I have three things I want to talk about with you today… a sex series is one of them.

hi my lovelies
welcome back to my channel uh i've got
um things i want to discuss with you
today episode quickly
uh the first is those of you who
watch a lot of my videos know that i
don't put out as videos as regularly or
as consistently
as i used to the past couple of years
have been
tough uh but i want you to know i'm back
i'm back i feel really good
and i will be from now on putting two
videos out a week
i'm not sure if it'll be a monday and a
friday or a tuesday and a thursday but i
will let you know so you then
can expect a video on that set day
i also want to start live streaming more
regularly so
once a week hopefully on a set day
secondly when i live stream
i've really kind of seen just how
amazing our little community is i love
how you talk
amongst each other you ask each other
questions you offer each other advice
when someone feels down you pick them up
and it is just
so nice to see and it's really got me
because we need that we need a place
where you can do that
day in day out not just when i live
so i'm currently working flat out to get
bpd tribe launched it will be a place
where you can go you will have that
community and you can go there when you
want to go there as opposed to when i'm
live streaming
uh so yeah i'm doing what i can now
we need to get this done um
and thirdly
i've kind of been thinking the subject
of sex and mental health
isn't really talked about enough i don't
obviously mental health is talked about
and obviously sex is talked about
but when you bring the two together i
don't think it is
there are reasons for this i think it
can make people embarrassed
it can make people really uncomfortable
uh but i think this is something that we
need to do we need to have these
conversations we need to talk about it
it's not something that we need to be
embarrassed by
um and so this is what i want to do i
want to do
a sex series uh
it doesn't matter if you have bpd
depression anxiety you struggle with
uh you have bipolar uh
all like all these different things we
can still have
our own little issues with sex and
so i'm asking you obviously i do have
subjects that i'm going to cover but
there might be questions that you would
like to ask that i can try and cover for
um you might have ideas of subjects that
you think would be good
and worth me discussing obviously you
can stay anonymous
the subjects i've kind of got at the
moment i'm thinking promiscuity
um porn addiction sex addiction
not wanting sex at all not wanting to be
naked in the bedroom
always wanting to be naked um
wanting an older person or wanting a
much younger person
masturbation and things like bdsm
dominance do you like to be tied up do
you like to be dominated or do you like
to dominate
um but remember guys we're linking this
in with mental health and where this
might stem from and how it makes you
does it make you feel good does it make
you feel bad um
do you have guilt do you have shame
around these kind of things
so let me know obviously i'm on
instagram as recovery mom
mom private message me on there
or you can leave a comment down below
with any ideas you have
and that series will start in november
which sounds like a long way away but
actually we're nearly at the end of
november um
october now so
i will leave that video there i will be
by the end of the week with another
proper video
uh as with like any video i do
give me your video requests uh i know
for the past few years i do get them and
i'm like yeah i'll do that i'll do that
but i've been in a very dark place and i
haven't been doing them
so i will do them now
is what i want you to know i will do
i love you all loads and i'll speak to
you in the week
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