking
about it at the moment because we can
give ourselves some things to think
about for the new year because before we
know it the new year is here and it
could be a new start for you um like a
lot of people who make new year's
resolutions I know a lot of people don't
stick to them myself included
but yeah I thought let's get motivated
for the new year so I'm going to tell
you what I do now the first thing I do
is I have a goal I always have a number
of goals at one given time some might be
short term goals like I want to get my
hair cut and have a whole new look in a
month's time some might be a bit longer
like I want to put away or I want to
lose weight in 6 months and some might
be even further down the line like you
might have a goal that you want to
achieve in 3 years like I want to write
book or I want to go on holiday or it
might be even further away like in five
years I want to have my dream job I want
to own my own house or whatever but
having a goal gives us something to work
to so I'd say that's important so have a
think about it do you have a goal in
your life at the moment
like any when considering goals as well
like in my book I talk about the power
of balance and routine and balance is
basically having balance in your life
so you have the financial part of your
life paying bills earning money stuff
like that you have social aspect going
out seeing friends seeing family you
have family life that might be your
husband or wife or your children health
and fitness is another going to the gym
watching you eat
recovery obviously is an aspect so that
could be if it's recovery from addiction
might be doing 12-step meetings if it's
recovered from BPD it might be attending
DBT course or reading self-help books or
reading the big book on borderline
personality disorder so have a think
about how balanced your life is to start
with because mine was not balanced at
all I was I though all of one thing and
nothing on anything else so there was a
time I was really into health and
fitness and that was like I threw myself
into it and it was great but I didn't
see my friends I wasn't earning any
money I had no money I was um always
actually spending on stuff for my health
and fitness I went through a stage Brian
ridiculous amounts of coconut water so
just have a think about how balanced
your life is and then think okay I want
a little goal I'm not being would you
take baby steps little goal for each of
them so for financial it might be I
would like to have some savings in six
months health and fit - like I said it
could be using where might we put in on
where it might be going vegan or going
vegetarian or it might be drinking a
liter of water a day or cutting out
sugar then think of like home life
family life and don't literally go
through the different kind of areas of
your life
and have a little goal too small for
each one
now once you've written these down you
can then one at time go through them and
think okay what steps do I need to take
to achieve each goal so if you go to
financial okay well I'll stop buying
lunch out every day I'll make myself a
sandwich I will if I say a swear word in
the house I will put a pound or a dollar
or whatever in a jar I will empty the
change out my purse into a savings thing
every evening and then I won't touch
that's gonna be my savings so go through
that then go through health and fitness
okay how am I gonna cheat Michael so if
it's for example mmm drink me to a water
a day it's very difficult if you don't
drink water to go and drink early to a
water a day but just start saying okay I
will just drink by a half a point to
start with and build up and then maybe
every time I go into the kitchen or just
down a cup of water when I go to bed or
down a cup of water and you take like
baby steps to eat your goal and the good
thing is once you've reached that goal
you can tick that off and it feels
really good so for now what I want you
to do is just have a think about what
goals you would like to achieve because
here's the thing for me on it I do
planning every day now so I write down
what I've got to do in a day and it can
be absolutely anything where I got to
vacuum the house I've got to clean the
bed sheets I've got to collect the kids
from school oh don't forget the kids
I've got to do a shop I've got to do a
video I've got to start planning a new
course for the
PD try and I'll go down and I'll write
everything I need to do and just by
having it written down it feels like
less overwhelming because I can just say
okay this is what I will do I know what
I'm doing it's not just all up here in a
bit of a muddle
so just by writing it down is really
helpful but what I find works for me is
to remind myself of why I'm doing these
things so for me I am doing my course
because I want BPD tribe to help a lot
of people I want to make an income I
want to be financially secure and not
have those worries and that having the
reason for it then motivates me to do it
rather than I've just got to do this so
for my videos I want to get to a point
where I build enough subscribers that I
can start going out and meeting people
and doing conferences and if I want to
keep building my subscriber base I have
to keep putting videos out regularly and
again that motivates me because I think
I've got to invest some time into this
it's not just oh just got do a video
it's I'm tough got a purpose
there's a reason I'm doing it um
hoovering vacuuming the house we call it
home ring over here vacuum in the house
why because I know I feel good when I've
got a nice clean house I feel better and
so rather than just thinking oh it's
such a mess I've got to do it
I quickly remind myself of why I'm doing
air so have a thing I will go into this
more I believe I'm going to hopefully do
some courses on this as well like how to
manage your life on a day to day basis
but have a thing what goals would you
like to have in the New Year wor area of
the law or area of your life do they
cover is it financial is it health and
fitness etc and then think up some
strategies of how you're going to
achieve that so I think this is a good
idea to start doing now because one we
can start getting excited and thinking
of reasons why are we gonna do this like
why do we want our dream job well one
because we'll have fun every day when
we're doing something we're passionate
about and then we'll have some money and
maybe we can go on holiday and we can
buy ourselves some nice things or I can
have a nice car or whatever and it's
good to start getting excited about
these things
so come new year we're ready prepared to
start putting these things into action
so for now though way have a think what
areas of your life are you kind of
lacking in what areas would you like to
make changes to remember it doesn't have
to be big goals if you want it big go
for it but if you don't you don't have
to and either way we will take little
steps to get there so I'm gonna leave
that there
oh yeah and don't forget to see why why
do you want this why this is really
important this is the purpose of it and
this is what will motivate you so I'm
gonna leave that there my lovelies but
are we back tomorrow I think now because
it's Wednesday tomorrow so I love you
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